Friday, October 31, 2008

"The Hallowed" and Ret Pallies

Good morning - another fantastic day around the job place. I am bored and tired....decided instead of sleeping on the job I would attempt to stay awake...seems like a plan so far lol.

I was the guy that told everyone that achievements are stupid and that I would never do them. Now I find myself attempting to complete all of the holiday world events so I can get one of those rare / cool looking photo-drake. So I went off on my journey and completed everything for the hallows end event except the achievement that forced you to farm the Headless Horseman over and over and over again.....

Yes, I know you know it...the actual name of the achievement is escaping me but it consisted of obtaining a Hallowed Helm and a Sinister Squashling. I been farming the HH everyday since the event started....that is 5 summons a day for the past 14 days.

Lets do some math...14 x 5 = 70...So I killed this headless horseman fool 70 times only never to see the Hallowed Helm drop. Pretty funny actually ~ I was getting worried that I spent all that time doing the other achievements only not to get the title because of "RDM" loot.

All is well though (I know you care) I finally got a Hallowed Helm from a trick or treat bag today. So that is one holiday event down, now only what? 10 more to go? woot

This is a screenshot of a AB - This is to show how overpowered Ret Pallies are right I raided as holy with my pally until the new talents came out. I respeced to Ret and I have mostly green gear with a few Kara hunter gear pieces. My weapon is also a blue polearm from reg Mech.

I couldn't even imagine the carnage and destruction I would inflict on noobs if I actually had some half way decent gear and a good weapon. I have completely stopped playing my Restro Shaman and my Frost Mage....Ret pallies are just way to fun right now.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. I have a couple parties I am going to attend and I hope I arrive home safe.

Song of the day
Performed by System of a Down

Quote of the day
"I shut my eyes in order to see"
-Paul Gauguin

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 9 NFL Pick'em

New York Jets @ Buffalo
Well, the New York Bretts are definitely going to have their hands full. Big divisional game but I am going to give it to the home team, Buffalo by 10 points.

Detroit @ Chicago
Detroit has been in the majority of their games but with their green QB Orlovsky and their horrible secondary...K. Orton is going to light them up at home. MASSIVE SMOKAGE

Jacksonville @ Cincy
If the Jaguars don't pull off a win against the Bengals with R. Fitzpatrick behind center...They can kiss their playoff dreams goodbye. Jaguars win by 14

Baltimore @ Cleveland
Cleavland is showing a pulse and playing at the Dog Pound is no joke for opposing teams. However, Ray Lewis's 4-3 Ravens should improve to 5-3 on the season if their rookie qb Flacco has a half way decent game. Ravens win by 11

Tampa @ KC
This gets my vote the the ugliest game of the week. John Gruden wont let his Bucs lose to a team as terrible and inexperience as the Chiefs. If you have any fantasy players on TB this week, I suggest using them. TB wins by 21

Houston @ Minnesota
Tough match up that could go either way. I'm going to say that Houston's star WR, A. Johnson is going to make a fool out of the Vik's pass defense. Except big numbers from Matt Schab and they will get their 4th win in a row. Texans gorge the Norwegian men by 10

Arizona @ St. Louis
The Rams are my squad, absolutely love them. This is a huge divisional game and I expect the Rams to play their asses off. Rams win by 3

Green Bay @ Tennessee
Green Bay coming off a bye that they desperately needed. Now they play the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Tennessee will lose this game - Mark my words!! GB wins by 14

Miami @ Denver
Picking Denver to win by 17 because they are the home team...and its damn hard to win a game in November at Denver....especially if your used to Miami weather

Dallas @ New York Giants
Must win game for the cowboys. If they play anything like they did last week against Tampa, they will lose by a substantial amount. Wade Phillips has to try to motivate his player differently....because they are playing like crap.
Giants win by 17

Atlanta @ Oakland
This game is about good vs bad, hero vs villain. How can you not like watching M. Ryan, M. Turner and R. White and not cheer? Especially when they are playing the horrible Raiders with their out of touch Dictator, Al Davis. Reading some of the stories about ignorant and idiotic fans...I hope they don't win another game...EVER. Atl wins by 14

Eagles @ Seattle
Brain Westbrook, D. Mac and Kevin Curtis are all healthy. Not that it really matters....they are playing the Seahawks lol. Eagles win by 25

New England @ Indianapolis
Sunday night game, I really think the Pats have benefited from a crazy weak schedule. Not to say that the Colts look anything like themselves this year. Evenly matched game, I'll take the Colts to win by a field goal.

Pittsburg @ Washington

Are you ready for some football!?! Yay - shoud be a very good Monday night game. Teams are evenly matched in my opinion. I am going to give it to Steeler Nation on this one. Big Ben is a stud. Steelers win by 7

So there it is. I'll update this post on Monday to see how I did. Think you can beat me? Bring it on!!

Layoffs, economy and ROCK AND ROLL!

Good morning blog lovers...its freaking 1:40am and I am writing this solely to keep awake. I work at a data center and my shift is midnight til 8 o'clock ya...back to the blog eh?

So after 160 layoffs in the IT department at my job due to the AMAZING economy, I am still employed! Yay for me right? One might believe that because of this close call to my financial stability I would start cutting back on "wants" and start saving even more for my "needs". Well, I completely agree with that....however....Guitar Hero World Tour came out this week and I gave in to my urges to ROCK FACE!!

Obviously the coolest part of this version of GH is the drum kit. It has a total of five color coded pads, three drums and 2 elevated cymbals. It’s by far the closest thing to actually purchasing a real drum set. It was very simple and quick to put together and the elevated cymbals really give it a unique and realistic feel. I found it much more fun and enjoyable then its competitor, Rock band's version.

I will say this however....ITS FREAKING HARD lol. The beginner and the easy levels go to slow for my liking and don't keep the beat of the song in my opinion. Medium difficultly is where I am currently and I think my average score has to be like 85% notes hit.
I really couldn't imagine playing expert, but that is the goal most definitely. Especially after I read an article from Travis Barker - One of the celebrity drummers that help develop the drums and the game play...
“Especially on the expert levels of Guitar Hero, where you’re nailing every note for note, it’s absolutely like playing what the drummer in that band is playing.”

So basically....IF I become an EPIC pro GH Drummer, I could potentially become a rock star and have massive, drug enduced orgies with my DOWN...isn't this game only rated Teen? Just wait until the ESRB hears this!

Song of the Day - Rock
"Hey Mister"
performed by Custom

Quote of the day
"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends"
- Japanese Proverb

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WoW on cell phones? o rly?

Welcome to mah blog!

Woot to that right? Anyway I have no idea really what I am doing....I am a noob blogger!

So I am going to pop my blog cherry, you should feel lucky right? ha

I ran across an article that the drug dealers at Blizzard are now going to start distrupting their drug to cell phones now. I dont see how they can do it considering WoW is like what? 15 gbs now?

Plus, when did wow players start being social? thoughts?