Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Story of Overwatch: Gaming Journalism at its BEST





The last time I got this excited for a documentary / journalism piece in the gaming world was when I was SUPER into the professional League of Legends scene. It was a piece on one of my favorite teams at the time, EU based Fnatic. 

The documentary series was top fucking notch. Each episode focused on a specific person on the team (including coaching staff) and MOST importantly talked about their life outside of competition. They really knocked it out of the park and I watched every single episode. The documentary series was called Life of Legends. Here is a YouTube Link if you are at all interested. 

ANYWAY! I went off on a tangent, what a shocker....

This is what gaming journalism is all about. It asks all of the normal questions about game design choices and mindset. It has one on one interviews with the know, all that normal stuff....but this series DOES SO MUCH MORE THEN THAT. 

It does a fantastic job of walking you through how the failure of Blizzard's "Titan" project lead all of these developers into a depression. They went back to the drawing board, focused on what they thought was FUN in a game, collaborated, and what came out of it was Overwatch. I can't give the series enough credit and it made me into an instant subscriber of their YouTube channel. 

Each part is roughly 20 minutes long. I highly suggest all of them. DOOO ITTTT!

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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