Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News!

Today is Oct 29th 2009.

Exactly one year ago I started my blog and made my very first post.

Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn, which is now blocked by my work, was my very first comment about a month or so after I started writing.

One of the blog's contributor's, P, has since stopped writing for WTFspaghetti after we took about a 2 month hiatus from WoW back in the summer. He is still alive and he stills loves you all. He just isn't motivated to write anything about WoW. Maybe this will make him write something and make a comeback lol.

Around February, P, Potts, and myself started a raiding guild. We wanted it to be a serious-casual raiding guild and for the most part it succeeded...but it was short lived and couldn't stand the test of time. It lasted about 4 months...which thinking back on it now...doesn't seem like that long at all lol.

Guild leadership is fun and I have meet some awesome people that I still talk to to this day because of that guild....but I couldn't even take it after 4 months lol. It took the love that I have for the game away....

It is not as easy as it looks or seems...give your GM, RL, or officers some love for doing it...especially if they been doing it for a long time and have been successful.

I have seen many bloggers quit WoW and / or blogging during my year in the blogmosphere. A few that come to mind that I really enjoyed was a blog ran by a guy in Germany and OneAmongMany. There has been many others...such as Too Many Alts...I refuse to take that blog off of my blog roll until I see the site go down or he says why he quit.

It has been like 6 months since an update though...I hope he is ok....

That brings up a good point. If you have a solid readership of your blog and you decide to quit. Man up and say so.

Moving on

What else has happen in the past year?

Oh yeah....I actually meet a blogger in real life. Fish from gnomewarriorisanoxymoron was in my hometown and he came over to my house and partied with us.

That was probably the craziest thing ever in regards to the past year with my blog. I actually meet a person over the internet because of my blog.

Wild and craziness right?

At some point I decided that it was a good idea to get a 15 man, African American Choir to join me on my blog. They bring the flavor and set the mood for most of my post and DON'T act like you don't like em!

Overall Thoughts....

If you enjoy to write or think you might enjoy writing and you play WoW. There is a huge blogmosphere filled with thousands of people searching google for wow related stuff. I got a solid readership just by commenting, some link love, and trying to atleast write 2-3 post a week.

Before I knew it this site is a year old with 156 posts and over 120,000 unique views.

With all the crazy stuff that went on over the past year in regards to my WoW career...

I wonder what the future holds for WTFspaghetti???

Isn't that a famous quote? I mean without the WTFspaghetti part lol.

Got to throw a random funny picture in here somewhere right? I think that has become my theme some where down the line....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Race/Class Combo??

That is the question people.

There is alot of combos to choose from and in the upcoming expansion there will be even more.

Lets just say that Dwarf Shamans are not going to be high on my list for this lol. I am still scratching my head on that one...

Anyway, race/class combinations. Lets start discussing...

and when I say discussing I mean giving you my



I really don't like any class combined with Orcs. Warlock and Rogues are out of place with this race. Hunters aren't too bad for orcs and neither are Shamans, but when you think of a big, ugly, drooling Orc...what do you think of?

I think of a meat head. So I am going to say the best class combo will be warrior or a DK. Either one long as they are wearing heavy armor and getting beat about the face I am ok with it.


Hunters and Shamans make the most sense to me. However, who doesn't love a BIG ASS COW swinging a big bloody weapon at his enemy? I might be bias, but I am going to go with Tauren Shaman for the whole nature, tree-loving thing they got going on. Shamans are the wise man of their tribe...and who wouldn't trust a big furry cow that shares his herbs with you?

Plus, Tauren hunter's animations are weird and awkward.


Hands down is Warlock. I am not even going to go into the rest of the possibilities. They are Undead...they are suppose to be evil and one in touch with their demons.


This one is hard. I don't play Trolls and I don't know many that do. I have no idea what the best combo is with this race.

Priest? Mage?


Blood Elfs

Mages. Isn't that the whole reason why they bounced from the Nightelfs? I do like BE's being Rogues and who doesn't like a high-lighted hair, Ret Paladin?


For the Horde I am going to say that the best Race/Class combination based on Lore, common sense, and overall badassness has to be...
Undead Warlocks. Jong the Ret Pally coming in a close second only because he turned into a Human though.

Seriously though, you can't argue with an Undead Warlock can you? I am sure you can, for christ sake if you are a reader of this blog I know you can.

So do it, prove me wrong...what do you think about the Horde and the best Race / Class combo?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Patch 3.3 and My Thoughts in Pictures

This post is all about patch 3.3 and the pictures of all the new stuff that is going to come out. There isn't any spoilers in this post unless you don't want to know what some of the new tier or bosses look like....So enjoy!

Tier Sets

First off, I think that Warlock's new tier looks amazing. Creepy scare crow, clown, serial killer looking mofos! I mean, they even made the gnome's look creepy. Out of all the tier sets that are out there currently, I think that the green or red version of this looks the best hands down.

Then we have the good old Mages. Hooray! They look ok, not as badass as the locks, but they still look good. I especially like how the Undead and Troll look in the red version. The other versions look too much like Warlocks in my opinion.

Red suits us well...

Paladins...I mean...I don't know what to say. You guys look like a cross between a Ghostbuster, Robo-Cop, and a Firefighter.

I give this a huge thumbs down...

Raid Bosses and How They Look...

All I got to say is WTF is the Lich King doing in that Citadel?!? Jesus...I knew that he was sick, but I didn't know that the Lich King was FREAK!

Look at the madness he is creating! He must be stopped...

Again...IF the Lich King didn't create this freaky looking Jack Rabbit, then where in the hell do you meet someone that looks likes this? In a bar? Night Club? Bingo night? WTF!

Nothing could have of prepared me for the next one....

I am not even sure that if I had the chance to fight this boss that I would....its just too creepy and freaky....





I know...

I was freaked out just as much when I realized she wields a chicken wing as a club...

Damn the Lich King! DAMN YOU!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's Video Post - Aion, is it worth it?

As you probably already know, there is a new game out. Rather its a new MMORPG game out that is trying to give WoW some competition.

I was never a fan of the others, such as WAR, LoTRs, or Star Wars. They all have some potential and I am sure that they are fun, but its not enough to break my WoW addiction.

I have a few friends that are playing Aion and overall they love it. It is a grind leveling, just as in WoW. However, the game looks amazing and is really trying to balance the different classes out to make it more of a skill based game rather then a gear or another class owning another.

I just watched this gameplay video on youtube. Its mostly pvp encounters and I must say...

I kinda want to try it out...

What do you guys think

EDIT: I can't get the video to fit correctly, so after 5 minutes of trying I am going to say F it. FYI

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrusday Throwback! Old School Lag Monsters

As you all know, I am a loser have been playing this game since roughly 2004.

Yes, I am an old fart in regards to the game. I like to think of myself as an old wise fart though, yeah...that sounds much better right?

Today I am not going to talk about my guild issues, or my alts, or raid encounters. I have been getting a little bored talking about the same ol' shit for the past couple of weeks. I feel like if I keep it up, I am going to lose readers.

Why is readers important? Because when I see a comment or look at my google analytics and see all the views I makes me giggle uncontrollably.

So today is just a fun post about the World of Warcraft and how different it used to be. Its funny when you think about it because in all reality, the things that I am going to mention today, I didn't mind during the time.

However, now that Blizzard has made the change....

I would probably shit a brick and be ranting and raving all day about how much it sucks.

So without any further ramblings, lets get this thing started off.


WTFspaghetii's 15 man Choir:




The Lag Monsters that were Orgrimmar and Ironforge...

Oh yes, young ones...gather around. Today I am going to tell you about a time where the biggest lag monsters were not highly populated areas like AV.

No, no. They were worst then Shattarah and they made Dalaran look like an open ground in Deadwind before Karazhan was was even thought of...


Yes, its true. See back in Vanilla WoW, if you wanted to use the Auction House, you only had one choice to go. If you were horde, then you would have to go to Orgrimmar. If you were the alliance, then you would have to go to Ironforge.

It was a cluster-fuc...I mean it was THE mecca of the WoW community. On a high populated server during the busy times, sometimes even the best internet connection couldn't with stand the all mighty power of those lag monsters. There were times when I start walking up the hill to Ironforge on my trusted Ram and I could feel the lag creeping on me like a hungry, black spider seeking his next move for its meal...


Yeah...a was that creepy

When I could finally see the front doors of IF, the lag was decent due to all the people dueling each other. However, this didn't phase you because you were harden. You knew it was going to be there and you got used to it.

Once you walk in the doors and moved around the corner to where the main AH was, not even the most harden veterans of WoW couldn't help but to feel its wrath.


Seriously sucked ass. It wasn't so bad during off times or even when it was semi busy if you had a decent computer. However, during the high times of the server, everyone was lagging. No one complained because that is the way it always was.

That wasn't even the worst part about having one AH for the faction. It was the fact that there wasn't linked trade chat.

Oh linked trade chat, no LFG channel that you can jump in and sell your items / services that way. If you wanted to make money in WoW, you had to go to IF or Org because that is where everybody hung out. It would be pointless to sell items in the other cities trade chat because, again, they weren't linked.

There was no way around it. If you didn't want to use the AH and just sell your items via the trade chat, you still had to go there.

Keep in mind there was no dailies, battlegrounds didn't drop any money, and there wasn't a ton of quests you can do for cash. If you wanted money, you knew what you had to do.

Into the lag monster you go....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diversity Fun and Heroic Trial of the Crusader

Good morning Hola blog lovers! morning post for me this week. My job, being the big bad corporate power house that it is, decided to make everyone of its I.T employees go through "Diversity Training". So I got moved from my normal shift, 12am-10am, to the dreaded 1st shift...7am-4pm.

Well, yesterday I got hella diversified! After spending 7 hours in a meeting room talking about each other's differences and how to blend and communicate better, I felt like....well, lets not get into how I felt lol.

This is a little off topic, but I still think it is a good story that may make you giggle uncontrollably.

During one of our "games" in diversity training, the facilitator put of very large pieces of paper label with different social and race groups.

Example - Black Male, Black Female, Jewish people, Fat people, Old People, Gamers, East Indians, White Male, White Female...ect

There was probably about 15 of these labels. He then gives us a magic maker and tells us to go to each one and write down a negative stereotypes that you have HEARD before.


What is someone suppose to do in this situation? This is a meeting room filled with 30+ people, all different cultures and races. Our discussion is suppose to be kept confidential, but still...I don't want to put down EVERYTHING that I have heard about a certain stereotype lol. I have a friend, and I am sure that everyone does, that knows about 50 different names / negative stereotypes for each...I can't write them all down.

Everyone in the room was pretty awkward about doing it, but we all did it. Some of them were silly...such as a white male can't jump and/or dance. Some of them were fat people are dumb(wtfmate?!?)...and some of them pretty spot on. Such as the generation Y, 1980-2000, was spoiled, lazy, and felt a sense of entitlement...ect.

After everyone was done the facilitator, a college professor in socialogly and communications, spent about 1.5 hours breaking down why we have these views on certain groups of was pretty freaking interesting really. I am just glad I got through it lol. It could have been alot worse for me lol.

Just thought I would share that piece of fantastic useless information with you guys before I get into the real reason why you read this blog.

No, no, I don't have any more of my special brownies. Maybe on Friday...yeah...ok, see you guys then...

...damn druggies

Go Go Gadget WoW

Alot has happened since the last time I talked about my WoW career. I was still a trial member of 25 man raiding guild that has been on the server since Vanilla. After 3 raids and answering some more questions on there fourm I got offically invited to a bench position.

Now, the bench position in this guild is very interesting because it really doesn't mean that your a bench spot. The ranking goes like this..


There are only 14 people in the guild with the raider I am not sure what to think about my "bench" rank. Also, we did a 10 man Ony and 10 ToC run on Friday and they took me over 2 "raider" ranked people that wanted to go. So I am confused on what it means...but so far I am really liking it.

Another thing that is interesting about this guild is that there is no officers, just the GM and co-GM. They are a wife/husband combination and truthfully, I like it alot. One of the best guilds that I was ever apart of during Vanilla WoW was ran by a wife/husband combination.

They decided to take a week off of raiding and realized that they missed taking walks togethers and eatting ice cream. So they quit WoW and ninja'd the gbank lol. The guild quickly fell apart afterwards....maybe 2 weeks before it was completely done.

Hopefully that won't happen with this guild otherwise I feel that I might have to say F RAIDING and go back to leveling my Driud.

Heroic Trial of the Crusader

So yeah...last night my guild decided to roll into the heroic 10 man version of ToCr. I have been reading alot of posts from bloggers about this and it is really split down the middle.

Some don't agree that it is that hard, others think its too hard, and then there is a small percentage that thinks it PERFECT!

...well almost perfect.

Northrend Beast

1st phase - "Big Spear Dude"

I didn't think that this guy was too bad. He has more HP and hits harder and you have to kill him before the two worms come...which is like 3 mins if I am not mistakened. The snoblods and the random fires hurt alot more and must be killed or moved out of ASAP.

We wiped about 3 times here, but after that we were getting him with about 10 seconds left before the worms came. Healers had mana and the tanks didn't have the impale...awesome.

2nd phase - "Two Big, Fugly Worms"

These guys weren't too difficult either. The hardest part was killing the big spear dude and transitioning to the worms with the "impale" debuff still on the tanks. One time our tank, 45khp, went from about 95-96% health and 2 seconds later he was dead. The impale ticked twice and each worm hit him once lol. All I did was move from where I was standing from the first guy to position myself better to heal for the two worms...I look up and bam...dead tank.

We wiped about 3 times here as well, but it wasn't terrible. I think phase one was harder then phase two because our dps had to be in sync and pew pewing its ass off. Where as phase 2 is still more about control and not failing at the mechanics.

3rd phase - "Is that a F'N Yeti?!?"

Yeah, that is a big ass yeti. This is the easiest of all the phases, you just don't get a speed buff and he can / will one shot your tank if he goes enraged.

He was at like 15% and he turned big and red and 2 shotted our tank. The off tank grabbed him and our healing corp kept him alive until we killed him. It was fun and challenged me just enough to make me feel good about completing it.

The gear is also sick...nothing dropped for a healer, but damn...there was some super hot melee dps pieces.

Lord Jaraxxus

Now this, was a very fun and challenging fight. Only thing different really is that you have to dps the nether portals and kill them as QUICKLY as possible so you do not get more then one Mistress out at a time. This does take ALOT of quick and power dps.

We were rocking three healers, but we didn't have the dps to burn the portal down fast enough. We probably wiped about 4-5 times before deciding that I am going to go elemental. I took off my healing gear and put on the ownage gear!

We so got this....

...yeah, still wiped due to not enough heals. But that portal went down with the quickness!!

We tried a couple more times and our 2 healers had the mana...they just couldn't keep up with the damage. Especially during the Inferno phase. So my sexy cow ass decided that...
  1. I was going to stay elemental.
  2. I would pew pew the big bad demon until the portal came
  3. Pew pew the portal and mistress
  4. Continue to pew pew the demon lord with thoughts of hate
  5. Then use my fantastic chain heals to heal during the inferno phase.
Not only did it work, but it was probably one of the funniest fights that I have been apart of. Hands down the funniest 10 man fights I have ever been apart of.

Faction Champs

I am not going to get into too much with this encounter...they just whopped our ass. We killed 2 of them once...but it was too late and too many of us were already dead ><. Overall

I think that the heroic version is pretty difficult and challenging. That being said I absolutely love it and I hope that Blizzard doesn't nerf it in the future. If everyone is paying attention, doing there job, and properly geared...there shouldn't be a reason why you shouldn't beat it...atleast the first few bosses anyway.

I have read that heroic Anub is NO JOKE. I mean you only get 6 ice things the entire fight? WTFmate!

I know there has been some articles over at Matticus's and replys from Larisa and others about how easy the game has gotten.

Well F that...Heroic ToC is not easy mmmk? I am not going to go off on a rant about it, but I am just saying...before saying that game is too easy, please beat heroic toc on either 10 man or 25.

That is all

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Morning people!

It's Saturday and here at WTFspaghetti we like to make fun of people. It's not hateful or mean. We don't drag it on and try make things uncomfortable for the person...but if its funny and there is a video of it...

Well then we are not to blame. We are just media and our job is to let our viewers know WTF is going on in the WORLD!!!

...of warcraft.

In this particular video, the teenager has just found out that his mom has cancelled his WoW account.

It is called the wow freakout...please enjoy, I know I did lol.


There is more videos of this kid. He really does have an anger issue and his brother loves fucking with him...its kinda mean but I would probably do the exact same thing if I was his brother lol.

You know you would too...enjoy the follow up as well, where he has been up in a tree for 4 hours...


Have a good weekend guys!

I will leave you with one of my favorite bands of all time, Everclear. Here is one of my favorite songs by them...the video makes me laugh on how old it looks lol. Makes me feel F'N old...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday MADNESS...brownies & milk included...

"You kill the first one and you panic for a few days. You're nervous. But then you kill the second one and that's a kind of a medicine. It takes the pain away that you were feeling after the first killing."

- Columbian hitman, "Red"

Yeah that's right...I started my post off with that quote. I am in that kinda of mood today. Brutal, ruthless, full of RAGE! Ready to kick some ass and get the weekend started. On a serious note, that quote is for real. I was reading an article the other day on and they actually interviewed a current, Columbian drug cartel hitman.

Not 100% sure how in the hell they got the interview, but that quote really did it for me. No matter how badass and "hard" you think you don't even compare, not even close to the level of a real badass. It kinda makes me feel like I am a bitch lol. Not that I want to kill someone or anything, but being a man, you have a certain swag about you. You would like to think that you are THE MAN...unstoppable, ect.

Then you read a quote like that and it just grounds you. SOB!

I don't have tooooo much to talk about WoW wise, but I wanted to update my thousands 7 readers on whats been going on the past week with my WoW action.

I did find the scariest picture of a cat I have ever seen...but I was seriously freaked out by it...

When I close my eyes I can still that creppy sob...maybe I will feel better once I get some brownies in me.


I am not sure that everyone will like my brownies. If you have a job/crazy parent/crazy spouse were you get drug tested, I wouldn't participate. For all others, feel free to take more then one.

nom nom nom

10 mins go by...

...and that is why I think that the US never landed on the moon bros. Its was the MAN trying to cover it up...conspiracy and stuff...

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir: "woah...our mind is blown...hehehe, we said blown...where the F is the milk?..."

Now that I got your mind right, I am sure I will make more sense...back to the WoWage!

Trial run...again

As I stated in my last article, my current guild assploded. I am still pretty bummed about it because they were really awesome. I also had some good friends in there that made it feel like home really quick.

I filled out another application to the only 25 man raiding guild on the server that I could actually make their raid times. They did a great job of making sure that I was serious about joining them and they also had plenty of follow up questions that tested my knowledge on the class.

I got a trial run last night and it went ok. I embarrassed made an ass of myself a few times during ToC 25 man. One was really bad...I died to the damn spikes in the ground, phase 2, on Anub. There wasn't alot of ice down, but that is still isn't a valid excuse. I noticed that I got picked and ran away from everyone...

...then I noticed that I ran the complete WRONG way and there was no ice anywhere lol. I tried to make it, but I failed. Total nub moment. Other then that I think I impressed them. We did Thorium and Hodir in Uld 25 man and it smooth.

I didn't get a guild invite yet becaue they still had some "questions" to ask me on my application. So hopefully the /ginvite is coming by the weekend.

Random Thoughts...

  • Leveling Blacksmithing is expensive. Like...really expensive. I hadnumberous thoughts through out the leveling process that I shouldn't have ever started. I am level 320 now and I am really hating life. I know that I will get it maxed out sometime, but I just don't have the gold to power level it on my server. /wrist

  • F the PTR for 3.3. I can not get that stupid POS to work for me. I downloaded it and installed it twice. Whenever I tried to open it, it just says that some file was currupted and to try and reinstall. No big deal I guess....but I do have to redownload it and that takes like 4 hours on my internet connection. So F it...I guess I am destined to not play the PTR....blizzard sobs.../threat!!

  • Did you guys check out the new relics that will drop in 3.3? The elemental shaman and the resto totem are OFF DA CHAIN!

    • Elemental - Your Earth Shock, Flame Shock, and Frost Shock spells grant 73 haste rating for 15 sec. Stacks up to 3 times
    • Resto - Your Riptide spell grants 85 spell power for 15 sec. Stacks up to 3 times

  • With the tier 8 2 piece set bonus, you can have 3 riptides rolling at once. It is not that hard to keep them all rolling and it is definitely not going to be difficult to keep 3 stacks substained. So bam...255 spell power...substained.../drool.

  • Now ofcourse, every healer has something along those lines, its just not shamans, but I am still excited for it.

That is about all the madness I have for today....





I told you it was F'N scary! All I am saying is that if I saw this cat look at me like this...I might think that he is going to pull out his .9mm, point it at me sideways, and start popping caps while yelling THUG LIFE!!!! feel me....I know you do...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Informational Goodies and Random Asshatery

So it is 3am in the morning and has not yet reported that there will be maintenance this morning. I am excited and pissed off at the same time...

My main playing time is in the morning, so when they do maintenance I know that I will not be able to log in and play. This gives me time to catch up on other things or get a few extra hours of sleep. I am usually ok with maintenance for this reason, it forces me not to play.

When they don't have maintenance I am initially excited. I can log in and mess around for an hour before I go to bed. However, I am really bad at just playing for an hour. I have lots of friends on my server that are online in the mornings and I can screw around in Org for 2 hours and not even realize it. Damn the WoW addiction! Damn you!!!!

You see, WoW is like nicotine. You crave it, but when you know that you won't be able to smoke for multiple hours...overall you are ok with it. Think of work as a perfect know that when you clock in for work, you don't get your first break for "X" number of hours. So you know that you won't be able to smoke, feed your nicotine addiction, for those "X" number of hours.

However, when you are hanging out on your own time, you'll find yourself smoking just because you haven't in the pass hour. Same thing applies to WoW...If it is available for you to play, you are more then likely going to play.

That was pretty random...

I will try to get more on point and talk more about WoW.

There are a few things that I want to talk about in this article, I might as well list them now so if your not interested you can just move on lol.

  • Random picture of a Walrus
  • Addons that will make you better
  • Altoholism - Elemental Shaman and Arcane Mage ownage stories of the weekend
  • Guild Assplodes
  • Weekly Dumb
  • Quote of the Week
  • Nazi Cat

Addons that will make you better...

I am going to go out on a limp and say that more then 75% of WoW players use some sort of addons. I know that number is MUCH higher for raiders and I feel like its my blogging duty to share some addons that will make you a better healer / dps / tank.

Power Auras Classic

This addon is flipping amazing. I knew of this addon for awhile, but I just recently started using it. In a raid environment, there is alot of stuff going on and it is very easy to miss a proc or a special ability.

This is were Power Auras comes in. It allows you to put up an image on your screen to notify you of whatever you set it up to do.

For help configuring this mod there are a few very helpful tutorital videos on

Example A - On my Elemental Shaman, my lava burst ability is on a cooldown. I want to use this ability every time it is up and like I stated before, sometimes in a raid environment I can miss it...which hurts my dps. I setup power auras to pop a large flashing image on my screen right above my character's head when it is off cool down. This way I know that my next spell should be lava burst.

Example B - On my Arcane Mage, sometimes I don't notice when I get my Missile Barrage proc. I also want to use this proc when I have 4 Arcane Blast debuffs. In a 25 man raid, this is easily overlooked sometimes, so I setup Power Auras. I have one image pop on my screen to notify me that my special proc, Missile Barrage is ready and I have proc come up to remind me when I am at 4 Arcane Blast debuffs. It works wonders and my dps has shot way up after using this addon.

Example C - Lets say that you want to be notified when you get under 15% health or mana? You can setup power auras for that. This works great in a pve raid or a pvp environment. I know sometimes I forget to heal myself because I am so worried about healing everyone else. Power auras helps me remember and that will make you a better all around player.


Clique is mostly used by healers, but I still use it on my mage for decursing and other abilities. All you have to do is put your cursor over a raid plate and click a particular button that you setup for a spell.

For my shaman...

"shift + right click" = chain heal
"mouse button 4" = cure poison / decurse / cure disease
"middle mouse button" = earth shield
"mouse button 5" = macro for instant heal and trinket usage.

For my mage...

"mouse button 4" = decurse
"mouse button 5" = spellsteal

I am telling you that once you get use to this addon...there is no going back. I really do not think I can heal up to my standard in a raid setting with it. It cuts down on so much time and makes things so much more smooth...its reDONKEYOUS!


Elemental Goodness

I consider my off spec for my shaman as one of my alts because I put alot of time, gold, and effort into his set this past weekend. I was rocking full T7.5 with a few odds pieces from Ulduar 10 and badge gear. Over the weekend I spent 85 triumph badges on the spec and got him two pieces item level 245 gear. I also got 2 pieces of the regular T9 gear and upgraded his main hand weapon. I spent about 1100 gold on enchants and gems and I must say...he is f'n sexy!!

I have yet to try out my dps in a raid, but over a period of 5 minutes self buffed I was rocking 4k dps on the heroic dummy. With my old gear over the same amount of time I was rocking 3k dps. There was moments when I was reaching well over 5k dps and all I can say is that it made me a happy cow. I can't wait to get into a raid and unleash the elemental fury to see what the overall result will be.

I am telling you, the power aura classic mod really, really, helps out with my dps on my elemental. I did the same duration, five minutes, without the power aura mod on and my dps was about 500-600 less...that was with me really paying attention too!


Mostly due to her rocking face, I usually read clearcasting's blog daily before I go home from work. She is an arcane mage and she always makes me jealous with all of her stories of ownage. So I made it a goal to get on my mage and try to get some purple pixels.

I did the heroic dailies for a few days and I got into a pretty good Ony 10 man. I got no loot, but 3x triumph badges is worth going in my opinion. I also got in a 10 man ToC run with my mage! It is ALOT different dpsing then it is healing that place.

I found out that the second boss, Lord Jarraxus or w/e, that I had no idea what to do as dps lol. I caught on quickly and we after some wiping pains, we finally cleared that place out. A super sexy belt dropped with a TON of delicious haste but I rolled a 4. I tried to buy it from the destro lock that already had a level 232 belt, but he said it was too good of an upgrade for him. The belt he was rocking had alot of crit and the belt that drop had 0 crit, but alot of haste. Everything else was pretty much identical besides the haste belt had 5 less spell power.

Did something change with destro locks? I thought they were all about crit...

I didn't feel like arguing with the guy and he already turned down my off of 500g, so F him.

So again, no purple pixels on the ToC run, but I got a ton of triumph badges and I only need 5 more to get the item level 245 shoulders. I am still rocking the T7 shoulders from 10 man yeah....HUGE UPGRADE

On a side note, my mage was doing around 3.5 dps during the 10 man raids. My gear completey sucks besides the T8.5 head and legs that I got...I can only imagine the type of dmg I can do with Arioch's gear. /jealous

Lucky biatch <3

Guild ASSplodes!


You know, I finally get into a guild that is ok with me raiding 2 nights a week and actually has a raid spot for me 100% of the time due to being the only elemental shaman in the guild. The first week I was in the guild we killed everything besides General and Yogg in 25 man Uld and we 1 shotted everything else, 10 and 25 man...Ony, ToC, VoA.

There was no difference in the second week, we still pwned faced just like the previous week. We were about 5-6 members short on the raid, but we still 1 shotted everything 25 man wise. The this past week came and we didn't run any 25 man raids because we only had like 16 people sign up. A few raiders went on vacation and a few had midterms to study big deal, we still ran 2 groups of 10 mans.

Fast forward to Sunday...

I log in and notice one of our officers in Dalaran....and he isn't in the guild! WTFmate! I look at the guild log and notice that the 2 raid leaders and about 12 core members left the GUILD!


I still don't know what really happened, but it had to do with people not showing up to know...that one week. With Icecrown around the corner I was pretty excited that I would get to see the new content with a high end guild and that dream was shot down.

They are in a rebuilding phase now and in all seriousness...we still have some pretty fantasic people in the guild. As for 25 man raids? No chance in those happening...but our 10 man raid roster is still pretty solid.

Just sucks that it ASSploded over one bad attendence week. Its not like we weren't getting applications and we were only seriously 5-6 people away from a full 25 man raid and bench spots. It fucking silly that they decided to leave for that reason and as you can read from my rant....I'm not too excited about it.

I am not sure what to do guild wise now. Since I got expose to 25 man raiding and the pure ownage that we did...I want it back lol. 10 mans are fun, but I want the 25 mans.

I will keep you guys informed as my guild journey unfortuntely continues...../sigh

Dumb of the Week!

Thats right, back by popular demand its WTFspaghetti's Dumb of the Week! Man...this dude has the biggest balls ever. I wont ruin the story for you but have to read this article. It is work safe.

Quote of the Week!

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill because they pissed me off.


Thats all from me people! I'm WTFout of here!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft... kinda

Morning Blog Lovers!

It's another exciting Monday morning. I usually spend my first few hours of work on Monday getting caught up on my news from the weekend. Since it seems that I can't do anything but play WOW on my home computer, I usually get backed up a couple of days on my blog reading and email.

Thank you to everyone that commented on my first post, I was glad to get that out of the way. I noticed that the doctor decided to skip Monday Morning Warcraft, so I figured I would put something up.

Heroic Failure

So what is the deal with people leveling to 80 and going straight into heroics? I know that the nerf in leveling has everyone under the impression that they are a lot better than they really are but don't they realize that they are a drag on everyone else? It usually happens too that most of them leveled so fast that they don't completely understand their class or the game itself for that matter. I saw some dps this weekend that I can rival with my 71 druid or hunter. It makes me sad.

I usually try not to get annoyed or involved with this kind of group. I usually only run with real life friends, having to grab maybe one person out of the looking for group channel. This weekend was a little differnt. I have a real life friend who used to play the game. While he played he got a few family members involved and I got a chance to meet and play with them. Even though he hasn't played in 6 months I get invites from his family members to groups all of the time. I usually have a great excuse with farming or raiding but with my lack of heroics lately I finally ran out of excuses this weekend.

The fail

I am running around trying to get my dailies done and I get an invite from my buddy's niece for heroic TOC. I am automatically annoyed because I don't prefer Paladin healers. I try to get my Druid buddy an invite to heal but she already has a full group. So reluctently I accept the invite. Before I get a chance to type "hi"in the party chat I see a message from this shammy, "Oh man I think I can get a better tank than that". I don't really pay much attention to this. I assume that he is a noob and that he is looking at my hit points assuming I am acutally going to tank with 22k hps. My friend politely informs him that I am in my ret gear and sends me a tell apoligizing for the noob comment.

This shaman continues to run his mouth my whole ride there. Giving everyone tips about their class or role before we even get there. So as soon as I zone in I inspect his gear. Wouldn't you know, all greens but 2. I ask and he informs me that he is a fresh 80. I thought to give him a few suggestions but he seems like a know it all. So instead, I sigh again and figure there is no harm in trying.

The three champions come out and again it seems like someone is out to get me. (You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge on names) We end up with a rogue /warrior/mage combo. Of course it is a quick wipe. No one seems to understand the concept of kill skull first or avoid the aoe.

We go a second time. The first whirlwind/poison combo and I watch all five of the health bars plummet. I don't really understand because besides the DK and me, we have all casters. The second time around both the shaman and warlock die. The shaman /yells "great healing noob!". I check my dps meter and see that he is barely putting out 1k dps so I kick him. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I am a huge jerk for kicking this guy in the middle of the boss fight but by this time it's him or me. Besides, it's a wipe anyway.

The lock and healer laugh at my annoyance after the fight. The DK had some choice words for me kicking his buddy. I informed him that people that are that bad should never comment on the play of others. Just like his friend he starts to critisize the healer and even throws a few shots at me. I link the dps meter and then kick him from the group as well. I would tell you what I told him after that but then I would get into my rant about tanking classes that don't tank and complain about you (gonna save that for future material).

I added a couple of hunters just be be sure that we had no more issues with the aoe. One of them was a real life friend so I knew that I had at least one other person in the group that wasn't a rtard.

At this point I have nothing left to complain about except the healer. She did a pretty good job considering. It just makes me nervous to see my hps go down that far before I get a heal. I do my best to help her out though. Since we all know that tanking as a pally is stupid easy, I get enough aggro then help her heal. We do fine all the way until the 3rd phase of the Black Knight. Both hunters died and zoned back in twice. After their 2nd death the healer died. I stood there and healed myself and the lock for the last 10%. I gave it a /flex and quit the group without looting.

I later apologized for leaving so quick and even offered to tank the next instance. That story isn't as interesting. I will say that I learned it's possible for a tank to lead a heroic Violet Hold in dps and have two people doing around 1k dps and still not fail.

Potts' noob guide to being 80

So I am going to try to help out and make my own noobs guide of being 80. I won't include the first point which is obvious. If this is your first toon I would suggest trying all of the low level dungeons when it comes time. I know that you level faster without and the gear is worthless a few level later but it's nice to understand the concept of how the group works before you get to the top level and embarrass yourself by not knowing what a tank is.

1. Understand your class. Read a guide and find a rotation. Understand all the spells and the tricks you may need to get yourself out of trouble.

2. Turn 80

3. Gear. Hopefully you have run a few instances before 80 and have a couple of pieces to start with. If not, there are enough craftable pieces out there to get a good start. Hopefully you have a profression that you can make your own or at least made some money to do so.

4. Run regular instances and do some kind of dailies. The money from the dailies can be put toward those craftable items that I was just talking about. Heck while you're at it you may get a cute little pet to go along with it.

5. Start heroics. DO NOT start them if you are not wearing mostly level 80 blue gear. I understand that there are some exceptions but with the craftables and boe gear there is no excuse to come to a heroic green from Howling Ford.

6. Collect a few pieces of badge gear, join a guild and start raiding. Yes join a guild. Find one that is just starting out. Actually learn the fights instead of getting me killed in a pug.

7. Have fun. That is why were here.

note: you can skip steps 3-5 if you have patient friends that want to run you through stuff. However you CAN NOT get around having to learn how to not be a noob. Only you can prevent this.

My suggestions to Blizzard

I realize that there is no real incentive to do a regular instance. Why do pointless grinding if you can go with a skilled group and ride them to a 4 badges a chance at a nice piece of gear? Maybe along with downgrading badges blizzard could do a badge system with regular instances. Offer one badge on the final boss of the instance. This could get the noobs off my back. I mean it's not like we aren't nerfing everything else.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Post!

So it’s long overdue but here I am! My name is Potts. I have been playing WOW since back in the Vanilla days. I am a real life friend of the Doctor and P. After 50 or so drunken comments on how I need to contribute to the blog, I finally got invited to do so. Now all I have to do is not fail. My goals are simple. Say something funny every once in a while and be around long enough to get my toons linked on the main page of the blog. Anyway, here goes something…

(Not sure I'm quite in with the choir, so we can skip that. I'll just insert a random cat pic instead.)

What it do?

Recently I have taken a break from raiding. I was a little burnt out with raiding after that fail guild I was in with the doctor .While he was on his mission to find Jesus I ended up just pugging a few raids and doing some heroic grinding. After I got all of the badge gear worth getting I had to look for something else to do.

I didn’t have to look far. I am lazy but I am a competitive person. I found my calling in all things WOW that I used to find annoying. I have spent an obnoxious amount of time in the last few months grinding achievements and titles. I say competitive because the biggest reason that I do this is just to have more than my friends. The doctor gets his cooking title so I have to get it. He does a couple of the tournament dailies so I go out and get the Crusader title. He gets a new mount, so I go out and get 50 so I can get an Albino Drake.

You can guess where it goes from there. I almost forgot to mention that I didn’t call him during his WOW hiatus and tell him that he was missing one of the seasonal events. I knew that if I could complete it while he was gone I would have a better chance of finishing them all and getting my drake before him. What a friend, right? I just hope this doesn’t provoke him too much. If he did the exploration achievements he would gain a lot of ground on me. Even though I would still be crushing him in titles.


The cooking title is coming along pretty well. I am just waiting on enough dailies to buy the rest of the recipes. The only one besides those that seems like it’s going to be a problem is the recipe for tasty cupcakes which is a drop. I need to find some time to go after that. I kind of wish I was paying more attention from the start. I have probably already seen it drop at one time or another.

As far as all of the outland recipes, those were all a piece of cake. I looked at the doctor’s previous post about his chef title and laughed a little. I got all 4 or five recipes I needed in just a few days of doing the Outland cooking dailies. There was only one barrel that I got that didn’t have one. Of course he was on and made fun of my frustration. I love it though because it adds fuel to my fire!

Boredom at it's best

While doing my cooking dailies in Outlands I decided on a whim to go and try some Netherwing dailies. Does anyone remember those? I can remember spending countless hours grinding out these dailies. Then you would almost all of the quests done and spend 30 minutes fighting your way through all the other people trying to find those elusive ravagers.

So I figure I could also use this as an opportunity to level my 2H mace skills. I recently acquired one in a pug and didn’t realize my skill was 1/450. I was amazed to find the ease of doing these quests. Well besides the fact that I could taunt the mobs to death, there was no one out there. I had all of the ravagers and EGGS to myself. The first day I picked up more eggs than I did the whole time I grinded this rep with my priest. Most were out in plain sight and didn’t require a scavenger hunt.

If you get bored and have never done this now is a great time. If you’re one of those fancy, hardcore type you could probably do it in 3 days. Soon I will dance around the doctor with my fancy mount and he will bow in all my glory.

Until then... I am WTF out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Patch 3.3 and You...

Morning blog lovers!

If you are anything like me, you had "a case of the Monday's" yesterday. We made it and we are moving on....

It doesn't get much better, now the servers are down for maintenance. SOB! We can't win for losing can we?

So I figured I would take the time and talk about the new upcoming patch, 3.3. There are a ton of changes and new additions to the game and I am especially excited for this patch. Mostly because my two favorite classes, Shamans and Mages are getting a some pretty neat stuff and the Lich King himself is finally showing his punk ass face.

Oh yeah, that means a new raid instance and it also means three new 5 man dungeons with a 5 man version boss fight the Lich King himself. Woot!

Mages in patch 3.3

  • Arcane Empowerment: This talent now also grants 1/2/3% increased damage done by the mage's party or raid for 10 seconds after the mage gets a critical strike with Arcane Explosion, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Barrage, or Arcane Blast. This effect is exclusive with Ferocious Inspiration and Sanctified Retribution.
Lets take a second to take that in


Ok, so I think that all Arcane mages will agree with me by saying F YEAH! Every time you crit with your 3 main nukes, Arcane Blast, Arcane Missiles, and Arcane Barrage, you will grant your entire raid with 3% damage increase? Are you serious? That is f'n amazing! In a 25 man raid, 3 mages will should guarantee that the 3% dmg buff will be up 99.9% of the time. This is a huge pve buff and everyone should be excited, not just Arcane mages.


  • Fire Nova Totem: This totem has been replaced with a new spell, Fire Nova, which is available at the same ranks as the old Fire Nova Totem. Existing characters will automatically learn this new spell in place of the totem. With a Fire Totem active, shamans will be able to use Fire Nova (fire magic) to emit the same area-of-effect damage as the old Fire Nova Totem from the active Fire Totem, not consuming the totem in the process. Fire Nova will activate a 1.5-second global cooldown when used and has a 10-second spell cooldown. The caster must be within 30 yards of the totem to use this ability, but does not need to be within line of sight of the totem.
  • Improved Fire Nova Totem: Renamed Improved Fire Nova. This talent now provides an additional 10/20% damage to the spell and reduces the cooldown by 2/4 seconds.
Uh...I had to read it a few times too, don't feel bad. So how in the hell is this going to fit in our standard rotation? I don't know and truthfully it probably won't unless there is stuff to AoE. It sounds like a very cool spell, but I have no idea how it actually turn out. The original fire nova totem did ok aoe damage at the level cap, but I never messed with it really. Now that it doesn't require its own totem, but just a fire totem, it will be interesting to play around with, but I am trying to stay positive.

Elemental dps rotation is pretty bland and could use some spiciness added to it. However, I highly doubt that it will make it in our dps rotation. It is another spell that we can use for AoE encounters, which is HUGE because lets face it...chain lighting is pretty lame for an AoE spell.

I hope it looks cool. The post just said it was a spell, so I don't know if its a spell like the Moonkin's typhoon AoE spell or something like a Mage/Lock's channeled AoE spell. I am planning on downloaded the PTR, so maybe I can get some more facts about this instead of just talking about it.


Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Halls - Holy F!

First off....before I get into this new raid / 5 man dungeons. I want you to read a quote from Blizzard. Mostly because I can't say it any better then they can.

"Icecrown Citadel will feature a massive five-player dungeon sprawling across three wings of the citadel's foundation. While the Lich King's attention is focused on the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade ripping through the front gates, players will be tested as they assist Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance) and Sylvanas Windrunner (Horde) in infiltrating the citadel through an alternate entrance.

An epic quest line will present adventurers with the task of weakening Icecrown Citadel's forces, requiring that players defeat the challenges in each dungeon wing before venturing into the next one. Normal and Heroic versions of the dungeon will be accessible to players, although each wing will be considered a separate instance; therefore, on Heroic difficulty, each wing will have its own separate lockout timer. All-new rewards -- including item level 219 (normal) and level 232 (Heroic) loot -- will be offered to those who destroy some of the Lich King's most formidable allies."

Did they just say three new 5 mans with loot tables of 219 for regular and 232 for heroic? Holy F! One part is excited for all the new gear and content and the other part is kinda disappointed for all of the nooblets running around in level 219 / 232 gear.

But lets think more clearly...if you are in a raiding guild, you are going to have way better gear then what is dropping in the 5 man dungeons of IC. You are going to have 10 and 25 man raid gear from IC. So I take it back...I am just excited...

and so are my non raiding alts!

Epic quest line and the return of attunement's?

Oh snap...Blizzard did just say epic quest line. I remember the last epic quest line that I had to and it was for SSC back in TBC. Before that it was to gain entry to Onyixa back in the day. MMO-Champion does have some idea on what the quest line is going to entail and I must say, it doesn't sound that EPIC.

I will say that it looks quite long, MMO listed 17 quests chain. Now this could all change, but currently on the PTR, that is how it is currently.

You might have also read in that quote from Blizzard that in order to each of the three new 5 mans, you must defeat the one before it. So we have a possible 17 part quest that involves gaining access to the new 5 man dungeons. Without doing the quest line you will not be able to continue to the next "wing".

Sounds like an attunement to me. What do you guys think??

The Forge of Souls

  • First "wing" or dungeon...whatever you want to call it.
  • Has two bosses, Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls and The Devourer of Souls
  • The goal is to ruin the twisted engines known as soul grinders found in this portion of the citadel
  • Seems like a pretty short instance, but only Blizzard knows because it has not yet been up to the public on the PTR.
Pit of Saron

  • Second "wing" or dungeon. Only accessible to those who have defeated the Forge of Souls "Wing"
  • Has three bosses - Forgemaster Garfrost, Krick and Ick, and finally Scourgelord Tyrannus
  • The goal is to free enslaved allies who have been trapped by the Scourge and find out where the Lich King's private quarters is located in IC.
  • From reading up on the summary, it seems like a pretty linear and normal flowing instance.
Halls of Reflection
  • This is where it goes down! Again, this is the third wing and you can not access it unless you defeated the other two wings.
  • Falric and Marwyn are the first boss fight you encounter and then its the big boy himself, the Lich King.
  • I think what Blizzard is doing is really flipping cool with the Lich King in a 5 man dungeon. That way everyone that plays pve, the 5 man guys, 10 man raiders, and 25 man raiders will all hopefully have some closure in killing this fool!

I know right...lot of information! There is also new Weekly raid quest and new badges. New badges means new badge gear and I was just thinking to myself that I was getting pretty sexy in my T9.

Watch out because that is going to be old news here in a little bit.

What do you guys think about all these upcoming changes? Any thoughts or criticism

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - New Kid on the Block

Oh yes...

New kid on the block people! WTF does that mean? It means that here at WTFspaghetti we have a new blogger that will posting from time to time. Pretty exciting news right? OMG I know your excited! His name is Potts and he has also been playing since Vanilla WoW. His main is a sexy female Blood Elf protection paladin, but I suspect that his articles are going to be more about WoW in general.

Who the F knows though...this is WTFspaghetti. So it could be about anything his little heart desires. So stay tuned for that...

Weekend Update

Last week something happened in WoW that hasn't happened in a REALLY long time...maybe ever. Due to me joining up with my new guild, I successfully raided all of the current raids besides the heroic versions of ToC.

Seriously, that is huge for me! Onyixa, VoA, Ulduar, ToC, both version...10 and 25. I logged in on Sunday and thought to myself, shit...nothing really for me to do uh? Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to complain in any way lol.

I have 80 triumph badges but I am waiting to get a trophy so I can rock the T9.5 gear instead of the regular T9. Hopefully my guild will make me an actual member instead of a trial member and I can get my hands on one. I highly doubt that I will be promoted this week, but at the same time I highly doubt that they wouldn't accept me into the guild. Especially since they have NO elemental shamans and even though I applied as resto, I don't mind pwning it up as Elemental a few days a week.

All I have to do is make sure I am keeping my Resto set up to date. It is definitely up to date, but we have a few resto shamans that have all BiS gear. I'm talking 4 piece T9.5 and the rest level 245 gear.

I have never been out healed by another resto shaman so badly before, not to mention two at the same time. It was embarrassing to say the least, but hopefully they don't find another elemental shaman until I have sometime to get my gear up to par. Right now I am rocking 4 piece set for T7.5 wish me some luck.

Meeting people on the Internet....

Yeah...I would say that a good percentage of my readers know who Fish is. He writes and manages a blog, Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron. A few weeks back I noticed that he is coming to my home town for a weekend. I said we should hang out and sure as hell we did.

It was definitely weird thinking that you are going to meet someone that you have never actually held a conversation with other then by comments on our blogs lol...but overall I say it was a success. Fish was exactly what I thought he would be like. He didn't lie about anything he has said on his blog about himself in real life, which was a relief lol.

P and myself thought about fucking with Fish when we first meet him. Nothing that would physically hurt him, but would give him a good WTF did I get myself into kinda thing. We were thinking we could act SUPER GHETTO and see how he reacted.

I am not talking about Eminem or Colt 45 and a blunt wrapper ghetto. I am talking about STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD ghetto. Talking about I got 3 baby mamas on my ass for my child support ERRRDAY! Shooting dice and having freestyle rap battles type of ghetto lol.

We also thought about maybe freaking him out and had some pretty funny ideas, but decided that it was too mean to do lol. So we missed our golden opportunity to mess with him, but it was still a good time. I think he has some pictures up at his site....I refuse to put them up on my site for a few reasons.
  • It was his camera
  • I was entirely too intoxicated and hung over the next day to do anything besides watch football on the couch.

Until next time peeps! I'm WTFout!!@!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

True Life - I'm Addicted to Warcraft

Morning people!

I was browsing the internet and I ran across a pretty chillen blog, Smashie The Pally. He (or she?) had a pretty good article about WoW addiction and all that stuff. What was really great though is that the MTV series, True Life, has a show about being addicted to WoW.

So here is a 10 minute clip of it, its quite eye-opening....I am not sure if I even want to play WoW anymore. I am thinking of selling my accounts...


For real though here is a funny video about it. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought - Guild Types and How to Get In Them...

So you want to get into a non fail guild right? You are tried of being one of the few in your previous guild(s) that actually knew how to play their class and are willing to put the time and effort into it.

Maybe you are just looking for a casual raiding guild and maybe your just looking for a social guild.

In either event, I am categorizing all pve guilds into three possibilities...
  • Social
  • Causal Raiding
  • Raiding
Those are very generic categories and there is definitely sub-categories within each of them. However, 100% of WoW pve guilds fall into those three basic ones.

Lets do a quick review of each shall we?

Social - This type of guild is into leveling alts, professions, and treating WoW as a social grounds to meet others. They have very little or no requirements for their members and probably do not have a guild website. Most of these social guilds do have a vent server and a tabard...but anything else is a big stretch. 9.8 times out of 10 they do not have any sort of guild application to fill out. To get into this type of guild all you really have to do is ask to join. If they don't want you in the guild it is very possible that it is a "friends only" or an alt guild.

Causal Raiding - This type of guild is a big step up from the previous, social. They more than likely have a guild website and some sort of application process. They also have scheduled raids and expect their members to be reliable as they can and to meet certain requirements. To get into this type of guild really depends on the guild, but for the sake of this article I am going to say that you either need a recommendation from a member or fill out an application.

Do not get a causal raiding guild and a casual guild that raids confused.

There is a strong focus on raiding in a casual raiding guild. There is NOT a strong focus on raiding in a causal guild that raids and I would categorize this type of guild in the "Social" category.

Raiding - This is a huge step up from the social guilds and a pretty large setup from the casual raiding guilds. This type of guild is 100% going to have an application process and a trial period. On the lighter end it might be very generic to see what kind of player and personality you have and on the heavier end the application process can be very in depth. Including multiple interviews, written and verbal, and a lengthy trial period.

Like I stated before, these are very generic! Please don't comment or email me saying that I am wrong and that your pve guild does not fit into any of the above categories. I already get enough hate mail from you guys d-(-_-)z

Ok, I know what type of guild I want to join, now what?

I am only going to talk about how to correctly apply to the raiding guilds. The social category of guilds is pretty cut and dry due to the fact there isn't a viable application process.

Ok, now lets get into it...

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir



/electric slide
First impression is EVERYTHING! Believe me guys, your application and how seriously you take it means everything to the guild you're applying too. It lets them know that you are a serious about joining and that you respect their guild. Think of it as a job application, but do not think of it as a shitty minimum wage job, think of it as a career job opportunity....


Think of all those shitty jobs that you had (have?) in your food, gas station, ect. The minimum wage, high stress jobs. Think of those being the socials guilds that do not raid. Even if you had to fill out an application for a social type of guild, you wouldn't have to put a ton of time and feel you had to sell yourself up. No way, its just a social guild. Same aspect applies in real life and who really cares about getting a job at McDonald's? I rather sit back and collect unemployment truthfully =P

Last example to really drive what I am trying to get across...

I think I spent a total of 15 minutes filling out an application to Pizza Hut when I was younger. After I got through college I probably spent a total of 2-3 hours writing, editing, and rewriting my resume for a job in my career field. When applying to a raiding guild, especially one that you know is very good. Do not fill it out like its a Pizza Hut application, fill it out like it is a career field resume / application.

Attempt to be professional...

Do not answer the questions like you are talking to your friends in WoW. Try not to use any sort of "1337" speak and make sure your are writing in complete sentences. Also, make sure your sentences actually make sense. Proof read and edit multiple times to make sure you don't sound like a dipshit that is trying to act professional.

I am not saying to be a robot and show not personality, but pick and choose carefully when to do this. Showing your personality can work wonders for your application, but it can also send it directly to the DECLINED folder. That is why it is best just to answer the questions and move on. There will be PLENTY of other times to show your personality, during the application process is just too risky in my opinion.

Detailed and informative answers works wonders...

This is by far the most important part of getting your application accepted to the next step in the guild's process. Alot of guilds can see past the professional part that I just wrote about if you know your class and you are able to convey it in writing.

If the questions are generic that does not mean that they are not looking for a few sentences. If the questions are very detailed, then you need to answer the complete question. Do not leave an question half answered just because you already wrote alot or just didn't feel like answering it.

Let me give you an example of a commonly asked question.

What is your main spec?

You could answer the question in one or two words and give a break down of your talents. That would work but it doesn't make a great first impression. They have seen that answer hundreds of times and this is not the time to blend in with the crowd.

Here is an example on how you should answer that question that follows all my guidelines that I have been talking about in this article.

(Due note that this answer was the exact same answer that I used to get into a pretty hardcore raiding guild last week.)

The most common restoration shaman specs are either 0-13-58 or 0-16-55. I have played around with both and made a few changes to them to better adapt for my playing style.

I have found that 0-16-55 is working best for what I am doing in the game currently. I chose to get 3/3 Elemental Weapons instead of 3/3 Healing Focus. Elemental Weapons give you an extra +45 spell power and 3/3 Healing Focus reduces the pushback of your spells if something is damaging you by 70%.

The reason why I have made this change is pretty straight forward. I do not have any issues getting off spells when I am getting hit by normal raid damage. People, including myself, do not die because of my pushback due to damage. Now I have not done too many hardmode encounters, so this might change if I start doing them. Currently, it makes the most sense to maximize one of my strongest stats and that is why a made a modification to the "cookie cutter" specs.

See the difference? I didn't blow them away with the answer or ramble on, but I did make it known that I appear to be very knowledge about my spec. Also, that question is usually the first if not one of the first questions asked on applications. I already put it their heads that I seem like a skilled player that knows what I am talking about. From here on out I put myself in a positive light for the rest of the application.

Its not like I remembered all that crap in my answer from memory. I looked at my talent spec and did a little research over at Elitist Jerks, then I wrote it.

Be careful not to ramble, but give alot of valid information and details on each question. This should send you on your way to the promise land...aka trial run or /ginvite.

I Make This Look GOOOD!

After you answered all your questions and you are feeling good about what you wrote down, don't forget to add your formatting style to it. Use bold, italic, underline, different colors to make it look really good and stand out from all the rest.

Add extra stuff that they don't even ask for, such as a screenshot of your User Interface. A good time to add a screenshot of your UI is if they ask you what addons do you use? List the addons and post a screenshot on dat biatch.

Believe me, take it from a former GM of a casual raiding guild and someone that has been involved with raiding guilds since Vanilla WoW. They WILL be impressed and you will get that guild invite or move on to the next step in becoming a member of the guild.

Remember Young Grasshopper...

The application is a direct representation of yourself and how you play WoW. If you don't take the time to fill out the application correctly for the type of guild you want to join, they will not take you seriously.

If you can't be expected to at the very least go find out the correct answers to your spec or gear itemization that they asked, then I highly doubt they could rely on you to go do some research for new content. See where I am going with this?
  • Answer every question to the fullest. Don't leave anything unanswered
  • Try and be professional and use correct grammar and complete sentences
  • Try to covey in writing that you are a knowable person when it comes to your class and WoW in general.
  • Make sure to be detailed and informative, but make sure you aren't rambling.
  • First impression is EVERYTHING. If it takes you a few days off and on filling out the app to make it right its ok. Its 100% better then turning something in half assed.
  • In the WoW world, good raiding guilds are NOT McDonald's. If you apply like you are going for a job at McDonald's, don't expect to be taken seriously.

Hopefully this was helpful to someone. I know it has helped me get into a guild that I thought was too good for me. So I can say that if you follow what I outlined in this article, you will be taken seriously and get to that next step. The rest is up to you!