Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday's Video Post - Aion, is it worth it?

As you probably already know, there is a new game out. Rather its a new MMORPG game out that is trying to give WoW some competition.

I was never a fan of the others, such as WAR, LoTRs, or Star Wars. They all have some potential and I am sure that they are fun, but its not enough to break my WoW addiction.

I have a few friends that are playing Aion and overall they love it. It is a grind leveling, just as in WoW. However, the game looks amazing and is really trying to balance the different classes out to make it more of a skill based game rather then a gear or another class owning another.

I just watched this gameplay video on youtube. Its mostly pvp encounters and I must say...

I kinda want to try it out...

What do you guys think

EDIT: I can't get the video to fit correctly, so after 5 minutes of trying I am going to say F it. FYI


Syrana said...

I'm enjoying it :)

Ruhtra said...

It does appear interesting and I must admit that I am tempted to take a try at it.

Fighting very hard to resist the urge to try another game.

WTF said...

I just moved and transferred and faction changed for my level 47 lock. So I really resisting...but it looks really fun

I brought the lock over to be more like syrana...she makes Me jealous with her pwnage stories lol

wehavenbeer said...

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