Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - New Kid on the Block

Oh yes...

New kid on the block people! WTF does that mean? It means that here at WTFspaghetti we have a new blogger that will posting from time to time. Pretty exciting news right? OMG I know your excited! His name is Potts and he has also been playing since Vanilla WoW. His main is a sexy female Blood Elf protection paladin, but I suspect that his articles are going to be more about WoW in general.

Who the F knows though...this is WTFspaghetti. So it could be about anything his little heart desires. So stay tuned for that...

Weekend Update

Last week something happened in WoW that hasn't happened in a REALLY long time...maybe ever. Due to me joining up with my new guild, I successfully raided all of the current raids besides the heroic versions of ToC.

Seriously, that is huge for me! Onyixa, VoA, Ulduar, ToC, both version...10 and 25. I logged in on Sunday and thought to myself, shit...nothing really for me to do uh? Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to complain in any way lol.

I have 80 triumph badges but I am waiting to get a trophy so I can rock the T9.5 gear instead of the regular T9. Hopefully my guild will make me an actual member instead of a trial member and I can get my hands on one. I highly doubt that I will be promoted this week, but at the same time I highly doubt that they wouldn't accept me into the guild. Especially since they have NO elemental shamans and even though I applied as resto, I don't mind pwning it up as Elemental a few days a week.

All I have to do is make sure I am keeping my Resto set up to date. It is definitely up to date, but we have a few resto shamans that have all BiS gear. I'm talking 4 piece T9.5 and the rest level 245 gear.

I have never been out healed by another resto shaman so badly before, not to mention two at the same time. It was embarrassing to say the least, but hopefully they don't find another elemental shaman until I have sometime to get my gear up to par. Right now I am rocking 4 piece set for T7.5 wish me some luck.

Meeting people on the Internet....

Yeah...I would say that a good percentage of my readers know who Fish is. He writes and manages a blog, Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron. A few weeks back I noticed that he is coming to my home town for a weekend. I said we should hang out and sure as hell we did.

It was definitely weird thinking that you are going to meet someone that you have never actually held a conversation with other then by comments on our blogs lol...but overall I say it was a success. Fish was exactly what I thought he would be like. He didn't lie about anything he has said on his blog about himself in real life, which was a relief lol.

P and myself thought about fucking with Fish when we first meet him. Nothing that would physically hurt him, but would give him a good WTF did I get myself into kinda thing. We were thinking we could act SUPER GHETTO and see how he reacted.

I am not talking about Eminem or Colt 45 and a blunt wrapper ghetto. I am talking about STRAIGHT FROM THE HOOD ghetto. Talking about I got 3 baby mamas on my ass for my child support ERRRDAY! Shooting dice and having freestyle rap battles type of ghetto lol.

We also thought about maybe freaking him out and had some pretty funny ideas, but decided that it was too mean to do lol. So we missed our golden opportunity to mess with him, but it was still a good time. I think he has some pictures up at his site....I refuse to put them up on my site for a few reasons.
  • It was his camera
  • I was entirely too intoxicated and hung over the next day to do anything besides watch football on the couch.

Until next time peeps! I'm WTFout!!@!


Ruhtra said...

You will get the gear and for the first time in a while, I can hear something similar to happiness in your post, in regards to raiding.

Fish seemed pretty happy when he returned home. I spoke with him on Sunday and he even mentioned wanting to raid.

I do not know what you all did to him, but can I send about eight more of my guildies there?

Fish said...

Is potts the blonde guy that was there? I have the full album on my facebook. I figured no one needed to see my "west side" sign or the shocker. I was in pretty bad shape on sunday, but it was worth it.

Potts said...

OMG am I blonde? I thought I felt a little lost sometimes.