Saturday, December 28, 2013

League of Legends - Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 4

Hola peeps! Entry 4?!? I know, very exciting. If you have been following along this series then you are aware that this must mean that I finally got around to doing my first PvP match in League of Legends. It only took me roughly 2 years and 126 AI "bot" games to give PvP a go...but who is counting right?

I took a break from playing the game since my last entry, but started playing again with the new season (4) starting. I am not sure what exactly happened, but something just clicked for me. I started playing a few of the free rotation players and experimenting with the new masteries / items. Something clicked with the game. I feel much more comfortable with knowing exactly what needs to be done in each phase of the game and normally when to and when not to do it. I think most of it had to do with me finally playing every major role (APC, ADC, Tank, Support, ect) and having a good amount of experience in each lane in the early / mid game. Of course watching other experienced players play and reading up on the game also helps immensely. I just feel like now I know WTF is going on with the game as a whole.

So how did my first PvP game go?


I am very happy with that end score and even more happy I got a win out of it. When I joined up my intention was to play middle lane as Veigar. I called mid in the in game chat and waited about 20 seconds before I locked in my toon. Then all of a sudden someone stated the following...

"WTFspaghetti, I called mid"

Now, I guess it is possible that he called mid before I joined the chat...but IMO that is highly doubtful. No fear though, I have been practicing with 4 different Champions and had no problem doing another lane / role. I asked if they wanted a support and to my surprise...the chat blew up. Everyone was confused and calling for different lanes and what was needed. It was the definition of a cluster fuck. With 15 seconds left to pick, I decided to go top lane with the King of all Trolls, Mr. Trundle.

What occurred next can only be explained as a complete and utter ownage. It was very clear within the first 5 minutes that the two champions I was going up against in the top lane didn't have much experience against Trundle. I was able to poke and harass them enough so they didn't feel comfortable being aggressive. It was glorious. I managed to get to the mid game with a hefty "cs" lead, 4 kills, and no deaths.

The rest of the game I built him up as a tank and just abused the enemy team with all my slows and crowd control abilities. We pretty much won every single team fight and while I don't think I was the only reason why my team won, I know for a fact I was a huge part of our success. It was very fun and while I don't think I am going to completely give up on "AI bot" games...I am definitely going to play PvP way more then I have been.


So What Now?

I feel that I have completed my mission. I started about 3-4 months ago with the goal of learning how to play this game due to its crazy popularity. I was not a complete noob per se...but I was pretty bad. Now with the completion of my 1st PvP match I think everyone can agree that I am "below average"

HOORAH! Until next time people!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

League of Legends - Preseason Changes / Rundown

The new season has not yet started, but the LoL pre-season is alive and well. I haven't been keeping up with all of the changes, so I figured I would share this awesome "run-down" video about most of the changes.

Seems to be pretty legit from a super casual fan of the game like myself. I especially like the free trinket / wards and changes to the Support role. If you are at all interested in LoL, I highly suggest that you atleast keep up with all of these changes.

Full list can be found on LoL's official website - here

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hearthstone Beta - Spell Master Daily Quest

Hiya people! It looks like Blizzard is finally changing up some of their daily quests for Hearthstone. My daily quest yesterday was called "Spell Master" and it stated that I simply had to use 40 spells in Play or Arena mode.

I like the idea and I really enjoy Blizzard using their daily quest system to not necessarily force people to make new decks, but to have a focus point and build a deck around it. Does that make sense? I think it does...anyway, moving on!

So I made a new deck focusing on spells and I decided to go with the Mage class. Cards list can be found here and below is the breakdown.

When I first made it was I assuming it was going to be terrible, but I hoped it would be atleast fun. Well, it turned out to be not only fun, but highly successfully. I got my ass handed to me a few times by some rogues, but other then that held my own. I ended up going 8-2 on my stream last night.

Below is a couple YouTube videos I made cut directly from my twitch stream of some of the more entertaining games I played. Hopefully it helps you out if you ever get the Spell Master quest. Until next time, I'm WTFout!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

UFC 167 - GSP "Stepping Away" and Dana White's Post Fight Comments

I decided to share this story because Dana White makes some valid points about the state of judging in MMA along with some choice words about GSP's comments after the fight. It doesn't matter if you watched last's nights UFC 167 PPV card or not, go ahead and watch the below three minute video and then read my take on it.

It does state who won in the GSP vs Johnny Hendricks fight FYI. Full card results can be found here.

This is why Dana White is loved by fans of MMA. He is a fight fan and he speaks his mind without caring how he comes off to the general public. I don't know about you guys, but I really respect and appreciate that. I don't always agree with Dana, but the comments he made in the video I 150% agree with and I hope something positive comes out of it.  It should be an interesting week in the MMA world. I'll have to make sure to listen to some MMA Junkie Radio this week for all the juicy drama and fallout.

Here is a link to the full story. MMA fan? Thoughts on the card? Leave a comment on hit me up on Twitter.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hearthstone Arena Fun

As mentioned in a previous post, I create a YouTube channel for the blog and have taking some baby steps with streaming on TwitchTV. I had about 300 gold in Hearthstone, so I figured that I would stream some arena. It was fun but also pretty weird. I mean, I was in my basement, by myself, playing a video game, and just talking to myself...

Standard play for someone that is streaming and also has plans to upload the video to YouTube...but man, it was fucking weird. No other way to explain it. I got used to it after a bit, but it was still very strange. The mic that I was using is pretty weak and I didn't want to talk too loud because my son sleeps right above my office, but I think it turned out okay and overall I enjoyed it.

I actually had a few viewers and got to chat with a buddy that found out I was streaming via twitter. Good times were had and so far I am 4-1 with this deck. I kinda want to play a game now, but I will save it for when I stream, no reason not to right?

Below is a highlight from last night's stream and was actually the first game on the Arena run. I must have fucked up on the editing because it cuts off about 15 seconds too soon...but I am sure you get the point of what happens. I would re-edit it and upload it again, but my mic audio is so terrible, its pretty pointless. My gaming headset broke during my Extra Life marathon so I had to bust out the old desktop microphone from my raiding days in World of No fear though, I ordered me some hawt Turtle Beaches using the Amazon banner link from my favorite podcast, Ross Tucker Football Podcast. It helps the show out and I get something that I was going to buy anyway. It's a win, win, as they say.

Enjoy the highlight of the awesome synergy of a low mana minion deck with a Cult Master and an Alarm Bot.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updates and Wallpaper Change Day

Updates!?! On the blog!? How flipping exciting right? I know what you are thinking...

blah, blah, blah...I updated some links...
blah, blah, blah...I posted some new pictures / .gif files and they are super AWESOME...
blah, blah, blah...I setup an official WTFspaghetti YouTube account and started streaming on TwitchTV...

...wait what?

That is correct people. I finally took some time out and setup my TwitchTV account to actually stream. Not sure how I often I am going to use it, but it's pretty cool that I have it setup now. I also got around to setting up an official YouTube page for WTFspaghetti and already uploaded some Hearthstone footage. I am unsure on how I am going to use these two sites, but it will be fun nonetheless just fucking around with it and trying new stuff out. 

On the right hand side of my blog I put two new and shiny buttons to subscribe to both of my channels. Go now and then come back to select a new wallpaper for your device of choice. I personally choose "The Geek Zodiac", I love stupid nerdy shit like that #AlphaNerd 

Until next time people...

Friday, November 8, 2013

WTF Video Post - GTAV Grandma thinks you're a WANKER

...and I agree with her!

It's Friday people, have a good laugh and be safe this weekend!

Hearthstone - Addiction At It's Finest

Ahh yes, good old Blizzard is back at it again with their super fun and addicting brand of video games. Thousands of suckers players like myself have been lucky enough to gain access to Blizzard's newest game, Hearthstone.

For those readers that aren't too familiar with the game, I highly suggest you check out the below video and the Official Website. Even if you are a super TGC nerd like me and know alot about the game, it is still a good read / watch.

Warriors, Mount Up!

I have dumped roughly 35+ hours into the game so far and I am highly impressed and hopelessly addicted. I don't think it's unhealthy though. I am not playing hours on end like other Blizzard games. It is just very accessible and most importantly, fun. The main reason why I have been able to play so much of the game is because I can play it on my Nexus 7 tablet via a free application called Splashtop. It's not the perfect setup, but it does work quite well. If you are in the beta and want to play the game on a mobile device I highly suggest it.

As mentioned in my previous Hearthstone post, I was mostly looking forward to trying out the Shaman and Warlock classes. While I have spent a good chunk of time on those two classes specifically, I found myself trying to figure out the Warrior class. I knew almost nothing about the Warrior class and after talking with a friend I decided give it a go. It plays very different then all of my other decks (mage, shaman, priest, lock) and it took me about 2-3 hours to really get the hang of it and make a decent deck.

During those hours of learning how to play I completed a hidden quest "Chicken Dinner" and earned 300 gold. With all this extra gold I decided to try my luck in Arena mode. It's 150 gold and even if you don't win a single game, you do get atleast 1 pack of cards and some extra dust / gold.

So the next night I sat down and hopped into the Arena for the first time. My classes to choose from were Rogue, Warrior, or Hunter.

The only classes that I do not have experience with playing are the Rogue and Hunter, so my choice was pretty clear...I am rolling Warrior. To my surprise it only took me about 3-5 minutes to choose my whole deck. Once I realize I was already at 30 cards I assumed that I am probably going to get rolled by others that put a little more thought into their deck. For the most part I was right. I won my first game but 3 games later I was sitting at 2 wins and 2 losses. In Arena mode, you only get 3 losses before its game over. The more games you win without losing 3 times, the better your reward at the end will be.

I was either getting owned HARD or barely winning my games...not a great sign for a deck. However, I went on a little win streak and ended my first Arena run with 5 wins. Not too bad. I don't think I can expect much more then that and even though I didn't get to 7+ plus wins, it was still a very fun experience.

Here is some helpful information that I used over the last few days while playing the Warrior class. My current Warrior deck is very similar to Mashdar#1871 Thrifty Warrior Deck (forum post here) with a little bit more AoE / board clearing. However, I am going to start working towards the below Warrior deck named "Pyro-Smith". Our boy Force has a few videos up on the deck and it looks really FUN. I can already think of a few variations that I would incorporate to suit my playstyle.

Thoughts? Comments? Just want to troll me? Follow me on Twitter and come say Hi! Until next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

League of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 3

The journey continues people. Previous entries here...


Like a mofo...

That's right. I was getting that feeling with LoL. My A.D.D. was starting to kick in and with Blizzard deciding to invite me to a closed beta of their newest game, Hearthstone...I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon.

FEAR NOT! One of my buddies caught word that I started playing the game and wanted to team up and play a few games together. Perfect right? Well, not quite. He is in the exact position that I was before I started blogging about the game. He knows the concept of a MOBA game, has a few purchased toons, but never looked up how to play or how the current meta is. I am still very happy to have someone to play with, but I'm not sure a noob like myself will be much of a teacher.

We finally got some time to link up and play and since he hasn't played in about 6 months, we decided to play against some intermittent bots. It was my first game in about a week in a half and I was okay...not bad, but not great either. I was playing Karthus and I don't know, it wasn't that fun. First game lasted about 25 minutes and we got the victory. We decided to give another game a go against bots and well... was TERRIBLE.

I think the game lasted an hour and only three of us on the team were level 18 by the end. I think I had the most kills and I went 8/ was one of the games were you just wanted it to end. We stopped playing after that and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I mean I got ROLLED by bots. It was all sorts of bad and it totally ruined my view of Karthus. I came to the realization that I am not skilled enough  to really excel with him. He requires someone that pays close attention to the mini map and other enemies health pools. Not to mention I feel very vulnerable in most 1 on 1 situation...especially early / mid game.

Again, I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon...but those last two games were so bad, I just couldn't leave it all without giving it another go. I mean, WTF would I write about if I didn't play?


I went back to my Mage Assassin, Malzahar, and went in to another bot battle. I choose beginner and set a goal for myself. If I don't fucking own and its just meh...then I am giving up on the casters / mid lane and moving on to another role.

The results? I completely dominated and had my best performance in a LoL match ever. I know it was against silly bots, but after the 2 week stretch of meh-feeling games with Karthus, it was a welcomed emotion.

Redonkeyous right? I don't think that I ever got higher then 10 kills with any toon that I have played in my LoL career, so I took it as a strong sign that I should really just focus on playing Malzahar while putting Karthus on the back burner for when I become a super gosu legit pro.

Team Work Hurray!

I got a few more games in with my buddy and we are doing much better. We are ready to take the plunge into PvP battleground. I know that I have been saying this for 3 posts now, but I am now ready and there is no reason to postpone that shit any longer!

Entry 4 of this series will be all about PvP or it will never happen and I will never speak of this game AGAIN!!! This is even more likely to happen because I found out this week a few co-workers also play and play quite often. However, they are not newbies like yours truly, they actually are level 30s that play against other players. I already informed that I am going to need lots of work and they have no choice in the matter, they ARE going to team up with me and teach me how to not be a noob!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

League of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 2

Ah yes, the journey continues people! Its been about 2 weeks since my last LoL entry and not much as changed to be honest. I am still very much a noob and just grinding away trying to improve. I do feel that I have enough to write another entry in this series as it also serves as a tool to help me review and focus in what I need to be working on in game.

Review and Re-focus?!? LoL is serious business...

Goals from last entry
1. Play against actual people
2. Get better at last hitting
3. Pay attention to the map more / work on communicating with team

Two out of three ain't bad right? I haven't felt comfortable enough yet to jump in a normal game against actual people. I know that I should just start doing it, but I don't know. I really don't want to get yelled at or completely rolled for not playing at a high standard. I mean just from playing against bots I feel I'm surrounded by trolls that consistently want to tell me what to do and what I am doing wrong. Even though they are normally the ones with 10 kills, 6 deaths, and a 35 CS by the 30 minute mark. I can only imagine playing a REAL LoL game and all the bullshit banter that goes down.

When I get the time to play, I normally just want to hop in, practice the basics, and make good decisions. That is what I have deemed more important for the moment and I think that it has paid off so far. A perfect example is that I just finished a game where I wasn't my normal mid lane, but I still thought I did pretty good overall. However, when I looked at the final score I couldn't figure out why my "Gold Earned" was so much less then others. So I took a screenshot and headed over to the Mobafire forums and ended up making a new thread.

Last Hitting is Important Mmmm'kay?

You can check out the thread post and the screenshot from the above link. It got several responses and to my surprise the community basically stated that I was terrible at last hitting. What I thought was decent, was actually terrible for a 33 minute game. Now I don't think that they took into consideration that this was against intermittent bots and that one of the players (Kassadin) was a snowballed super beast. When I would try to farm some creeps, he would come in and kill them immediately with an aura type of spell. The game was never in danger of losing, so I mostly focused on team battles...hints my 13 assists.

HOWEVER! They still brought up a very good point. First off, the reason why the AI team had 3-4k more "Gold Earned" then me was because that is how the AI / Bot team is designed by the developer. Plain and simple answer. Secondly, the point a few of them were making is that I really should focus alot more on my CS.

So the last 5-10 games that I had played I have really been focusing on last hitting and getting my CS up. I am happy to report that I have significantly increased my CS average to about 180-200 by the 30 minute mark if I am rocking the mid lane and ~100 or so if sharing a lane. While I still have work to do, I am pretty happy with my progress.

Middle Lane and the Jungler...

Coordination, communication, and map awareness are all very important when solo in the middle lane. You just can't zone out and not pay attention to the mini map...especially the position of your team's jungler. I know this...but actually doing it and performing the task is harder then it seems. I had a game the other day against bots where our jungler actually seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing. Now, I noticed him pinging and coming into my lane for a potential gank a few times, but I didn't think it was a good time to risk my life for the gank.

Well...I guess after the first 2 passes I just didn't pay attention or coordinate with him and he made sure to call me out on it. I think his exact words were "You are really fucking terrible"

So confused and assuming it was me lol, I asked in chat and it was confirmed that he was indeed talking directly to me. It was at this point where I had to explain that I am playing against bots because I am still learning the game and not a pro like him. When I asked why he didn't type anything out once he realized that I wasn't getting it and he replied "l2play". Very helpful right? I know he doesn't have too, but it would of been nice if he could given me some tips on how not to be fucking terrible. I even asked him after the game was over to help a summoner out, but he never responded. Too pro I guess lol. No worries here though, I have no shame in asking for help for my noobish ways!

I find paying attention to mini map way harder then I realize it was going to be. Now that I am starting to get decent at last hitting, I am going to start focusing alot more on this. Hopefully in entry 3 I will have improved and actually get some games against other players under my belt.

Champions Arise!!

Maybe you noticed that the main picture for this post is Karthus. Well that is because I saw a streamer on Twitch playing him and a few hours later I saw a professional match where one of the teams was rocking him. Even though I am much more comfortable with Malzahar, I went ahead and decided to pay up and buy him. I have only played a few games with him but man...what a powerful and fun toon! All I got to say is that his ultimate is GLOBAL.

Yes, a global ultimate that hits all players...hints the nickname of King Kill Steal. I have yet to get a pentakill, but I am sure after I start playing him more and more that they will come. In fact, I think I am going to play a quick game now with him. Until next time people.

Hearthstone - Access Granted!

That's right people, I finally got my hands on the elusive Blizzard game that is still in closed beta, Hearthstone. What is even more shocking is that I got to play it last night for about 3 hours...IN A ROW!?!@?

...yeah I am paying that shit today but The Chive always seems to make my Mondays better. I don't about you, but I am betting that you are now subscribed to ZooToday's Youtube channel...


First Impressions

Solid looking game, but if you are like most people interested in this game, you already know that. You don't need some random dude on the internet tell you that shit. I have watched alot of game play from people in the beta via Youtube and Twitch. Due to this I thought that I would be able to jump in and start grinding away. Now, I am no 1337 pro or anything think, but I definitely thought I could carry my own and already have several ideas for custom decks.

Easy right? I was wrong. I didn't even have a great winning percentage against the normal and expert AI. Now this was playing with the standard decks and I only played with the Shaman. So after I got to level 10 I made a deck that focused on low mana cost cards that summoned other minions and attempted to ended the game around turn 5-6 with bloodlust. It worked out against the AI beautifully, but when I started playing ranked mode, it had some mixed results. The first night I went 6-2 and so far today I went 2-8 lol. I started fucking with it after a few losses and now I don't even remember what my original deck looked like when I posted the 6-2 record.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest you take a look at Force Strategy Gaming YouTube channel. He does alot of videos on custom decks and the strategy behind them. Even if you are not in the beta, it is pretty entertaining stuff in my opinion.

Here are some of my favorite ones from his channel. Due to work commitments the next few weeks, I am not going to be able to play much, but I will definitely use this blog as a means to talk about the game from this point forward. Are you in the beta? What so far has been your favorite class? Use the comment section or twitter to let me know freaks!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

League Of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 1

Thats right! I stated that I was going to document my journey on learning this game and I am actually doing it...quite shocking really. If you haven't checked out my first post about the game, go read that first and come back. Then my journey will begin!



LoL is considered a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and  is a sub-genre of the real-time strategy (RTS) genre, in which often two teams of players compete with each other in discrete games, with each player controlling a single character through an RTS-style interface.

Full wiki breakdown on the game here.

There was some pretty basic things that I was confused about...

Now, I know the basic concepts of the game and at its core, it is very simple. However, it can get complicated and complex fast. I started playing it a few years ago, but I only played against AI controlled opponents. Even then, it was clear that I wasn't even the best player on my team and after a few weeks I lost interest. This time around I told myself that I was going to make a much bigger effort and really dive into this game.


1. WTF do I do once mid and late game begin? Do I still focus on my lane and minions or do I try and work with my team and focus more on getting champion kills?

2. You are on a 5 man team and in order to succeed you need to communicate. I didn't know how to alert my team members and ping the map in at the same time. I knew how to chat with my team and ping the map separately, but in the heat of the battle sometimes you just don't have the time to type it out.

Example - "player 1 has targeted the inner turret"
Example - "player 3 alerts his team to retreat"
Example - "player 4 alerts his team to be careful"

3. What is up with the item tree and how does it work? If I buy an item that apart of a bigger recipe, does the main item get discounted?

4. I knew I had to last hit minions and that it was a big part of your individual income. However, when I would look on how many minion kills I had compared to my team, I was normally 4th or 5th by ALOT. WTF am I doing wrong?

5. The jungle and neutral monsters. I knew that they gave you buffs and gold and that the current "meta-game" is to have one champion on jungle duty the whole game. Sounds pretty easy I thought. I gave it a try and lets just say I was pretty lost and didn't realize what I was doing.

6. Terminology - Like the awesome noob that I am, I have no clue what terms people were using like "cs", "leash", and a "carry".

Dem Resources...

Over the course of a few days I have played 4-5 games all with very specific goals of answering these above questions and getting better. Normally I would read a few online articles and then I would search for a video of someone showing / explaining it. I think the combination of reading about it and then seeing someone do it is a winning formula. I tried to focus on 1 or 2 things at a time and then move on once I got a good understanding of what I should do.

One of the best resource sites that I have found for noobs and pros alike is MOBAFIRE. They have a huge LoL community and tons of guides. One of the guides that I like the most is a basic general guide to the game. It is not too often that I spend time reading through a whole guide, but it was so well put together and helpful for a noob like me, I just had to read it from start to finish.

Here is it in all its glory - The General Guide to League of Legends

I am happy to report that all of my questions on the above list I have been able to answer. I have started the process of practicing and can already tell a big difference in my game play. Don't get me wrong, I am still very much a noob, but now I at least have a good idea of how the game should go.

I played a game last night against the intermittent AI difficulty and two of my teammates seemed like me before I started reading up on how to play the game. They were doing a pretty terrible job of killing minions and they kept on dying. I think one of them ended up with 21 deaths or something like that. It was the first game that I thought we were going to lose and if the AI controlled champions wanted to end it, they could have easily. However, a few of us just kept on grinding away and to be honest, I have no idea how we ended up winning. It took over 100 minutes and it was the first game that I really learned the importance of the jungle and mini bosses buffs.

Notes / Take Aways / Tips

1. Pick one champion and stick with them.

That doesn't mean you cant play around with a bunch of champions, but I think the best way to learn the game and get good at it, is to stick with one champion that you like and master them. I am still messing around with a few, but I think I am going to roll with Malzahar exclusively. What can I say, I like dark magic characters and I like dots.../evil

2. Learn how to last hit and execute it EVERYTIME.

I didn't realize how important this concept was but after reading up and watching others play online...I couldn't of been more wrong. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your game.

3. Communicate with your team and recognize the transition from "laning" to team battles.

This was one of the most confusing things to me. I had no idea what to do in the mid game and didn't understand what my other teammates were doing. What really helped me recognize this is just watching other people play. I think one of the videos I watched actually stated that mid / late game was all about team battles first and farming minions second.

I am still trying to get used to pinging the map and emoting correctly. However, now that I know how, its only a matter of practicing.

Upcoming goals for entry 2...

1. Play against actual people. Even if I only do it a few times and get rolled. I need to start playing people to get a better understanding of the game and its fun factor.
2. Get better at last hitting.
3. Pay attention to the map more and work on my communicate emotes

Copy and Paste like a Pro

Here are some of the more helpful videos I watched. They cover quite alot and helped a noob like myself A TON.

Beginner Guides - I really enjoyed both of these and highly recommend the terminology video. 

Replay Analysts

Ranked Match in the Middle Lane - I loved watching this guy play and found his thought process very interesting

Until next time people, I'm WTFout!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

League Of Legends Leading the Way

League of Legends has been out for a little over 4 years now and if you have paid ANY attention to the video game scene, you know how immensely popular the game is. I am a pretty frequent visitor to Twitch TV and I would say that LoL has the most viewers 95% of the time. Not to mention, its normally not even close in regards to viewership. As of right now, LoL has 82,000 viewers and the second most viewed game has 11,000 viewers.

I played the game for a few weeks awhile back and while it was fun, it never really held my attention for more then a few weeks at a time. In order to keep my A.D.D. at bay, a game has to be REALLY good and most importantly, fun. Now I know that alot of the fun with this game is playing with other people and working as a team. I only know a few people that play LoL and even if I knew more, my gaming schedule is anything but normal. So my playing experience has been almost exclusively solo.

So what made me take another look at LoL? As previously stated, I go to Twitch TV quite often and I am very used to LoL being the number 1 viewed game. However, this weekend when I took a look I couldn't help but to notice the overwhelming number of was over a half of million people!!! Even with those numbers, I didn't think too much of it. I just assumed some major tourney was going on. It is pretty common for big eSport games to get similar viewer numbers during major tourneys. Though I would be lying if I said that I have ever seen over a half of million viewers tuned into one game on twitch.

I went on with the rest of my day and I couldn't help to notice one of my favorite YouTuber's, Husky StartCraft, live tweeting about this LoL tournament he was at. He wasn't apart of the broadcast team, just there as a fan. Oh yeah, it was also at the same arena where the LA Lakers play their home games...the Staples Center! The SOLD OUT Staples Center at that!

Okay, okay, now I you have my interest. I mean the fucking Staples Center?!? I went back to twitch and started watching the stream. It was grand finals and I have to say I was quite shocked on all the hype and excitement from the crowd. I watched the final few matches and I figured that I have to give this game another go around. See if I can't get what all this fuss is about. I mean who knows, maybe this is my chance to go pro and win millions of dollars...

...dreams can happen right? I wasn't joking about the millions though. The winning 5 man team took home a 2 million dollar prize. Quite balla for a group of teenagers if I don't say so myself.

Check out this great article GameSpot put out on the finals and the eSport scene. LoL is eSports right now people. I can't help but to get excited when I read these types of things. I love video games and if ESPN can broadcast bowling on a Saturday afternoon, then why the fuck not popular and competitive video games? Here is my favorite quote from the article...
"Riot Games Vice President of eSports Dustin Beck tweeted during Game 1 of the broadcast that there was an estimated 1 million concurrent users watching through Twitch, YouTube, and AzubuTV, with another 1 million concurrent users watching through streams in China and South Korea. Beck added in conservative estimates of an additional 4 million watching on TV in an unspecified number of countries."
The article does also mention that they are getting some major sponsors now as well adding that Coke Zero has signed on for the upcoming season. Step in the right direction I say right? Fuck yeah it is. Like the game or not, anyone that is for the expansion of eSports has to recognize that LoL is leading the way and that by itself is pretty flipping awesome.

I Canz Play Too?!?

That's right! Even a normal fat american like myself can play the game. It is the main game that has seen huge success from the FTP (free to play) game model. Unlike other games that use the model, you really do not get an advantage by paying for in game items. I am pretty noobish at the game and have yet to play against other players...only co-op vs AI bots. The game is extremely simple and like most really good eSports competitive games, it gets very complex and complicated fast. 

So far I've been struggling heavily, but also learning quite a bit. I plan to document my journey in this blog from noob to below average...

...I know I am setting the bar high right? We shall see how it goes and hopefully it will turn out a fun and enjoyable experience to play and also write about. I have a few helpful links listed on my page under the Gaming section that pertain to LoL. It is also a given that I will copy and paste all the best information I find helpful like the awesome blogger I am.  

Follow me on twitter and leave a comment if you like. If not, its okay...I know this blog is your dirty secret.

Wallpaper Expired. Please Change at Next Logon

Hola amigos!

It is that time again. Some changes in your life are a good thing people! Embrace that shit and update your wallpaper on your PC, cell phone, tablet, or any other random device you might have.

I updated my "Links that ROCK MY FACE" and I highly suggest you check them out...especially the Misc / UBER section. Short and simple post, just like you like. Until next time freaks!

D3 Spells
Old School

Monday, September 16, 2013

GTAV Reviews - Shit is Bananas

B A N A N A S!

We are less then 1 day away from the release of GTAV and the reviews are out. I am not going to link a ton of them, but I am going to link a few videos and a write up that I think are pretty legit and well put together.

Not going to lie people. I have high expectations and after seeing what some of these sites are rating the game...well, lets just say that my expectations raised a few more notches. Shit seems to be bananas!!

Both reviews are completely spoiler free, but the IGN one does show quite alot of gameplay. So if you want to be completely surprised, I wouldn't watch the IGN review. CVG has been all over the coverage of GTAV and their write up on it is top notch.

I am still very excited to play the game, but I am not going to lie...the next few weeks are pretty jammed packed and I just don't see me getting in that much game play time in without sacrificing alot of my sleep...

...stupid work.

Anyway, enjoy the new world that Rockstar has created for us and if you are not following me on twitter, do it and come yell at me...or you know, say hi. That works too.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Humble Bundle and an Awesome Dog

I haven't mention the Humble Bundle website on this blog ever. That is because honestly, I just found out about back in June. Since then however, I have purchased a few and I must say, its flipping awesome.

I am not going to explain how it works too much, but I highly suggest you check them out. Read more on their site and what they are trying to accomplish. I will say this, it's a great way to support game developers and charity. You name your price and you will get a minimum of 4 games. Want to pay 5 cents? Want to pay 500 bucks? You are going to get some pretty dope games and you can write it off on your taxes...


They throw in a total of 4 extra games if you pay more then the average, which is normally right around 5 bucks. So lets do that math, that is 8 games for roughly 5 bucks. Sounds too good to be true, but believe me, its legit and a great deal. They just released a new bundle and this time the theme is Indie games. I am usually not a big fan of Indie games, but I always wanted to play / purchase "Brutal Legend" but I really didn't want to shell out 30 bucks for it on Steam. So when I saw it involved in the lineup of games I knew I was going to get this package. To my surprise Trine 2 and Mark of the Ninja look super fun. From watching the trailer of Trine 2 I was pretty shocked on how good the game looked visually.

I highly suggest / recommend the site. Go check them out and see what they are all about. Until next time, here is an awesome dog.

Monday, September 9, 2013

GTAV Random Information and Online Facts

We are one week away of a game that has modes that have been in development since 2001 and THE LARGEST marketing and development budget for a video game EVER from being released people.

Thats right, the largest budget for a video game ever. Peep the insert from

Based on a report from Scottish newspaper The Scotsman, Rockstar’s upcoming open-world game Grand Theft Auto V was made on a marketing and development budget of £170 million (or $265 million). This makes it the most expensive video game production in history. In comparison with Hollywood films, it is second only to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End - the current record-holder for the most expensive film production – which had a $300 million budget. 
In development for the past five years, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar have put everything into making sure GTA V is the greatest open-world game ever. With over 2.5 million pre-orders already in just the US, analysts are expecting it to be one of the most-sold games of this console generation. GTA IV has so far sold over 25 million copies; how well will GTA V do? 
GTA V launches worldwide on September 17 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

Now you might be thinking to yourself, but the article mentions that this video game has been in development for five years, not since 2001. This is correct, however the online mode "GTA Online" has been in works since that time and Rockstar is finally is ready for its baby to go live.


265 million dollar budget? Holy crap. Rockstar and its investors are not messing around. I already thought that this game could be a game changer for the sandbox genre and hearing that it has a larger budget then most big budget Hollywood films only strengthens those thoughts.

Pre-Order Bonuses

With any new game that is about to come that I am interested in buying, I always take a look at the pre-order bonuses. Its a fucking stupid trend that unfortunately isn't going to be going away anytime soon...but that conversation is for another time.

GTAV doesn't really have anything good going on from what I see. This is pretty normal with huge game releases. The developers already know that its going to sell 20+ millions copies of the game. No real need to go crazy for the pre-orders.

For a full list of pre-order bonuses, check out gaming site Game Rant. They got a fantastic post about this subject and break it all down.

Rated M for Mature

GTA is rated M?!? Duh right? Only reason I bring this up is because I happen to run across some information why GTAV rating is Mature. Please do yourself a favor and read along with me. This is taken directly from the ERSB. Legit as the kids say....

Official Rating Summary
In this open-world action game, players assume the role of three criminals whose storylines intersect within the fictional city of Los Santos. Players can switch between each character to follow his storyline, completing missions which often include criminal activities (e.g., stealing cars, executing heists, assassinating targets). Players use pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and explosives to kill various enemies (e.g., rival gang members); players also have the ability to shoot non-adversary civilians, though this may negatively affect players' progress as a penalty system triggers a broad police search.
Blood-splatter effects occur frequently, and the game contains rare depictions of dismemberment. In one sequence, players are directed to use various instruments and means to extract information from a character; the sequence is intense and prolonged, and it involves some player interaction (i.e., responding to on-screen prompts).
The game includes depictions of sexual material/activity: implied fellatio and masturbation; various sex acts that the player's character procures from a prostitute—while no nudity is depicted in these sequences, various sexual moaning sounds can be heard. Nudity is present, however, primarily in two settings: a topless lap dance in a strip club and a location that includes male cult members with exposed genitalia in a non-sexual context.
Within the game, TV programs and radio ads contain instances of mature humor: myriad sex jokes; depictions of raw sewage and feces on a worker's body; a brief instance of necrophilia (no nudity is depicted). Some sequences within the larger game allow players to use narcotics (e.g., smoking from a bong, lighting a marijuana joint); cocaine use is also depicted. Players' character can, at various times, consume alcohol and drive while under the influence. The words “f**k,” “c*nt,” and “n**ger” can be heard in the dialogue.
I am willing to bet that the ESRB hasn't had to make an official summary with the statement "...a location that includes male cult members with exposed genitalia in a non-sexual context" before. On a personal note I am just glad its in a "non-sexual context" lol...WTF

GTA Online and things you should know...

"GTA Online" has been in the works for 12 years like I stated earlier and it is not getting released when the game comes out. I know what you are thinking, Diablo 3 PvP all over again right? Well, I could be wrong, but Rockstar has stated multiple times the ONLY reason for this is because they want to give consumers two weeks to experience the single player. Now, Blizzard on the other hand straight up told us that PvP wasn't ready for D3, but they wanted to release it anyway. Different stances and I for one really hope GTAV doesn't go the way of D3's PvP. Time will tell I guess...

If you plan on getting GTAV and experiencing the online mode, you might as well do yourself a favor and sign up for Rockstar's Social Club. It is Rockstar's online community and allows you to connect with friends and create / join a crew.

A Crew is an online community that you will be able to interact with once in GTA Online. Rockstar states that if you join a crew you will be able to earn RP/XP bonuses, persist rivalries and accomplishments, and rank up within a crew hierarchy. So basically, its a guild system with the online mode. Pretty legit if you ask me and if you plan on going online anyway, why not get some bonuses? The Social Club allows you to create your own or find one that suits your goals / normal play evening, morning, weekends, ect.

If you posses above average intelligence and enjoy the sillyness and stoner talk that is Joe Rogan...then of course you are a member of the Joe Rogan Forums! We got a 100+ page thread for GTAV and have a crew setup for xbox and the ps3. If you haven't registered, I highly suggest it and not just for the GTAV thread, but its a very large forum community that has topics about anything you can think of. FYI, its NSFW.

I leave you with Rockstar's Official GTA Online trailer and CVG's newest and quite awesome GTAV video title "64 GTA Online Facts in 5 Minutes Part 1". PEACE OUT

Friday, July 19, 2013

WTF Video Post - The Real Story of the Kardashians...

WTFspaghetti's True Hollywood Story - Keeping Up With The Kardashians #TRUESTORY #TRUTH

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Steam Summer Sale is Consuming My Soul

That is right ladies and gentlemen. I can feel my soul getting consumed by the awesomeness that is Steam's Summer Sale. 

You might have read my last post about how I purchased all of the Grand Theft Auto series for 20 bucks. Well, that was only the beginning. The next day I realized that not only are they having a summer sale, but they are having daily and hourly deals as well! Some which are 85-90% off...its rather silly.

I am a noob, I am aware. But damn! Since then I have been checking the site every 3 or 4 hours to see what the next flash sale or community vote is. As of right not, including the 20 bones I spent on GTA, I have only spent 31 dollars and have gotten 8 very good and highly recommended games. 

The festivities are going to last until July 22nd. So if you haven't checked it out, get your ass moving and do so. 

Steam's website -

Have you gotten any games from Steam during the sale? Do you like using Steam? Let me know in the comment section. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

GTAV - Bring on the Addiction

Addiction - the quality or state of being addicted. To devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

Yea, ever since I saw Rockstar's gameplay trailer of their up coming game, GTAV, I've been addicted. It has been consuming my thoughts at an alarming rate. I have found myself up late at night pondering important stuff like if I will still be alive when the singularly happens between humans and robots. Or if in my life time we will find another planet with Goldie-lock conditions to sustain human life...

...or if you have to buy gas to fill up your vehicle in a video game or not.

In my pursuit to feed my money brain with any possible information on this subject, I ran across this Q&A with the guys over at Rockstar. Due note, that this actually came out before last weeks gameplay video and some questions that were asked have already been answered. But hey, its news to maybe some of the other poor saps that read this blog will find it interesting as well.

Our friends over at GTAVo'clock went through this Q&A indepth and also touched on a few different aspects that I have not heard discussed anywhere else. 

Steam's Summer Deals

As you probably guessed it, I am fucking excited about GTAV and I will continue to make posts about it as
I see fit.

Someone has to inform the masses right?!?

I should mention that currently, Steam, has their summer sale deals going on and as of yesterday, I was able to purchase a GTA package (GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV, and both episodes from Liberty City - Ballad of Gay Tony / Lost and Damned) for only 20 bucks. I was planning on just getting the two newest additions, but I couldn't pass up on the deal. 

I haven't tried loading up GTA III, but over the weekend I played the rest of them. They all still hold up and I have been having a blast fucking around in Liberty City in the Ballad of Gay Tony. I have never played a GTA game on a PC before. So there was, and still is, a large learning curve for me. Especially when it comes to driving. I am digging it so far though and at the moment, it is feeding my addiction...

Until next time freaks

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rockstar Interview with Lead Misson Game Designer of GTAV

For those of you that want some more information about the upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Lots of good information and to me, it was quite entertaining.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Desktop Wallpaper - It's Good for Your Soul

It's true. It is actually good for your soul to change up your PC's desktop wallpaper from time to time. Scientifically proven and what not.  I post new ones every week or so. 

Pro Tip - Check the tag to find my other posts on the subject. 

Below are some of my favorites. They are all in standard desktop sizes, just click on them first and then save them. 

Until next time freaks...

GTA Party

Puff, puff, pass...

Half-Life 3 Conspiracy


D&D - Stone Age Edition

Tribal Phoenix

Secret Lives