Monday, July 7, 2014

LoL Hiatus, Diablo 3, and Other Random Nonsense! Huzzah!

Ahhhh yeaaahhh son!

It’s been a few months, but I just can’t stay away for long. This blog serves a pretty decent timeline in my life and as long as I feel the need to write down my random bullshit, it will continue for another five years. 

Five years…dang. Hard to imagine that I would still be posting blog entries in 2014 when I started in 2009. Time seriously flies! Not too much has changed though, I am still playing video games and spewing gibberish…so let’s get this going shall we?!?

It has been 4 months since my last post and that was my 6th entry in my League of Legends (LoL) "journal". I hit 100 normal PvP games and my record was as average as you can get – 50 wins and 50 losses. Certainly I am level 30 now…probably fighting off pro team offers left and right while streaming to 1000's of nerds nightly…you know, the typical, completely normal route that all LoL players do…

…yeah, I think I won 2 or 3 out of my next 10 games. I found myself getting frustrated at my team mates to the point that I was actually actively arguing with them. That’s right; I was yelling and arguing with kids that were probably half my age.  Once I realized this sad fact about myself, I decided it was time to take a break. I didn’t uninstall the game per se…but I did make a conscience decision to STOP playing. It also helped that the same week that I decided to stop playing LoL, Titanfall released.

Dat Titanfall HYPE!!


…for me anyway. I still like the game. I really like the concept, the gameplay, the verticalness of the maps, and the overall feel of the game. I was actually shocked that after a week or so, I was pretty much done with it. It wasn't that fun to me and I still can’t figure out why exactly. My best guess is that I am pretty much done with the standard FPS game modes. I probably put 20-30 hours into it before I was bored…like really, really, bored.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls approaches…

I’ll just log into Diablo 3 (D3) and screw around. I highly doubt I’ll buy the expansion. I mean, how fun can the changes be? D3 is just a game about loot and killing the same shit over and over again…I am just so bored, I have nothing to play!!!

That was my thought process going into it. I lasted about 4 days before I bought the expansion and before I knew it, I was playing A LOT. Like, MMORPG a lot. Atleast 3 hours a day, sometimes less, but more often than not, I was staying up way too late to grind gear. I have to give it to Blizzard; all of the changes they made rocked my face. I was a fan of the original D3 and dumped 100s of hours into it. However, after I beat inferno, I just lost interest and stopped playing.

This time around I easily doubled or even tripled my playing time. It took about 2-3 months, but I finally hit the wall with the game. Clearing T6 rifts with ease and farming Act I bounties for that fucking Ring of Royal Grandeur got really boring. Patch 2.1 is coming out soon though and it would seem to be a game changer. Once it goes live, it is going to be hard not to get sucked back in.

I am kinda scared though...I have moved on; I don’t really want to go back.

Hiatus no more!

That’s right, I have moved on…more like back to League of Legends. I have gotten myself caught up on all of the patches that I have missed as well the NA and EU pro scene. Yesterday I completed my return to LoL by playing some AI bot games!

Here is a pro tip – Don’t play D3 and LoL. If you want to play both, I highly suggest you update the movement keys in D3 to match LoL. Both of the games are very reliant on mouse clicking. D3 uses left click for moving and LoL uses right click for moving. My brain doesn’t compute jumping back and forth, so for now I am just going to stick it out with LoL.

I was kinda sad that my main champion got a lot of work done to dethrone him from OP status. The good old fat man that drinks beer is still usable, just nowhere need as powerful as he once was. Coming back from a long break I figure it’s a good time to mess around with a variety of champs. So far I played a few games with Ziggs and Lulu. One thing is certain; I am very bad at this game. It isn't as easy as it looks and it will take some time to get back to the skill level I was at before I stopped playing. The nice thing is that I can go back on my previous blog entries to read up and watch videos that helped me.

I read this quote on the LoL reddit page a few months back and saved it because how awesome I think it is.

"Lanes are important because they teach different things. Top will teach you how to lane, mid will teach you mechanics, jungle will teach you timing, support will teach you awareness, and adc will teach you positioning."

That is some high elo Buddha shit right there people. In my experience, that quote is right on. I wanted to post it here because I am REALLY going to remember that when I start doing PvP matches again. My main goal by far is to not allow my team mates to get a reaction out of me. No matter how illogical they might act, I am really going to try just to focus on getting better and winning games.

Not sure the next time I will blog, but I feel I rambled on quite a bit for one entry. I’ll leave you with a good read on how to become a better player along with a pretty legit quote from a pro player.

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