Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Breakup

A part of my soul has been crushed and over the last few months has been slowly dying.


This isn't a sad, boohoo, woe is me, post. I just feel like I should get my thoughts out there on a major change in my life and a major shift in one of my main hobbies.

"95% of this blog is about my addiction to video games. The other 5% is a mishmash of the chaos that is my brain and it's thoughts...which is mostly mindless entertainment like sports (MMA & NFL), TV series, sexy females, and hearing random stories that are thought provoking and entertaining"
That is what the description of my blog states.  I have always been a fan of sports, but was about 90% NFL and 10% everything else. I absolutely loved the NFL and what got me into the sport was when the LA Rams moved to St. Louis in 1994. Previous to that, I liked the sport, but it was just meh...whatever. I am from St. Louis and the grand majority of sport fans in the city is for baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals are fucking everywhere here and dominates the sport news.  It was pretty hard to get into the NFL in that kind of environment. However, when the Rams came to was all bets off. I slowly became addicted to everything NFL.

Over the last two seasons the possibility of them moving back to LA has been the main topic with me. Then it actually happened. I was legitimately shocked and even though I thought I prepared myself for that hurt ALOT.

Stan Kroenke - Owner of the now LA Rams. Missouri Native.
This post isn't to rehash those bad feelings though. It is about a void and what in the hell am I going to fill it with? I mean fuck man, it has been 20 years!

I thought that I was a big enough fan of my Rams to survive a move back to LA. However, I am totally feeling and acting like a jealous EX  lover. If I read or hear anything about the NFL or the Rams I just can't help but to feel the following...


Pretty crazy right? I don't know to explain it or why I react that just happens. I am very interested in how I will react once NFL seasons starts again. Will I get back into it miraculously or will the RAGEY EX-LOVER emotions continue? I am assuming it will be somewhere in the middle and that I will slowly lose interest in anything related to the NFL. That is my hope anyway because who wants to have those angry and hurt feelings forever? Not this guy....that is damn sure.

Insert Witty and Random Topic Change Title Here!

I was talking to a friend recently about blogging. It brought up memories of how much I enjoyed creating something and writing random shit. Too bad I live a pretty boring life and with being a stereotypical family man now, my free time is used to play video games and reading stupid shit on Internet sites like Reddit.

We shall see how it goes... First things first though. I must update my blog with new pictures and get around to changing my blog description!

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