Sunday, May 29, 2011

2010 Best Fails of the Year

I know I've been posting alot of video clips from various sites and acting like I am writing a blog article....

but fuck it...this shit is funny and its Sunday. So watch this video and then go BBQ and drink beers mmk? In the near future I'll actually try to write an article



Happy Memorial Day

Thursday, May 26, 2011

PSA - Why You Should Let Your Girl Win Sometimes...

I don't know if this is fake or not, but in my opinion its hard to tell lol. You got to really want to get a laugh out of people because as you will see in the video...things get umm...yea, you will see.

Fellas, here is a pro tip. If you girl is cool enough to play games with you, especially a FPS game like Call Of Duty....don't completely own her. When my girl plays, I give her every chance to kill me, plus I purposely try to not kill her until she is looking at me and shooting me.

I don't do it all the time, but if I have killed her a few times in a row, I make sure I do it. Otherwise, a situation may just happen to you like the one below.

Now get some popcorn ready and watch the madness unfold.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video Post - Comedy at its Finest...

When I was a kid, I used to want to be an artist. All I ever used to do was draw and paint. Even though I hit a plateau with my talent, it doesn't mean I it ever stopped me.

I was never this good, but this video had me cracking up....I guess it was the shock factor, the element of surprise, or maybe I was just laughing and giggling like a school girl due to my immature (but awesome) mind.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Thought Provoking Ideas = Food for the Mind

I don't know how many people read the blog these days. My last post about the apocalypse netted about 900 hits, but I'm sure that is just because people were freaking the fuck out.

Case in point this article.

Its a lovely story about a woman who attempted to kill her two daughters and take her own life because of this doomsday prophecy of May 21st nonsense.


I read a quote from Joe Rogan's twitter feed today that not only plays into my point on my last post, but when you hear about stories like the above linked can't deny the statement as anything else but FACT.
Joe Rogan:
@ihatematt I think the incredible access to technology we enjoy has made it really easy to be stupid as fuck.
So going back to my original thought, I don't know how many people actually read my blog, but if you're anything like me or my love yourself some Joe Rogan. Alot of shit that he says on his podcast is indeed "stoner talk"...but he has a very interesting outlook on the world and thought provoking ideas and concepts.

So do yourself a favor and check out some of the videos below. These are just clips taken from his podcast. Also, you might want to head over to his forums, they are top notch but not at all safe for the work environment.

Cheers bitches!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Apocalypse: It's Always Been Here...

Its a very interesting time in the world. We are almost half way through the year of 2011 and I have never noticed or care to realized how much shit is actually hitting the fan. As a 26 year old man getting ready to settle down and have a family, there is just a metric ton of bullshit going on in the world that frankly scares the shit out of me. I'm still pretty young, maybe it has always been the way things have worked, but for some reason I doubt it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that over the last 200 years the world didn't have its issues. Hundreds of thousands of people losing their lives from warfare. Nuclear bombs being dropped. Threats of complete, full on, nuclear war in the 1960s that for all we know could of ended what we think of today as "advanced" human society. We could've easily be living the lives of fictional characters in the Fallout video game series. That shit could have easily happened back in the 60s. Not to mention all of the destruction that we can not control. Massive earthquakes, super volcanoes, shit in space that could take us out in a fucking blink. Then you got diseases, plaques, and viruses. Its alot to process and take in for any human being.

Humans have been dealing with these issues since we first started documenting human civilization 11,000 years ago. So why do I think that it is worst today and will only continue to get worst as we advance as a society? You can categorize it into two simple concepts, information and population.

Lets break it down. We are mammals. It is inscribed in our DNA that we must fuck and reproduce. Another instinct we have is to make our lives easier for our needs. Meaning, we love tools. We love to create and invent shit to make our lives and the lives of our future generation better and more manageable. We have a brain and it allows us come up with ways to support not only our personal society, but the world's. Through this process we have the technology and know how to support and maintain a good portion of the world's population.

Advance technology is overloading human brains with information. It's really that simple. Think about all the information that we have today. We have this thing called the internet where you can literally search for ANYTHING. Think about the news coverage and how different it was just 100 years ago. If someone wanted to know what was going on in Russia and they lived in Mexico, the only way to possible know that is through their local news paper. There was no other way.

Due to technology, we know about shit instantly now. Think about hurricane Katrina. People in China knew about it while it was still in the middle of the ocean before it was even categorized as a hurricane. With the cell phone and portal technology that we have it is even worse. At 4am in the morning I got a text message from CNN stating that a 9.1 earthquake hit off the coast of Japan 15 FUCKING MINUTES AGO. I turn on the TV and I am shocked at the video coverage.

Social media like facebook and twitter also gives us a huge advantage into getting information as fast as possible. When the USA Navy Seal Team 6 was raiding the house of Osama Bin Laden, there was actually a person in the same city fucking tweeting about gunshots and black helicopters swarming around a house up the hill from his place.

You take in all of this and you process it in your mind. I would say that the majority of people in the world think something along the lines of "wow, what a crazy world we live in" and then continue to go about their day doing their own thing. However, due to the sear amount of people on the earth, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that think that the end is near. They believe the apocalypse is among us and to prove their thinking, they look for answers.

They hop on the internet and see that in 2012, the Mayan Calendar "ends" and read about how people may think that this means the end of the world. They read that in parts all over the world birds are dying and disappearing at alarming rates. They watch the TV and see the Japan earthquake coverage and the massive flooding along the Mississippi. They drive down the highway and they see a billboard that reads "Judgement Day is Coming. The End of the World May 21st 2011" that seems to be sponsored by the Church. They get on twitter and click on a link that brings up a post on the Center of Disease Control US Government website that is a very serious article on how to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse and they finally lose it. Now they are convinced the world is ending.

Fear not people of the internet generation! The end is not here. The reason why people think this is due to the metric ton of information that is not only available, but is being shoved in your face. The apocalypse has always been somewhere in the world. A few months ago the apocalypse was in the far east in Japan. Then it was off the coast of Chile before heading up to the south-east United States and hitting them with 400 tornadoes and some of the worst flooding ever recorded. Do you know where the apocalypse has been going on for the last 20 years? The Middle East and North Korea.

If you lived off the coast of Africa on the island of Madagascar as a local tribe member. Would you think that the world is ending? I bet you it would be the last thought in your mother fucking mind. You wouldn't concern yourself with nonsense that you can't control. Maybe you would have the knowledge to know humans have been surviving on the earth for 1.8 million years and that it is highly unlikely that the great apocalypse that would end all things on the earth would happen in your life time.

Try to avoid all of the mass information out there, you will more in likely freak yourself out. Try to remember that this shit has always been going on and the only difference is that due to our advance technology and over population of our species...WE ARE EXPOSED TO TOO MUCH INFORMATION. It is always the Apocalypse somewhere ok?


If you read the whole article, thank you. Sorry it was kinda deep and kinda depressing. Hopefully it made some sort of sense. And no...I was not stoned out of my mind when I wrote this.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call of Duty Escalation Map Pack - Call of the Dead - MOAR ZOMBIES!!!

So what is more depressing for a PS3 user then the PSN network being down for now 8 days along with your credit card information possible being stolen?

The second map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops is about to come out next week with 4 new multi-player maps and 1 extremely large and complex zombie map...

...for xbox users. PS3 users will get the map pack a month later in June.

Fucking A!

I know that Activision has a contract with Microsoft and that Xbox users always get the map packs first...blah, blah, blah. It is still highly lame, especially if you are an avid zombie player that myself.

Even though its lamesauce, I can't help but to get excited watching these new videos about the Escalation Map Pack's new zombie map, Call of the Dead. Craziest thing that I think that the developers did with the new map is that it actually has real life playable actors and a pretty in-depth story.

Real life playable actors you ask? Oh can play as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Danny Trejo for example. Check out the videos below and I will bore you talk more about it afterwards.

First thoughts on Zombies...

Looks like you can use alot of different playstyles. There were lots of clips of people using melee weapons like dual machetes, pitch forks, and other small knifes. Not to mention different hand to hand combat a fucking karate jump kick! Who knows if they will actually have these options in the gameplay, but one would assume from watching the "Official Trailer" that it would be available.

Atleast that is what I got from it.

Speaking of different playstyles.....did you notice how fucking huge the new zombie map is? Looks like when you get a sniper rifle from a mystery box, its no longer an instant reroll. That and they are "buffing / adjusting" the sniper rifles again in the patch that is going to roll out with the new map pack as well.

So it would seem like they really want people that wouldn't normally use / hate sniper rifles, to be forced into them.... know, for survival purposes! F'n zombies, trying to eat mah brains and what not. Dirty little bastards...

Another point I thought that was interesting was the glowing zombie that will attack you. I think they called him "The Godfather of Zombies". I am assuming this will work like the zombies dogs, the mad scientist, and the monkeys in the previous Black Ops zombie maps. They involve some sort of objective and take up an entire round. Once completed, you always get a max ammo and something else useful if you do it correctly.

The lead developer stated...

"that if you want to kill him, go for it, it will all work out in the end "hopefully". However, I would advise that you watch him and figure out different ways to communicate with him."

Urm...tricky Treyarch lead developer with their tricky, super generic, statements that could mean a metric ton of different things / scenarios.

And speaking of that, did you happen to catch what the lead Treyarch developer said in regards to tips on getting the most of the new zombie map, Call of the Dead?

"It is a very vague tip, but a very important one. You should shoot everything...

...if you do this, and do it with a variety of weapons, you will discover and unlock some very cool stuff."

Oh shit! You mean if I kill the zombies instead of just running around checking out Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ass, I will actually discover and unlock some cool stuff? Fucking. Brilliant.

Total pro tip if you ask me, hah. I know that he can't say much else and I don't want him to ruin it for me. I just like giving nerds a hard time.


Til next time...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Thoughts, Katy Perry BJ, & An Ass Shakin Rapper- LETS GO!

You guys know I must be bored if I am writing a f'n blog post. Its Friday night at 2am and I am at work. I thought I had the master plan before coming in that I would just play my ps3 all night. However, my portable monitor didn't work and now I have nothing to do.

I guess I could do work shit, but its not like I am going to get in trouble or anything. It will get done when it needs to right? Just thinking about that statement is puzzling to me.

Is it because I don't like my job? No, because I really like my job. I mean, I don't love it...but its a job that is super easy and allows me alot of free time.

Is it because I'm just lazy as fuck? Probably, but maybe not. I do think that I am lazy. I fall into the stereotype of a "young lazy American" for sure, but only for things that really don't care about. Its not that I don't care about my job, I do....I guess I am assuming that my work isn't important enough to have any effect on my company's ability to make money. So even in the worst case scenario, being it will not get done, I don't think I would lose my job. Fuck what I am saying, I wouldn't even get in trouble.

Management would just assume that I had a good reason why it didn't get done. They think that way because I am the gangsta gangsta at the main point of my job. Hints the reason why out of 30 or so people in my department, mgmt only trust 3 of them to work without some sort of authority figure in the building. So maybe that is why I feel compelled not to do any extra work while I am at work.

I am glad we had this little conversation. I feel much better about not being productive doing office hours lol.

Now on to more intriguing shit....Katy Fucking Perry

Check out the description on the banner of this blog.

"Random thoughts and interesting stories about MY world...which is mostly video games, sports, sexy females, and other random BS..."

Back when this blog was alive and popping years ago, it was all about video games. Mostly one video game, the MMORPG World of Warcraft. I had between three and five posts a week on the game, 1000+ hits a day, people leaving comments, good times were had by all. Then I stopped playing the game, but found out that I really enjoy writing.

So I turned this blog into a generic blog about anything that I want to talk about. Problem with that is that I no longer had the driving force to keep me writing. Hints the last post was posted 5 months ago lol.


I fail, I know. So since the reformat and subject change to this blog I have had posts about all of the topics the description on my banner states....except sexy females.

And lets be frank, who doesn't love sexy females? Sexy females are a big part of my life. In this day in age I think it is really hard, if not impossible, NOT to be bombarded with some sort of sexual images of the female gender.

TV shows, commercials, magazines, mobile devices, and I am not even talking about the text book definition of porn. Porn is all of the damn place thanks to the internet. When was the last time you looked at a porn magazine? I just laugh about it now because it seems so silly.

...fucking magazines, yea right lol.

Either way, you really can't mention sexy females and not talk about Katy Perry. This bitch grew up home schooled in a very strict Christian family. She wasn't allow to wear V necks shirts or shorts that were more then an inch over her knees. Her family gets her a music deal with a Christian band and the next thing you know she blew the FUCK UP.

She has a good voice sure, but you're tripping if you think she would be famous without her, uh...assets.

If I'm coming across as hating, I am not. Make that money GIRL!

....and keep on posing and intriguing ways while you're at it.

Got to love YouTube...

Is there anyone out there that doesn't enjoy YouTube? I mean serious, its amazing to see what random people out there are doing....especially when they are obviously being serious and all you can do is laugh on how funny / redonkeyous it is.

Case in point...

I'll leave you with two videos of a chick that describes herself on her youtube channel as a Rapper that is making her grind shaking her ass...

Totally makes sense to me. Making it as a rapper ain't no joke brah. The game can chew you up and spit you out. You need as many people as possible to hear you in order to make it.

So what is the best way to get attention? You guessed it, shake your ass to songs that you didn't write, produce, or have anything to do with and put it on youtube!

Fucking. Brilliant.

My opinion on the videos is that it is obvious that her rapping skills isn't what got her the 2500+ subscribers lol, but the girl can shake it. I think I need to contact her for my rap group, Caucasian Invasion.....more on this another time though lol.

Make sure to follow me on twitter @WTFspaghetti - Always shit going down on there....and I update it daily instead of every 5 months lol.

Did that bitch just say "her Queen Cobra disc?" it so much, aw man...LOVE. IT. hah

Ok, now check out the next video. Same chick.

So the question is...would you like to listen to more of her "Queen Cobra" disc or dance?