Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Thoughts, Katy Perry BJ, & An Ass Shakin Rapper- LETS GO!

You guys know I must be bored if I am writing a f'n blog post. Its Friday night at 2am and I am at work. I thought I had the master plan before coming in that I would just play my ps3 all night. However, my portable monitor didn't work and now I have nothing to do.

I guess I could do work shit, but its not like I am going to get in trouble or anything. It will get done when it needs to right? Just thinking about that statement is puzzling to me.

Is it because I don't like my job? No, because I really like my job. I mean, I don't love it...but its a job that is super easy and allows me alot of free time.

Is it because I'm just lazy as fuck? Probably, but maybe not. I do think that I am lazy. I fall into the stereotype of a "young lazy American" for sure, but only for things that really don't care about. Its not that I don't care about my job, I do....I guess I am assuming that my work isn't important enough to have any effect on my company's ability to make money. So even in the worst case scenario, being it will not get done, I don't think I would lose my job. Fuck what I am saying, I wouldn't even get in trouble.

Management would just assume that I had a good reason why it didn't get done. They think that way because I am the gangsta gangsta at the main point of my job. Hints the reason why out of 30 or so people in my department, mgmt only trust 3 of them to work without some sort of authority figure in the building. So maybe that is why I feel compelled not to do any extra work while I am at work.

I am glad we had this little conversation. I feel much better about not being productive doing office hours lol.

Now on to more intriguing shit....Katy Fucking Perry

Check out the description on the banner of this blog.

"Random thoughts and interesting stories about MY world...which is mostly video games, sports, sexy females, and other random BS..."

Back when this blog was alive and popping years ago, it was all about video games. Mostly one video game, the MMORPG World of Warcraft. I had between three and five posts a week on the game, 1000+ hits a day, people leaving comments, good times were had by all. Then I stopped playing the game, but found out that I really enjoy writing.

So I turned this blog into a generic blog about anything that I want to talk about. Problem with that is that I no longer had the driving force to keep me writing. Hints the last post was posted 5 months ago lol.


I fail, I know. So since the reformat and subject change to this blog I have had posts about all of the topics the description on my banner states....except sexy females.

And lets be frank, who doesn't love sexy females? Sexy females are a big part of my life. In this day in age I think it is really hard, if not impossible, NOT to be bombarded with some sort of sexual images of the female gender.

TV shows, commercials, magazines, mobile devices, and I am not even talking about the text book definition of porn. Porn is all of the damn place thanks to the internet. When was the last time you looked at a porn magazine? I just laugh about it now because it seems so silly.

...fucking magazines, yea right lol.

Either way, you really can't mention sexy females and not talk about Katy Perry. This bitch grew up home schooled in a very strict Christian family. She wasn't allow to wear V necks shirts or shorts that were more then an inch over her knees. Her family gets her a music deal with a Christian band and the next thing you know she blew the FUCK UP.

She has a good voice sure, but you're tripping if you think she would be famous without her, uh...assets.

If I'm coming across as hating, I am not. Make that money GIRL!

....and keep on posing and intriguing ways while you're at it.

Got to love YouTube...

Is there anyone out there that doesn't enjoy YouTube? I mean serious, its amazing to see what random people out there are doing....especially when they are obviously being serious and all you can do is laugh on how funny / redonkeyous it is.

Case in point...

I'll leave you with two videos of a chick that describes herself on her youtube channel as a Rapper that is making her grind shaking her ass...

Totally makes sense to me. Making it as a rapper ain't no joke brah. The game can chew you up and spit you out. You need as many people as possible to hear you in order to make it.

So what is the best way to get attention? You guessed it, shake your ass to songs that you didn't write, produce, or have anything to do with and put it on youtube!

Fucking. Brilliant.

My opinion on the videos is that it is obvious that her rapping skills isn't what got her the 2500+ subscribers lol, but the girl can shake it. I think I need to contact her for my rap group, Caucasian Invasion.....more on this another time though lol.

Make sure to follow me on twitter @WTFspaghetti - Always shit going down on there....and I update it daily instead of every 5 months lol.

Did that bitch just say "her Queen Cobra disc?" it so much, aw man...LOVE. IT. hah

Ok, now check out the next video. Same chick.

So the question is...would you like to listen to more of her "Queen Cobra" disc or dance?


Fish said...

Missed you on the blogosphere dude. That video was prolly too much to watch at work, I will instead get in trouble for looking at it at home because I'm sure my gf will walk by as it's in full screen mode lol

I havent been blogging either, while I like writing, I just don't have the motivation.

Fish said...

damn! although something tells me she prefers the dark meat. . .

WTFspaghetti said...

@Fish lol...yea..I got the whole dark meat vibe too.

good to hear from you bro. You on twitter or anything these days?

Anonymous said...

I would baste Katy Perry's cans with my home made alfredo sauce.