Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call of Duty Escalation Map Pack - Call of the Dead - MOAR ZOMBIES!!!

So what is more depressing for a PS3 user then the PSN network being down for now 8 days along with your credit card information possible being stolen?

The second map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops is about to come out next week with 4 new multi-player maps and 1 extremely large and complex zombie map...

...for xbox users. PS3 users will get the map pack a month later in June.

Fucking A!

I know that Activision has a contract with Microsoft and that Xbox users always get the map packs first...blah, blah, blah. It is still highly lame, especially if you are an avid zombie player that myself.

Even though its lamesauce, I can't help but to get excited watching these new videos about the Escalation Map Pack's new zombie map, Call of the Dead. Craziest thing that I think that the developers did with the new map is that it actually has real life playable actors and a pretty in-depth story.

Real life playable actors you ask? Oh can play as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Danny Trejo for example. Check out the videos below and I will bore you talk more about it afterwards.

First thoughts on Zombies...

Looks like you can use alot of different playstyles. There were lots of clips of people using melee weapons like dual machetes, pitch forks, and other small knifes. Not to mention different hand to hand combat a fucking karate jump kick! Who knows if they will actually have these options in the gameplay, but one would assume from watching the "Official Trailer" that it would be available.

Atleast that is what I got from it.

Speaking of different playstyles.....did you notice how fucking huge the new zombie map is? Looks like when you get a sniper rifle from a mystery box, its no longer an instant reroll. That and they are "buffing / adjusting" the sniper rifles again in the patch that is going to roll out with the new map pack as well.

So it would seem like they really want people that wouldn't normally use / hate sniper rifles, to be forced into them.... know, for survival purposes! F'n zombies, trying to eat mah brains and what not. Dirty little bastards...

Another point I thought that was interesting was the glowing zombie that will attack you. I think they called him "The Godfather of Zombies". I am assuming this will work like the zombies dogs, the mad scientist, and the monkeys in the previous Black Ops zombie maps. They involve some sort of objective and take up an entire round. Once completed, you always get a max ammo and something else useful if you do it correctly.

The lead developer stated...

"that if you want to kill him, go for it, it will all work out in the end "hopefully". However, I would advise that you watch him and figure out different ways to communicate with him."

Urm...tricky Treyarch lead developer with their tricky, super generic, statements that could mean a metric ton of different things / scenarios.

And speaking of that, did you happen to catch what the lead Treyarch developer said in regards to tips on getting the most of the new zombie map, Call of the Dead?

"It is a very vague tip, but a very important one. You should shoot everything...

...if you do this, and do it with a variety of weapons, you will discover and unlock some very cool stuff."

Oh shit! You mean if I kill the zombies instead of just running around checking out Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ass, I will actually discover and unlock some cool stuff? Fucking. Brilliant.

Total pro tip if you ask me, hah. I know that he can't say much else and I don't want him to ruin it for me. I just like giving nerds a hard time.


Til next time...

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