Saturday, December 28, 2013

League of Legends - Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 4

Hola peeps! Entry 4?!? I know, very exciting. If you have been following along this series then you are aware that this must mean that I finally got around to doing my first PvP match in League of Legends. It only took me roughly 2 years and 126 AI "bot" games to give PvP a go...but who is counting right?

I took a break from playing the game since my last entry, but started playing again with the new season (4) starting. I am not sure what exactly happened, but something just clicked for me. I started playing a few of the free rotation players and experimenting with the new masteries / items. Something clicked with the game. I feel much more comfortable with knowing exactly what needs to be done in each phase of the game and normally when to and when not to do it. I think most of it had to do with me finally playing every major role (APC, ADC, Tank, Support, ect) and having a good amount of experience in each lane in the early / mid game. Of course watching other experienced players play and reading up on the game also helps immensely. I just feel like now I know WTF is going on with the game as a whole.

So how did my first PvP game go?


I am very happy with that end score and even more happy I got a win out of it. When I joined up my intention was to play middle lane as Veigar. I called mid in the in game chat and waited about 20 seconds before I locked in my toon. Then all of a sudden someone stated the following...

"WTFspaghetti, I called mid"

Now, I guess it is possible that he called mid before I joined the chat...but IMO that is highly doubtful. No fear though, I have been practicing with 4 different Champions and had no problem doing another lane / role. I asked if they wanted a support and to my surprise...the chat blew up. Everyone was confused and calling for different lanes and what was needed. It was the definition of a cluster fuck. With 15 seconds left to pick, I decided to go top lane with the King of all Trolls, Mr. Trundle.

What occurred next can only be explained as a complete and utter ownage. It was very clear within the first 5 minutes that the two champions I was going up against in the top lane didn't have much experience against Trundle. I was able to poke and harass them enough so they didn't feel comfortable being aggressive. It was glorious. I managed to get to the mid game with a hefty "cs" lead, 4 kills, and no deaths.

The rest of the game I built him up as a tank and just abused the enemy team with all my slows and crowd control abilities. We pretty much won every single team fight and while I don't think I was the only reason why my team won, I know for a fact I was a huge part of our success. It was very fun and while I don't think I am going to completely give up on "AI bot" games...I am definitely going to play PvP way more then I have been.


So What Now?

I feel that I have completed my mission. I started about 3-4 months ago with the goal of learning how to play this game due to its crazy popularity. I was not a complete noob per se...but I was pretty bad. Now with the completion of my 1st PvP match I think everyone can agree that I am "below average"

HOORAH! Until next time people!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

League of Legends - Preseason Changes / Rundown

The new season has not yet started, but the LoL pre-season is alive and well. I haven't been keeping up with all of the changes, so I figured I would share this awesome "run-down" video about most of the changes.

Seems to be pretty legit from a super casual fan of the game like myself. I especially like the free trinket / wards and changes to the Support role. If you are at all interested in LoL, I highly suggest that you atleast keep up with all of these changes.

Full list can be found on LoL's official website - here

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hearthstone Beta - Spell Master Daily Quest

Hiya people! It looks like Blizzard is finally changing up some of their daily quests for Hearthstone. My daily quest yesterday was called "Spell Master" and it stated that I simply had to use 40 spells in Play or Arena mode.

I like the idea and I really enjoy Blizzard using their daily quest system to not necessarily force people to make new decks, but to have a focus point and build a deck around it. Does that make sense? I think it does...anyway, moving on!

So I made a new deck focusing on spells and I decided to go with the Mage class. Cards list can be found here and below is the breakdown.

When I first made it was I assuming it was going to be terrible, but I hoped it would be atleast fun. Well, it turned out to be not only fun, but highly successfully. I got my ass handed to me a few times by some rogues, but other then that held my own. I ended up going 8-2 on my stream last night.

Below is a couple YouTube videos I made cut directly from my twitch stream of some of the more entertaining games I played. Hopefully it helps you out if you ever get the Spell Master quest. Until next time, I'm WTFout!