Friday, November 1, 2013

League of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 3

The journey continues people. Previous entries here...


Like a mofo...

That's right. I was getting that feeling with LoL. My A.D.D. was starting to kick in and with Blizzard deciding to invite me to a closed beta of their newest game, Hearthstone...I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon.

FEAR NOT! One of my buddies caught word that I started playing the game and wanted to team up and play a few games together. Perfect right? Well, not quite. He is in the exact position that I was before I started blogging about the game. He knows the concept of a MOBA game, has a few purchased toons, but never looked up how to play or how the current meta is. I am still very happy to have someone to play with, but I'm not sure a noob like myself will be much of a teacher.

We finally got some time to link up and play and since he hasn't played in about 6 months, we decided to play against some intermittent bots. It was my first game in about a week in a half and I was okay...not bad, but not great either. I was playing Karthus and I don't know, it wasn't that fun. First game lasted about 25 minutes and we got the victory. We decided to give another game a go against bots and well... was TERRIBLE.

I think the game lasted an hour and only three of us on the team were level 18 by the end. I think I had the most kills and I went 8/ was one of the games were you just wanted it to end. We stopped playing after that and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I mean I got ROLLED by bots. It was all sorts of bad and it totally ruined my view of Karthus. I came to the realization that I am not skilled enough  to really excel with him. He requires someone that pays close attention to the mini map and other enemies health pools. Not to mention I feel very vulnerable in most 1 on 1 situation...especially early / mid game.

Again, I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon...but those last two games were so bad, I just couldn't leave it all without giving it another go. I mean, WTF would I write about if I didn't play?


I went back to my Mage Assassin, Malzahar, and went in to another bot battle. I choose beginner and set a goal for myself. If I don't fucking own and its just meh...then I am giving up on the casters / mid lane and moving on to another role.

The results? I completely dominated and had my best performance in a LoL match ever. I know it was against silly bots, but after the 2 week stretch of meh-feeling games with Karthus, it was a welcomed emotion.

Redonkeyous right? I don't think that I ever got higher then 10 kills with any toon that I have played in my LoL career, so I took it as a strong sign that I should really just focus on playing Malzahar while putting Karthus on the back burner for when I become a super gosu legit pro.

Team Work Hurray!

I got a few more games in with my buddy and we are doing much better. We are ready to take the plunge into PvP battleground. I know that I have been saying this for 3 posts now, but I am now ready and there is no reason to postpone that shit any longer!

Entry 4 of this series will be all about PvP or it will never happen and I will never speak of this game AGAIN!!! This is even more likely to happen because I found out this week a few co-workers also play and play quite often. However, they are not newbies like yours truly, they actually are level 30s that play against other players. I already informed that I am going to need lots of work and they have no choice in the matter, they ARE going to team up with me and teach me how to not be a noob!


Anonymous said...

League of Legends is the coolest! My minions walk around like my little bitches and they follow my every command. I feel like that guy on Despicable Me. Let me get back to the point. I wanna bang my League of Legends minions.

thedoctor said...

@Anonymous - LOL, thanks for making my day. Best. Comment. Ever.