Friday, November 8, 2013

Hearthstone - Addiction At It's Finest

Ahh yes, good old Blizzard is back at it again with their super fun and addicting brand of video games. Thousands of suckers players like myself have been lucky enough to gain access to Blizzard's newest game, Hearthstone.

For those readers that aren't too familiar with the game, I highly suggest you check out the below video and the Official Website. Even if you are a super TGC nerd like me and know alot about the game, it is still a good read / watch.

Warriors, Mount Up!

I have dumped roughly 35+ hours into the game so far and I am highly impressed and hopelessly addicted. I don't think it's unhealthy though. I am not playing hours on end like other Blizzard games. It is just very accessible and most importantly, fun. The main reason why I have been able to play so much of the game is because I can play it on my Nexus 7 tablet via a free application called Splashtop. It's not the perfect setup, but it does work quite well. If you are in the beta and want to play the game on a mobile device I highly suggest it.

As mentioned in my previous Hearthstone post, I was mostly looking forward to trying out the Shaman and Warlock classes. While I have spent a good chunk of time on those two classes specifically, I found myself trying to figure out the Warrior class. I knew almost nothing about the Warrior class and after talking with a friend I decided give it a go. It plays very different then all of my other decks (mage, shaman, priest, lock) and it took me about 2-3 hours to really get the hang of it and make a decent deck.

During those hours of learning how to play I completed a hidden quest "Chicken Dinner" and earned 300 gold. With all this extra gold I decided to try my luck in Arena mode. It's 150 gold and even if you don't win a single game, you do get atleast 1 pack of cards and some extra dust / gold.

So the next night I sat down and hopped into the Arena for the first time. My classes to choose from were Rogue, Warrior, or Hunter.

The only classes that I do not have experience with playing are the Rogue and Hunter, so my choice was pretty clear...I am rolling Warrior. To my surprise it only took me about 3-5 minutes to choose my whole deck. Once I realize I was already at 30 cards I assumed that I am probably going to get rolled by others that put a little more thought into their deck. For the most part I was right. I won my first game but 3 games later I was sitting at 2 wins and 2 losses. In Arena mode, you only get 3 losses before its game over. The more games you win without losing 3 times, the better your reward at the end will be.

I was either getting owned HARD or barely winning my games...not a great sign for a deck. However, I went on a little win streak and ended my first Arena run with 5 wins. Not too bad. I don't think I can expect much more then that and even though I didn't get to 7+ plus wins, it was still a very fun experience.

Here is some helpful information that I used over the last few days while playing the Warrior class. My current Warrior deck is very similar to Mashdar#1871 Thrifty Warrior Deck (forum post here) with a little bit more AoE / board clearing. However, I am going to start working towards the below Warrior deck named "Pyro-Smith". Our boy Force has a few videos up on the deck and it looks really FUN. I can already think of a few variations that I would incorporate to suit my playstyle.

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