Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hearthstone Arena Fun

As mentioned in a previous post, I create a YouTube channel for the blog and have taking some baby steps with streaming on TwitchTV. I had about 300 gold in Hearthstone, so I figured that I would stream some arena. It was fun but also pretty weird. I mean, I was in my basement, by myself, playing a video game, and just talking to myself...

Standard play for someone that is streaming and also has plans to upload the video to YouTube...but man, it was fucking weird. No other way to explain it. I got used to it after a bit, but it was still very strange. The mic that I was using is pretty weak and I didn't want to talk too loud because my son sleeps right above my office, but I think it turned out okay and overall I enjoyed it.

I actually had a few viewers and got to chat with a buddy that found out I was streaming via twitter. Good times were had and so far I am 4-1 with this deck. I kinda want to play a game now, but I will save it for when I stream, no reason not to right?

Below is a highlight from last night's stream and was actually the first game on the Arena run. I must have fucked up on the editing because it cuts off about 15 seconds too soon...but I am sure you get the point of what happens. I would re-edit it and upload it again, but my mic audio is so terrible, its pretty pointless. My gaming headset broke during my Extra Life marathon so I had to bust out the old desktop microphone from my raiding days in World of No fear though, I ordered me some hawt Turtle Beaches using the Amazon banner link from my favorite podcast, Ross Tucker Football Podcast. It helps the show out and I get something that I was going to buy anyway. It's a win, win, as they say.

Enjoy the highlight of the awesome synergy of a low mana minion deck with a Cult Master and an Alarm Bot.

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