Sunday, November 17, 2013

UFC 167 - GSP "Stepping Away" and Dana White's Post Fight Comments

I decided to share this story because Dana White makes some valid points about the state of judging in MMA along with some choice words about GSP's comments after the fight. It doesn't matter if you watched last's nights UFC 167 PPV card or not, go ahead and watch the below three minute video and then read my take on it.

It does state who won in the GSP vs Johnny Hendricks fight FYI. Full card results can be found here.

This is why Dana White is loved by fans of MMA. He is a fight fan and he speaks his mind without caring how he comes off to the general public. I don't know about you guys, but I really respect and appreciate that. I don't always agree with Dana, but the comments he made in the video I 150% agree with and I hope something positive comes out of it.  It should be an interesting week in the MMA world. I'll have to make sure to listen to some MMA Junkie Radio this week for all the juicy drama and fallout.

Here is a link to the full story. MMA fan? Thoughts on the card? Leave a comment on hit me up on Twitter.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hearthstone Arena Fun

As mentioned in a previous post, I create a YouTube channel for the blog and have taking some baby steps with streaming on TwitchTV. I had about 300 gold in Hearthstone, so I figured that I would stream some arena. It was fun but also pretty weird. I mean, I was in my basement, by myself, playing a video game, and just talking to myself...

Standard play for someone that is streaming and also has plans to upload the video to YouTube...but man, it was fucking weird. No other way to explain it. I got used to it after a bit, but it was still very strange. The mic that I was using is pretty weak and I didn't want to talk too loud because my son sleeps right above my office, but I think it turned out okay and overall I enjoyed it.

I actually had a few viewers and got to chat with a buddy that found out I was streaming via twitter. Good times were had and so far I am 4-1 with this deck. I kinda want to play a game now, but I will save it for when I stream, no reason not to right?

Below is a highlight from last night's stream and was actually the first game on the Arena run. I must have fucked up on the editing because it cuts off about 15 seconds too soon...but I am sure you get the point of what happens. I would re-edit it and upload it again, but my mic audio is so terrible, its pretty pointless. My gaming headset broke during my Extra Life marathon so I had to bust out the old desktop microphone from my raiding days in World of No fear though, I ordered me some hawt Turtle Beaches using the Amazon banner link from my favorite podcast, Ross Tucker Football Podcast. It helps the show out and I get something that I was going to buy anyway. It's a win, win, as they say.

Enjoy the highlight of the awesome synergy of a low mana minion deck with a Cult Master and an Alarm Bot.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updates and Wallpaper Change Day

Updates!?! On the blog!? How flipping exciting right? I know what you are thinking...

blah, blah, blah...I updated some links...
blah, blah, blah...I posted some new pictures / .gif files and they are super AWESOME...
blah, blah, blah...I setup an official WTFspaghetti YouTube account and started streaming on TwitchTV...

...wait what?

That is correct people. I finally took some time out and setup my TwitchTV account to actually stream. Not sure how I often I am going to use it, but it's pretty cool that I have it setup now. I also got around to setting up an official YouTube page for WTFspaghetti and already uploaded some Hearthstone footage. I am unsure on how I am going to use these two sites, but it will be fun nonetheless just fucking around with it and trying new stuff out. 

On the right hand side of my blog I put two new and shiny buttons to subscribe to both of my channels. Go now and then come back to select a new wallpaper for your device of choice. I personally choose "The Geek Zodiac", I love stupid nerdy shit like that #AlphaNerd 

Until next time people...

Friday, November 8, 2013

WTF Video Post - GTAV Grandma thinks you're a WANKER

...and I agree with her!

It's Friday people, have a good laugh and be safe this weekend!

Hearthstone - Addiction At It's Finest

Ahh yes, good old Blizzard is back at it again with their super fun and addicting brand of video games. Thousands of suckers players like myself have been lucky enough to gain access to Blizzard's newest game, Hearthstone.

For those readers that aren't too familiar with the game, I highly suggest you check out the below video and the Official Website. Even if you are a super TGC nerd like me and know alot about the game, it is still a good read / watch.

Warriors, Mount Up!

I have dumped roughly 35+ hours into the game so far and I am highly impressed and hopelessly addicted. I don't think it's unhealthy though. I am not playing hours on end like other Blizzard games. It is just very accessible and most importantly, fun. The main reason why I have been able to play so much of the game is because I can play it on my Nexus 7 tablet via a free application called Splashtop. It's not the perfect setup, but it does work quite well. If you are in the beta and want to play the game on a mobile device I highly suggest it.

As mentioned in my previous Hearthstone post, I was mostly looking forward to trying out the Shaman and Warlock classes. While I have spent a good chunk of time on those two classes specifically, I found myself trying to figure out the Warrior class. I knew almost nothing about the Warrior class and after talking with a friend I decided give it a go. It plays very different then all of my other decks (mage, shaman, priest, lock) and it took me about 2-3 hours to really get the hang of it and make a decent deck.

During those hours of learning how to play I completed a hidden quest "Chicken Dinner" and earned 300 gold. With all this extra gold I decided to try my luck in Arena mode. It's 150 gold and even if you don't win a single game, you do get atleast 1 pack of cards and some extra dust / gold.

So the next night I sat down and hopped into the Arena for the first time. My classes to choose from were Rogue, Warrior, or Hunter.

The only classes that I do not have experience with playing are the Rogue and Hunter, so my choice was pretty clear...I am rolling Warrior. To my surprise it only took me about 3-5 minutes to choose my whole deck. Once I realize I was already at 30 cards I assumed that I am probably going to get rolled by others that put a little more thought into their deck. For the most part I was right. I won my first game but 3 games later I was sitting at 2 wins and 2 losses. In Arena mode, you only get 3 losses before its game over. The more games you win without losing 3 times, the better your reward at the end will be.

I was either getting owned HARD or barely winning my games...not a great sign for a deck. However, I went on a little win streak and ended my first Arena run with 5 wins. Not too bad. I don't think I can expect much more then that and even though I didn't get to 7+ plus wins, it was still a very fun experience.

Here is some helpful information that I used over the last few days while playing the Warrior class. My current Warrior deck is very similar to Mashdar#1871 Thrifty Warrior Deck (forum post here) with a little bit more AoE / board clearing. However, I am going to start working towards the below Warrior deck named "Pyro-Smith". Our boy Force has a few videos up on the deck and it looks really FUN. I can already think of a few variations that I would incorporate to suit my playstyle.

Thoughts? Comments? Just want to troll me? Follow me on Twitter and come say Hi! Until next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

League of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 3

The journey continues people. Previous entries here...


Like a mofo...

That's right. I was getting that feeling with LoL. My A.D.D. was starting to kick in and with Blizzard deciding to invite me to a closed beta of their newest game, Hearthstone...I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon.

FEAR NOT! One of my buddies caught word that I started playing the game and wanted to team up and play a few games together. Perfect right? Well, not quite. He is in the exact position that I was before I started blogging about the game. He knows the concept of a MOBA game, has a few purchased toons, but never looked up how to play or how the current meta is. I am still very happy to have someone to play with, but I'm not sure a noob like myself will be much of a teacher.

We finally got some time to link up and play and since he hasn't played in about 6 months, we decided to play against some intermittent bots. It was my first game in about a week in a half and I was okay...not bad, but not great either. I was playing Karthus and I don't know, it wasn't that fun. First game lasted about 25 minutes and we got the victory. We decided to give another game a go against bots and well... was TERRIBLE.

I think the game lasted an hour and only three of us on the team were level 18 by the end. I think I had the most kills and I went 8/ was one of the games were you just wanted it to end. We stopped playing after that and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I mean I got ROLLED by bots. It was all sorts of bad and it totally ruined my view of Karthus. I came to the realization that I am not skilled enough  to really excel with him. He requires someone that pays close attention to the mini map and other enemies health pools. Not to mention I feel very vulnerable in most 1 on 1 situation...especially early / mid game.

Again, I thought that my LoL days were going to fizzle off into the horizon...but those last two games were so bad, I just couldn't leave it all without giving it another go. I mean, WTF would I write about if I didn't play?


I went back to my Mage Assassin, Malzahar, and went in to another bot battle. I choose beginner and set a goal for myself. If I don't fucking own and its just meh...then I am giving up on the casters / mid lane and moving on to another role.

The results? I completely dominated and had my best performance in a LoL match ever. I know it was against silly bots, but after the 2 week stretch of meh-feeling games with Karthus, it was a welcomed emotion.

Redonkeyous right? I don't think that I ever got higher then 10 kills with any toon that I have played in my LoL career, so I took it as a strong sign that I should really just focus on playing Malzahar while putting Karthus on the back burner for when I become a super gosu legit pro.

Team Work Hurray!

I got a few more games in with my buddy and we are doing much better. We are ready to take the plunge into PvP battleground. I know that I have been saying this for 3 posts now, but I am now ready and there is no reason to postpone that shit any longer!

Entry 4 of this series will be all about PvP or it will never happen and I will never speak of this game AGAIN!!! This is even more likely to happen because I found out this week a few co-workers also play and play quite often. However, they are not newbies like yours truly, they actually are level 30s that play against other players. I already informed that I am going to need lots of work and they have no choice in the matter, they ARE going to team up with me and teach me how to not be a noob!