Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hearthstone - Access Granted!

That's right people, I finally got my hands on the elusive Blizzard game that is still in closed beta, Hearthstone. What is even more shocking is that I got to play it last night for about 3 hours...IN A ROW!?!@?

...yeah I am paying that shit today but The Chive always seems to make my Mondays better. I don't about you, but I am betting that you are now subscribed to ZooToday's Youtube channel...


First Impressions

Solid looking game, but if you are like most people interested in this game, you already know that. You don't need some random dude on the internet tell you that shit. I have watched alot of game play from people in the beta via Youtube and Twitch. Due to this I thought that I would be able to jump in and start grinding away. Now, I am no 1337 pro or anything think, but I definitely thought I could carry my own and already have several ideas for custom decks.

Easy right? I was wrong. I didn't even have a great winning percentage against the normal and expert AI. Now this was playing with the standard decks and I only played with the Shaman. So after I got to level 10 I made a deck that focused on low mana cost cards that summoned other minions and attempted to ended the game around turn 5-6 with bloodlust. It worked out against the AI beautifully, but when I started playing ranked mode, it had some mixed results. The first night I went 6-2 and so far today I went 2-8 lol. I started fucking with it after a few losses and now I don't even remember what my original deck looked like when I posted the 6-2 record.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest you take a look at Force Strategy Gaming YouTube channel. He does alot of videos on custom decks and the strategy behind them. Even if you are not in the beta, it is pretty entertaining stuff in my opinion.

Here are some of my favorite ones from his channel. Due to work commitments the next few weeks, I am not going to be able to play much, but I will definitely use this blog as a means to talk about the game from this point forward. Are you in the beta? What so far has been your favorite class? Use the comment section or twitter to let me know freaks!!

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