Friday, October 29, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops - Holy Ball Sacks

Hola blog lovers!

Tis your boy Dr. Wang coming at you with some video game stuff. I haven't posted since August, thats really funny to me considering I spent like 3 hours changing my blog around to make it more generic rather than all about WoW.

Then I write two poorly written posts and don't say shit for 2 Jeez, I guess I'm just retarded like that...

...shocker, I KNOWZ RITE?!?


I have been playing Starcraft 2 for the past 2 or so months pretty consistent. 98% of my video game time has been spent playing that damn game. I am A TON better than I was when I first started playing back in August, but that doesn't mean much lol.

I worked my way up from Bronze to the Gold division...which I am pretty proud of, but I don't know. I still pretty much suck ass. SC2 is a crazy game, but it is seriously stressful. Atleast for me it is. I don't know what or why it is...

...maybe its because a typical 1v1 game starts out with your opponent and yourself trying to mindfuck the each other in an attempt to throw them off their game and find out what strat they are trying to use on you...

...or maybe its because its a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and due to all the micro/macro stuff you got to be on top of to be competitive can really make it slighty stressful.

Its a combo of a few more things, but that doesn't mean that its not fun as hell.

Starcast: The Podcast

Get it? StarCAST and not Starcraft?1!1? Cuz they were being clever due to their podCAST about Starcraft 2!?!



Anyway...weekly podcast about SC2. Pretty fun to listen to and pass the time. However, the cool thing about it is the online community. If you play SC2 and you don't have anyone to play with or your homo friends won't play with you. Sign up for the forum and become a clan member.

We have a vent server and there are lots of people from all 4 leagues willing to play. We host tourneys too...and that is always fun.

Check them out HERE

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Holy Ball Sacks Batman

Oh thats right. COD: BOs is almost out people. If you are like me, then you play the metric ton out of COD MW2.

No matter what you think of MW2, like or dislike...I would still like to point out that the new COD looks completely badass.

First off, Black Ops isn't made by the same company that made MW2. I for one am OK with this. Don't get me wrong, I really liked MW2 and I never really complained much about it...but a change of companies is a welcome sight. As long as they keep the general feel the same, I'm willing to try it out.

Secondly, There are a ton of new maps, new guns, new character customization, completely different way on how to gain xp, new online and offline multiplayer modes, and ofcourse the new campaign and Co-Op modes.

I don't know...after watching these three youtube videos...I got really excited for this game. The release date is 11/9/10.

Enjoy people. Hopefully it won't be another few months before I write another post.