Wednesday, February 26, 2014

League of Legends - My Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 6

100 games played. 50 games won

Of course game 100 ends with the servers shitting on themselves...I wouldn't have it any other way. What does this mean? I have no clue. I am pretty happy that it isn't a negative ratio. I also feel that in the last 15 or so games, I have REALLY executed well with what I have learned and have made solid strides to becoming a better player. I have only had a few games were I clearly lost my lane and no matter what is happening in the game, I just will work on my goals...CS, team fighting positioning, sieging, timing objectives...and not allow my nerd rage to transfer from my brain to the in-game chat system.

Currently I am half way through level 26 and have noticed that there are atleast 1-2 level 30s in my games now. I feel that I am starting to hang with them, but some of these players have 500+ wins under their belts and it would be an understatement to say that we are on a similar skill level.

I feel like a REAL boy!!

I have only being playing "Draft Pick" and no longer have any intentions to play "Blind Pick" ever again. In my opinion, it is how the game is supposed to be played. Bans, pick orders, team compositions / synergy, and discussion within your team all take place within the Champion Selection screen. In Blind, everyone just argues over who said "insert random role here" first in chat. I am not alone in thinking this way either, Riot does the Ranked queue with a Draft. It just feels right.

It also seems to me that the players that play Draft are normally overall more knowledgeable about the game. In most cases, a more knowledgeable player equals a better player. This is more then likely due to the fact that in order to play Draft, you have to have least spent a decent amount of money on the game. Sure, you could of just grind out the IP and spent it all on Champions. Maybe you are one of the few that Riot has never seen a dime of money from you, but if that is the case you have quite the hefty amount of games under your belt and are probably way better at the game then a noob like myself.

Oh that's right... I am not a NOOB sir, I am a below average player. Get it right fucko!

Champion Selection!!!

One of the many tips that I have read and heard over and over again was to pick atleast two roles and have a few champions within those roles that you are good at. Once you have a good handle on them, branch out in case you are force to play a different role, but always go for your two preferred roles.

Mine? Middle and Support

Middle is normally my first choice, but I do enjoy both of them pretty equally. Maybe middle edges out support slightly, but eh...

As I have mentioned before, in all games, I normally go for magic wielding bad motha fuckas. So the middle lane was an obvious choice. Thrown in a Mage that gains his ability from beer and I may not play another champion EVER. After alot of debate I decided to purchase Gragas and make him my main. I figured that if I am force to play a role outside of mid / support that I could use Gragas in the Jungle and Top lane. I have also watched tons of videos about him...he doesn't really have a down side and looks like a ton of fun.

...did I mention all of his abilities are based off of drinking BEER? Enough said.

He does get banned a decent amount of the time, so I can always fall back to one of my old homies like Malzahar. However, this week Zed is free and I have been playing a few games with him. I have a feeling that if next week's free champion rotation doesn't have a mid laner that I find intriguing, I might just go ahead and buy him. He is a flipping ninja inner nerd can barely keep it together when I play him.

I tried several times to stop myself, but I just can not, NOT, sing Rob Van Winkle's Ice Ice Baby. I have tried to stop myself yet every some will be said. More then likely out loud and followed by a shoulder shimmy of some sorts. Now that I think about it, maybe its a good thing that I don't have him on my roster!

Dat Support Doe

So I like Mages which makes me a good fit for mid lane, but I also enjoying support classes in tanking / healing / Crowd Control’n ect…

The game that this blog was centered around for the first few years of its existence was World of Warcraft. My main role that I played, wrote about, and theorycrafted for, was the Healer. I enjoy supporting other players that pew pew the bad guys and LOVED showing people the difference between a good and bad support player…most of the time I was the good kind…most of the time.

 For whatever reason, Support is by far the least sought after role in LoL, so it made a lot of sense to make it one of my main roles. I have 4 Support Champions that I am comfortable playing, but only 3 that I really prefer to play. Annie, Blitzcrank, Leona, and Soraka are my roster, but I try to avoid Soraka unless I know that my ADC and I are on the same page.  Since I am almost exclusively a solo queue player, Soraka doesn’t get played much.

Recently I have been playing A LOT of Leona. She was on sale last week and I did not hesitate long before I pulled the trigger and picked her up. She is extremely fun to play and her tool kit allows her to be an aggressive super tank. She has flaws, but in each phase of the game (Early, Mid, and Late) she is strong. Not to mention that during team battles, you are the one that initiates the fight! Picking the right moment to jump in and when not to will determine the outcome by itself most of the time. It is uber important and I for one would rather have the responsibility fall on me rather than someone else that has no clue when to and when not to initiate.

Road to 30

I am close. I can feel it. I can SENSE IT!

95% of my friends list is composed of friendly players that I have actually played with during the grind. The sad part is they are almost exclusively level 30 and are enjoying the ranked queue. They don’t have time to play with sub-par level 30 noobs like myself anymore. I did find it interesting that most are in bronze. However, there are a few that are silver and I don’t feel they were any better or knowledgeable then me. I do not see myself being able to grind out of whatever league I am placed in. If I am lucky, I will get 2 games in a night…but that is always influx. With Riot having 5 levels in each division and having to reach 100 points in each to be eligible for promotion, I just don’t think it will be possible.

Hell, it may take me a week just to get my placement matches completed. Well that is about it for now. Until next time people!

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