Saturday, December 28, 2013

League of Legends - Journey from Noob to Below Average - Entry 4

Hola peeps! Entry 4?!? I know, very exciting. If you have been following along this series then you are aware that this must mean that I finally got around to doing my first PvP match in League of Legends. It only took me roughly 2 years and 126 AI "bot" games to give PvP a go...but who is counting right?

I took a break from playing the game since my last entry, but started playing again with the new season (4) starting. I am not sure what exactly happened, but something just clicked for me. I started playing a few of the free rotation players and experimenting with the new masteries / items. Something clicked with the game. I feel much more comfortable with knowing exactly what needs to be done in each phase of the game and normally when to and when not to do it. I think most of it had to do with me finally playing every major role (APC, ADC, Tank, Support, ect) and having a good amount of experience in each lane in the early / mid game. Of course watching other experienced players play and reading up on the game also helps immensely. I just feel like now I know WTF is going on with the game as a whole.

So how did my first PvP game go?


I am very happy with that end score and even more happy I got a win out of it. When I joined up my intention was to play middle lane as Veigar. I called mid in the in game chat and waited about 20 seconds before I locked in my toon. Then all of a sudden someone stated the following...

"WTFspaghetti, I called mid"

Now, I guess it is possible that he called mid before I joined the chat...but IMO that is highly doubtful. No fear though, I have been practicing with 4 different Champions and had no problem doing another lane / role. I asked if they wanted a support and to my surprise...the chat blew up. Everyone was confused and calling for different lanes and what was needed. It was the definition of a cluster fuck. With 15 seconds left to pick, I decided to go top lane with the King of all Trolls, Mr. Trundle.

What occurred next can only be explained as a complete and utter ownage. It was very clear within the first 5 minutes that the two champions I was going up against in the top lane didn't have much experience against Trundle. I was able to poke and harass them enough so they didn't feel comfortable being aggressive. It was glorious. I managed to get to the mid game with a hefty "cs" lead, 4 kills, and no deaths.

The rest of the game I built him up as a tank and just abused the enemy team with all my slows and crowd control abilities. We pretty much won every single team fight and while I don't think I was the only reason why my team won, I know for a fact I was a huge part of our success. It was very fun and while I don't think I am going to completely give up on "AI bot" games...I am definitely going to play PvP way more then I have been.


So What Now?

I feel that I have completed my mission. I started about 3-4 months ago with the goal of learning how to play this game due to its crazy popularity. I was not a complete noob per se...but I was pretty bad. Now with the completion of my 1st PvP match I think everyone can agree that I am "below average"

HOORAH! Until next time people!

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