Wednesday, January 1, 2014

League of Legends - Veigar IS EVIL! Stop Laughing!

Hola peeps!

First off I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all is well with you personally. 2014 is now here and what better way to celebrate then playing video games and then blogging about it?!?

Is that a short joke?!?

Meet Veigar. He is one of the many champions in League of Legends and is described in game as the "Tiny Master of Evil". He was actually my first champion that I ever bought when I first gave this game a go back in 2011. In every game I am normally drawn to the caster / mage type and Veigar looked like a good fit to try out.

He is super squishy but has one, if not the best, nuke in the game. He is the definition of a "glass cannon" caster. Normally, I don't like that in my casters, especially in PvP game. Knowing that if you make even a little mistake you can be one-shot by anyone is lame, but I don't know...there is something about this little dude that is overwhelming fun. He has a pretty shit early game, but if you can keep pace with your opponents you will completely own them come middle and late game.

I started playing him again and due to the fun factor, pretty much stop playing any other champion. This guide really helped me and the author did a great job putting it together. It goes over everything that you can possible want to know about Veigar and it is currently updated for season 4. There isn't much else I can say that the guide doesn't cover in detail, but here are my big takeaways / tips.

  • One of my favorite things about him is that your opponent has to severely slow you in the early game (first 10-15 minutes or so). If not they will pay for it later on in the game. Due to this fact, it is best just to stay by your tower and try to farm as many minions as possible. 
  • Veigar's main attack, Baleful Strike, gives a permanent Ability Power bonus if the unit dies. WTF? Yes, you did read that correctly. The more kills he gets with this spell, the stronger he becomes. FYI, there is no AP cap people. Most games you end up with over 1000 AP and this is what allows Veigar to melt opposing enemies' face completely off. It is silly. Try to kill units with this spell every single chance you get.
  • The item, Deathfire Grasp, pretty much means your combo will take any champion from 100 to 0. It is crazy good for Veigar and is worth rushing. 
  • Bottom lane is a good place to drift to for a gank after you push a wave of minions towards the enemy tower. They are normally more squishy then then the top lane. 

WTFspaghetti proudly presents...

A full game of your's truly playing Veigar against others in the solo queue. I started off pretty shaky and after watching it back noticed several mistakes and things that I could have done differently...but overall it turned out pretty well. 

My end game stats are below the video if you are interested. Follow me on the below links if you would be so kind. Until next time people!

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