Monday, September 16, 2013

GTAV Reviews - Shit is Bananas

B A N A N A S!

We are less then 1 day away from the release of GTAV and the reviews are out. I am not going to link a ton of them, but I am going to link a few videos and a write up that I think are pretty legit and well put together.

Not going to lie people. I have high expectations and after seeing what some of these sites are rating the game...well, lets just say that my expectations raised a few more notches. Shit seems to be bananas!!

Both reviews are completely spoiler free, but the IGN one does show quite alot of gameplay. So if you want to be completely surprised, I wouldn't watch the IGN review. CVG has been all over the coverage of GTAV and their write up on it is top notch.

I am still very excited to play the game, but I am not going to lie...the next few weeks are pretty jammed packed and I just don't see me getting in that much game play time in without sacrificing alot of my sleep...

...stupid work.

Anyway, enjoy the new world that Rockstar has created for us and if you are not following me on twitter, do it and come yell at me...or you know, say hi. That works too.


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