Monday, July 15, 2013

GTAV - Bring on the Addiction

Addiction - the quality or state of being addicted. To devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

Yea, ever since I saw Rockstar's gameplay trailer of their up coming game, GTAV, I've been addicted. It has been consuming my thoughts at an alarming rate. I have found myself up late at night pondering important stuff like if I will still be alive when the singularly happens between humans and robots. Or if in my life time we will find another planet with Goldie-lock conditions to sustain human life...

...or if you have to buy gas to fill up your vehicle in a video game or not.

In my pursuit to feed my money brain with any possible information on this subject, I ran across this Q&A with the guys over at Rockstar. Due note, that this actually came out before last weeks gameplay video and some questions that were asked have already been answered. But hey, its news to maybe some of the other poor saps that read this blog will find it interesting as well.

Our friends over at GTAVo'clock went through this Q&A indepth and also touched on a few different aspects that I have not heard discussed anywhere else. 

Steam's Summer Deals

As you probably guessed it, I am fucking excited about GTAV and I will continue to make posts about it as
I see fit.

Someone has to inform the masses right?!?

I should mention that currently, Steam, has their summer sale deals going on and as of yesterday, I was able to purchase a GTA package (GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV, and both episodes from Liberty City - Ballad of Gay Tony / Lost and Damned) for only 20 bucks. I was planning on just getting the two newest additions, but I couldn't pass up on the deal. 

I haven't tried loading up GTA III, but over the weekend I played the rest of them. They all still hold up and I have been having a blast fucking around in Liberty City in the Ballad of Gay Tony. I have never played a GTA game on a PC before. So there was, and still is, a large learning curve for me. Especially when it comes to driving. I am digging it so far though and at the moment, it is feeding my addiction...

Until next time freaks

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