Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Post!

So it’s long overdue but here I am! My name is Potts. I have been playing WOW since back in the Vanilla days. I am a real life friend of the Doctor and P. After 50 or so drunken comments on how I need to contribute to the blog, I finally got invited to do so. Now all I have to do is not fail. My goals are simple. Say something funny every once in a while and be around long enough to get my toons linked on the main page of the blog. Anyway, here goes something…

(Not sure I'm quite in with the choir, so we can skip that. I'll just insert a random cat pic instead.)

What it do?

Recently I have taken a break from raiding. I was a little burnt out with raiding after that fail guild I was in with the doctor .While he was on his mission to find Jesus I ended up just pugging a few raids and doing some heroic grinding. After I got all of the badge gear worth getting I had to look for something else to do.

I didn’t have to look far. I am lazy but I am a competitive person. I found my calling in all things WOW that I used to find annoying. I have spent an obnoxious amount of time in the last few months grinding achievements and titles. I say competitive because the biggest reason that I do this is just to have more than my friends. The doctor gets his cooking title so I have to get it. He does a couple of the tournament dailies so I go out and get the Crusader title. He gets a new mount, so I go out and get 50 so I can get an Albino Drake.

You can guess where it goes from there. I almost forgot to mention that I didn’t call him during his WOW hiatus and tell him that he was missing one of the seasonal events. I knew that if I could complete it while he was gone I would have a better chance of finishing them all and getting my drake before him. What a friend, right? I just hope this doesn’t provoke him too much. If he did the exploration achievements he would gain a lot of ground on me. Even though I would still be crushing him in titles.


The cooking title is coming along pretty well. I am just waiting on enough dailies to buy the rest of the recipes. The only one besides those that seems like it’s going to be a problem is the recipe for tasty cupcakes which is a drop. I need to find some time to go after that. I kind of wish I was paying more attention from the start. I have probably already seen it drop at one time or another.

As far as all of the outland recipes, those were all a piece of cake. I looked at the doctor’s previous post about his chef title and laughed a little. I got all 4 or five recipes I needed in just a few days of doing the Outland cooking dailies. There was only one barrel that I got that didn’t have one. Of course he was on and made fun of my frustration. I love it though because it adds fuel to my fire!

Boredom at it's best

While doing my cooking dailies in Outlands I decided on a whim to go and try some Netherwing dailies. Does anyone remember those? I can remember spending countless hours grinding out these dailies. Then you would almost all of the quests done and spend 30 minutes fighting your way through all the other people trying to find those elusive ravagers.

So I figure I could also use this as an opportunity to level my 2H mace skills. I recently acquired one in a pug and didn’t realize my skill was 1/450. I was amazed to find the ease of doing these quests. Well besides the fact that I could taunt the mobs to death, there was no one out there. I had all of the ravagers and EGGS to myself. The first day I picked up more eggs than I did the whole time I grinded this rep with my priest. Most were out in plain sight and didn’t require a scavenger hunt.

If you get bored and have never done this now is a great time. If you’re one of those fancy, hardcore type you could probably do it in 3 days. Soon I will dance around the doctor with my fancy mount and he will bow in all my glory.

Until then... I am WTF out!


thedoctor said...

lol @ the random cat picture...

oh and btw, I didn't find jesus, but I watched five season's of "Lost" and played UFC on my playstation lol.

Hellinabox said...

I got my rep up with netherwing in about 6 days and I wasn't even spending that much time on it.

Congrats on popping your blog post cherry =P

Darraxus said...

Welcome to the team.

Shamwow said...

I think the technical name is achievement whore


Tubby said...

I like you.

River said...

I'm still working on my Barons Mount, then it's off to Netherwing to work on that. So about 2023

Justin said...


bouncy gnome said...

great first post mate!
Chefs title is not that hard, try the Salty title (just got mine last week) cause that is something you really have to spend hours and hours in...sigh.

Anyway welcome and looking forward reading some posts from you :)

Fish said...

Lol@ your cat. I have to lock the cats out of the room when I'm playing because between my lap, walking on the keyboard and in front of the monitor, I just don't need the added degree of difficulty.

And you can't be fail at blogging, you speak english and have opinions, I think thats all that matters.

BTW, sorry to hear about your cardinals. . .