Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News!

Today is Oct 29th 2009.

Exactly one year ago I started my blog and made my very first post.

Larisa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn, which is now blocked by my work, was my very first comment about a month or so after I started writing.

One of the blog's contributor's, P, has since stopped writing for WTFspaghetti after we took about a 2 month hiatus from WoW back in the summer. He is still alive and he stills loves you all. He just isn't motivated to write anything about WoW. Maybe this will make him write something and make a comeback lol.

Around February, P, Potts, and myself started a raiding guild. We wanted it to be a serious-casual raiding guild and for the most part it succeeded...but it was short lived and couldn't stand the test of time. It lasted about 4 months...which thinking back on it now...doesn't seem like that long at all lol.

Guild leadership is fun and I have meet some awesome people that I still talk to to this day because of that guild....but I couldn't even take it after 4 months lol. It took the love that I have for the game away....

It is not as easy as it looks or seems...give your GM, RL, or officers some love for doing it...especially if they been doing it for a long time and have been successful.

I have seen many bloggers quit WoW and / or blogging during my year in the blogmosphere. A few that come to mind that I really enjoyed was a blog ran by a guy in Germany and OneAmongMany. There has been many others...such as Too Many Alts...I refuse to take that blog off of my blog roll until I see the site go down or he says why he quit.

It has been like 6 months since an update though...I hope he is ok....

That brings up a good point. If you have a solid readership of your blog and you decide to quit. Man up and say so.

Moving on

What else has happen in the past year?

Oh yeah....I actually meet a blogger in real life. Fish from gnomewarriorisanoxymoron was in my hometown and he came over to my house and partied with us.

That was probably the craziest thing ever in regards to the past year with my blog. I actually meet a person over the internet because of my blog.

Wild and craziness right?

At some point I decided that it was a good idea to get a 15 man, African American Choir to join me on my blog. They bring the flavor and set the mood for most of my post and DON'T act like you don't like em!

Overall Thoughts....

If you enjoy to write or think you might enjoy writing and you play WoW. There is a huge blogmosphere filled with thousands of people searching google for wow related stuff. I got a solid readership just by commenting, some link love, and trying to atleast write 2-3 post a week.

Before I knew it this site is a year old with 156 posts and over 120,000 unique views.

With all the crazy stuff that went on over the past year in regards to my WoW career...

I wonder what the future holds for WTFspaghetti???

Isn't that a famous quote? I mean without the WTFspaghetti part lol.

Got to throw a random funny picture in here somewhere right? I think that has become my theme some where down the line....


LarĂ­sa said...

Congratulations! I'm sad to hear you cant read PPI at work. I hope you do it at home. Or maybe you can follow the RSS somehow.

Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Kieley said...

As short lived as it may have been, I miss the guild. By far my favorite guild I had the opportunity to be a part of.

What's my main Again? said...

Big grats on 1 year! My work went through a phase where damn near every blogger I read was blocked... including your site. Then one day I had access to everything even sites like wowhead... I still think they just did it so they can get me in trouble /shifty eyes

kyrilean said...

Gratz man!

And yeah, use Google Reader if nothing else, you're already using Blogger. It's the only way I get to read Larisa's stuff.

Anonymous said...


I consider this blog like many consider their morning coffee.

i HAVE to have it in the mornings at work before I can become funcitonal. Keep up the good work.

Ruhtra said...


I remember when Fish showed me this blog.

Hope to see you here next year!

Jong said...

Very nice. It feels like your blog has been around a lot longer.

happy anniversary!

Fish said...

I always knew there was something to that 15 man choir. . .

I will never look at grape vodka the same again.

I am sad, my work has blocked gnomeageddon.

Arioch said...


Anonymous said...

GratS! Stopped being able to read most blogs from work TOO :(

But i got a secret that can get around it :P

Simply Google the blog you want to read. Next to most found links, I have the option of translating that site into another language. OPEN link in a different language, then Wha LA! Mark your new text and mouse over, the original text pops up in english :) Second languages WTF!!! Down with filters at work ;)