Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday MADNESS...brownies & milk included...

"You kill the first one and you panic for a few days. You're nervous. But then you kill the second one and that's a kind of a medicine. It takes the pain away that you were feeling after the first killing."

- Columbian hitman, "Red"

Yeah that's right...I started my post off with that quote. I am in that kinda of mood today. Brutal, ruthless, full of RAGE! Ready to kick some ass and get the weekend started. On a serious note, that quote is for real. I was reading an article the other day on and they actually interviewed a current, Columbian drug cartel hitman.

Not 100% sure how in the hell they got the interview, but that quote really did it for me. No matter how badass and "hard" you think you don't even compare, not even close to the level of a real badass. It kinda makes me feel like I am a bitch lol. Not that I want to kill someone or anything, but being a man, you have a certain swag about you. You would like to think that you are THE MAN...unstoppable, ect.

Then you read a quote like that and it just grounds you. SOB!

I don't have tooooo much to talk about WoW wise, but I wanted to update my thousands 7 readers on whats been going on the past week with my WoW action.

I did find the scariest picture of a cat I have ever seen...but I was seriously freaked out by it...

When I close my eyes I can still that creppy sob...maybe I will feel better once I get some brownies in me.


I am not sure that everyone will like my brownies. If you have a job/crazy parent/crazy spouse were you get drug tested, I wouldn't participate. For all others, feel free to take more then one.

nom nom nom

10 mins go by...

...and that is why I think that the US never landed on the moon bros. Its was the MAN trying to cover it up...conspiracy and stuff...

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir: "woah...our mind is blown...hehehe, we said blown...where the F is the milk?..."

Now that I got your mind right, I am sure I will make more sense...back to the WoWage!

Trial run...again

As I stated in my last article, my current guild assploded. I am still pretty bummed about it because they were really awesome. I also had some good friends in there that made it feel like home really quick.

I filled out another application to the only 25 man raiding guild on the server that I could actually make their raid times. They did a great job of making sure that I was serious about joining them and they also had plenty of follow up questions that tested my knowledge on the class.

I got a trial run last night and it went ok. I embarrassed made an ass of myself a few times during ToC 25 man. One was really bad...I died to the damn spikes in the ground, phase 2, on Anub. There wasn't alot of ice down, but that is still isn't a valid excuse. I noticed that I got picked and ran away from everyone...

...then I noticed that I ran the complete WRONG way and there was no ice anywhere lol. I tried to make it, but I failed. Total nub moment. Other then that I think I impressed them. We did Thorium and Hodir in Uld 25 man and it smooth.

I didn't get a guild invite yet becaue they still had some "questions" to ask me on my application. So hopefully the /ginvite is coming by the weekend.

Random Thoughts...

  • Leveling Blacksmithing is expensive. Like...really expensive. I hadnumberous thoughts through out the leveling process that I shouldn't have ever started. I am level 320 now and I am really hating life. I know that I will get it maxed out sometime, but I just don't have the gold to power level it on my server. /wrist

  • F the PTR for 3.3. I can not get that stupid POS to work for me. I downloaded it and installed it twice. Whenever I tried to open it, it just says that some file was currupted and to try and reinstall. No big deal I guess....but I do have to redownload it and that takes like 4 hours on my internet connection. So F it...I guess I am destined to not play the PTR....blizzard sobs.../threat!!

  • Did you guys check out the new relics that will drop in 3.3? The elemental shaman and the resto totem are OFF DA CHAIN!

    • Elemental - Your Earth Shock, Flame Shock, and Frost Shock spells grant 73 haste rating for 15 sec. Stacks up to 3 times
    • Resto - Your Riptide spell grants 85 spell power for 15 sec. Stacks up to 3 times

  • With the tier 8 2 piece set bonus, you can have 3 riptides rolling at once. It is not that hard to keep them all rolling and it is definitely not going to be difficult to keep 3 stacks substained. So bam...255 spell power...substained.../drool.

  • Now ofcourse, every healer has something along those lines, its just not shamans, but I am still excited for it.

That is about all the madness I have for today....





I told you it was F'N scary! All I am saying is that if I saw this cat look at me like this...I might think that he is going to pull out his .9mm, point it at me sideways, and start popping caps while yelling THUG LIFE!!!! feel me....I know you do...


Fish said...

Shammies rolling hots!?!?!? Those totems are sexy, I'll take one of each plz.

Blacksmithing does suck, but you're past thorium, so the badness is behind you. I found thorium to be the worst bottle neck (so much so, I farmed all my own mats). Fel iron is everywhere, as is cobalt, and the patterns in wrath arent bad. That being said, I don't care if blacksmithing lets me add 40 hit rating instantly (epic +hit gems socketed in bracers and gloves), I'm never leveling it again.

thedoctor said...


Yeah...I'm really regretting dropping herbalism and leveling up blacksmithing...but I too much invested now..


Arioch said...

I might have had something to say about what you said but that cat has he freaked out.
And I like cats.

Anonymous said...

Tailoring not so bad to level up.
I been so bored with my shammy lately, I actually started geting a heal set for him. Holy cow, now I just gotta learn how to heal.

I am making a killing of bags at the same time leveling it up at a consistant pace. Profit off bags = enough to buy mats and still make small profit. Hell, I am even going to have enough money by the time I hit 80 to get my epic flight (which is unheard of for me).

PS - Lock = sexy, might even hit as high as 77 or 78 by the end of the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

oh, and if you were infatuated with that mob hitman, look into richard kuklinksi

Smashie said...

Get that cat out my face bruh

Justin said...

hope you land a spot with a new guild.

and man, leveling bs was rough. it won't be so bad once you get to northrend stuff though.