Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Race/Class Combo??

That is the question people.

There is alot of combos to choose from and in the upcoming expansion there will be even more.

Lets just say that Dwarf Shamans are not going to be high on my list for this lol. I am still scratching my head on that one...

Anyway, right...best race/class combinations. Lets start discussing...

and when I say discussing I mean giving you my opinion...fyi



I really don't like any class combined with Orcs. Warlock and Rogues are out of place with this race. Hunters aren't too bad for orcs and neither are Shamans, but when you think of a big, ugly, drooling Orc...what do you think of?

I think of a meat head. So I am going to say the best class combo will be warrior or a DK. Either one really...as long as they are wearing heavy armor and getting beat about the face I am ok with it.


Hunters and Shamans make the most sense to me. However, who doesn't love a BIG ASS COW swinging a big bloody weapon at his enemy? I might be bias, but I am going to go with Tauren Shaman for the whole nature, tree-loving thing they got going on. Shamans are the wise man of their tribe...and who wouldn't trust a big furry cow that shares his herbs with you?

Plus, Tauren hunter's animations are weird and awkward.


Hands down is Warlock. I am not even going to go into the rest of the possibilities. They are Undead...they are suppose to be evil and one in touch with their demons.


This one is hard. I don't play Trolls and I don't know many that do. I have no idea what the best combo is with this race.

Priest? Mage?


Blood Elfs

Mages. Isn't that the whole reason why they bounced from the Nightelfs? I do like BE's being Rogues and who doesn't like a high-lighted hair, Ret Paladin?


For the Horde I am going to say that the best Race/Class combination based on Lore, common sense, and overall badassness has to be...
Undead Warlocks. Jong the Ret Pally coming in a close second only because he turned into a Human though.

Seriously though, you can't argue with an Undead Warlock can you? I am sure you can, for christ sake if you are a reader of this blog I know you can.

So do it, prove me wrong...what do you think about the Horde and the best Race / Class combo?


Jong said...

This is an interesting topic. I need a clarification though: for RP or min/maxing?

I think orc arms warriors are ballin for both RP'ing and min/maxing.

David said...

As someone whose main is an undead warlock, I wholeheartedly agree.

For trolls, part of me actually thinks shaman might be the way to go there just because of the whole freaky nature mojo thing. You could then have Tauren Druid's be their preferred combination, because it still picks up the whole nature aspect of the Tauren.

The other option that has always seemed right to me for some completely undefined reason is Troll hunters. The idea of a toon that worships bear and cat gods wondering around with a bear and cat just seems to fit.

kyrilean said...

Don't play Horde much, but the few alts I have created I based solely on what felt right.

I agree with what you said here, but I would add the following:

Orc - DKs. Goes along with the whole meatshield thing.

Tauren - DKs. DKs should just be big imo (unless it's a gnome and then it's just funny) and what's bigger than a Tauren?

Undead - Mages. Yeah, maybe they aren't evil, but I think of Liches a lot when playing undead and old school D&D taught me that a lich was nothing more than a wizard that wanted to live forever.

Troll - Hunters. Don't know why. Maybe it has to do with WC3 where trolls were ranged. Every troll I've ever rolled has been a hunter.

Anonymous said...

Agree with ya on the Undead. I could just be biased though.

For Troll, sham/priest.

I always had a little spot in my heart for a Troll "Withdoctor". That would be a cool class.

Anonymous said...


Fish said...

Uh, Thrall, the leader of the horde, is an Orc Shaman. And, as my new favorite alt, my vote is for. . . .Orc Shaman. Shaman gear is like a really cool mix between cloth and plate, making the orc shaman look like a combat caster. They're just muscle-y enough to look like they could kick your ass, but arent too big and still have feet (I like to see my boots too).

River said...

Just something about an orc rogue in a ponytail screams cool especially when he wears a ninja mask.

Sygor said...
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Sygor said...

If you are min/maxing, I think the best combo you can get within the Horde is an Orc Death Knight.

They have the ability to use all of the Orc Racials, which are all pretty strong.

- 5 expertise with Axes
- Increased stun resist
- Awesome DPS cooldown
- Increased Pet damage

Hunters can get to use all of them too, but the 5 expertise is not so worth it for Hunters, am I right?

P said...

I am partial to Troll Priests

What's my main Again? said...

I think Orc Warlocks scare the shit out of me any more then anything else. They are evil for the sake of being evil and had their people drink the blood of a freaking pit lord. Orc Warlocks just want to see the world burn. Atleast thats how I see them.