Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diversity Fun and Heroic Trial of the Crusader

Good morning Hola blog lovers! morning post for me this week. My job, being the big bad corporate power house that it is, decided to make everyone of its I.T employees go through "Diversity Training". So I got moved from my normal shift, 12am-10am, to the dreaded 1st shift...7am-4pm.

Well, yesterday I got hella diversified! After spending 7 hours in a meeting room talking about each other's differences and how to blend and communicate better, I felt like....well, lets not get into how I felt lol.

This is a little off topic, but I still think it is a good story that may make you giggle uncontrollably.

During one of our "games" in diversity training, the facilitator put of very large pieces of paper label with different social and race groups.

Example - Black Male, Black Female, Jewish people, Fat people, Old People, Gamers, East Indians, White Male, White Female...ect

There was probably about 15 of these labels. He then gives us a magic maker and tells us to go to each one and write down a negative stereotypes that you have HEARD before.


What is someone suppose to do in this situation? This is a meeting room filled with 30+ people, all different cultures and races. Our discussion is suppose to be kept confidential, but still...I don't want to put down EVERYTHING that I have heard about a certain stereotype lol. I have a friend, and I am sure that everyone does, that knows about 50 different names / negative stereotypes for each...I can't write them all down.

Everyone in the room was pretty awkward about doing it, but we all did it. Some of them were silly...such as a white male can't jump and/or dance. Some of them were fat people are dumb(wtfmate?!?)...and some of them pretty spot on. Such as the generation Y, 1980-2000, was spoiled, lazy, and felt a sense of entitlement...ect.

After everyone was done the facilitator, a college professor in socialogly and communications, spent about 1.5 hours breaking down why we have these views on certain groups of was pretty freaking interesting really. I am just glad I got through it lol. It could have been alot worse for me lol.

Just thought I would share that piece of fantastic useless information with you guys before I get into the real reason why you read this blog.

No, no, I don't have any more of my special brownies. Maybe on Friday...yeah...ok, see you guys then...

...damn druggies

Go Go Gadget WoW

Alot has happened since the last time I talked about my WoW career. I was still a trial member of 25 man raiding guild that has been on the server since Vanilla. After 3 raids and answering some more questions on there fourm I got offically invited to a bench position.

Now, the bench position in this guild is very interesting because it really doesn't mean that your a bench spot. The ranking goes like this..


There are only 14 people in the guild with the raider I am not sure what to think about my "bench" rank. Also, we did a 10 man Ony and 10 ToC run on Friday and they took me over 2 "raider" ranked people that wanted to go. So I am confused on what it means...but so far I am really liking it.

Another thing that is interesting about this guild is that there is no officers, just the GM and co-GM. They are a wife/husband combination and truthfully, I like it alot. One of the best guilds that I was ever apart of during Vanilla WoW was ran by a wife/husband combination.

They decided to take a week off of raiding and realized that they missed taking walks togethers and eatting ice cream. So they quit WoW and ninja'd the gbank lol. The guild quickly fell apart afterwards....maybe 2 weeks before it was completely done.

Hopefully that won't happen with this guild otherwise I feel that I might have to say F RAIDING and go back to leveling my Driud.

Heroic Trial of the Crusader

So yeah...last night my guild decided to roll into the heroic 10 man version of ToCr. I have been reading alot of posts from bloggers about this and it is really split down the middle.

Some don't agree that it is that hard, others think its too hard, and then there is a small percentage that thinks it PERFECT!

...well almost perfect.

Northrend Beast

1st phase - "Big Spear Dude"

I didn't think that this guy was too bad. He has more HP and hits harder and you have to kill him before the two worms come...which is like 3 mins if I am not mistakened. The snoblods and the random fires hurt alot more and must be killed or moved out of ASAP.

We wiped about 3 times here, but after that we were getting him with about 10 seconds left before the worms came. Healers had mana and the tanks didn't have the impale...awesome.

2nd phase - "Two Big, Fugly Worms"

These guys weren't too difficult either. The hardest part was killing the big spear dude and transitioning to the worms with the "impale" debuff still on the tanks. One time our tank, 45khp, went from about 95-96% health and 2 seconds later he was dead. The impale ticked twice and each worm hit him once lol. All I did was move from where I was standing from the first guy to position myself better to heal for the two worms...I look up and bam...dead tank.

We wiped about 3 times here as well, but it wasn't terrible. I think phase one was harder then phase two because our dps had to be in sync and pew pewing its ass off. Where as phase 2 is still more about control and not failing at the mechanics.

3rd phase - "Is that a F'N Yeti?!?"

Yeah, that is a big ass yeti. This is the easiest of all the phases, you just don't get a speed buff and he can / will one shot your tank if he goes enraged.

He was at like 15% and he turned big and red and 2 shotted our tank. The off tank grabbed him and our healing corp kept him alive until we killed him. It was fun and challenged me just enough to make me feel good about completing it.

The gear is also sick...nothing dropped for a healer, but damn...there was some super hot melee dps pieces.

Lord Jaraxxus

Now this, was a very fun and challenging fight. Only thing different really is that you have to dps the nether portals and kill them as QUICKLY as possible so you do not get more then one Mistress out at a time. This does take ALOT of quick and power dps.

We were rocking three healers, but we didn't have the dps to burn the portal down fast enough. We probably wiped about 4-5 times before deciding that I am going to go elemental. I took off my healing gear and put on the ownage gear!

We so got this....

...yeah, still wiped due to not enough heals. But that portal went down with the quickness!!

We tried a couple more times and our 2 healers had the mana...they just couldn't keep up with the damage. Especially during the Inferno phase. So my sexy cow ass decided that...
  1. I was going to stay elemental.
  2. I would pew pew the big bad demon until the portal came
  3. Pew pew the portal and mistress
  4. Continue to pew pew the demon lord with thoughts of hate
  5. Then use my fantastic chain heals to heal during the inferno phase.
Not only did it work, but it was probably one of the funniest fights that I have been apart of. Hands down the funniest 10 man fights I have ever been apart of.

Faction Champs

I am not going to get into too much with this encounter...they just whopped our ass. We killed 2 of them once...but it was too late and too many of us were already dead ><. Overall

I think that the heroic version is pretty difficult and challenging. That being said I absolutely love it and I hope that Blizzard doesn't nerf it in the future. If everyone is paying attention, doing there job, and properly geared...there shouldn't be a reason why you shouldn't beat it...atleast the first few bosses anyway.

I have read that heroic Anub is NO JOKE. I mean you only get 6 ice things the entire fight? WTFmate!

I know there has been some articles over at Matticus's and replys from Larisa and others about how easy the game has gotten.

Well F that...Heroic ToC is not easy mmmk? I am not going to go off on a rant about it, but I am just saying...before saying that game is too easy, please beat heroic toc on either 10 man or 25.

That is all

Until next time, I'm WTFout!!


RatherNotSay said...

"Yeah, that is a big ass yeti."

So true yet so funny how you say it. I love when you get out of his way and then have to pew pew on him. Seems like a designer was watching Looney Toons when they created this fight.

WTF said...

lol, that is a pretty evil looking looney toon yeti. =P

RatherNotSay said...

"lol, that is a pretty evil looking looney toon yeti. =P"

hahaha I just call them as I see em!

Ruhtra said...

An evil looney tune yeti? Never thought of it like that before.

That is what I love about your blogs. Always a fresh perspective.