Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrusday Throwback! Old School Lag Monsters

As you all know, I am a loser have been playing this game since roughly 2004.

Yes, I am an old fart in regards to the game. I like to think of myself as an old wise fart though, yeah...that sounds much better right?

Today I am not going to talk about my guild issues, or my alts, or raid encounters. I have been getting a little bored talking about the same ol' shit for the past couple of weeks. I feel like if I keep it up, I am going to lose readers.

Why is readers important? Because when I see a comment or look at my google analytics and see all the views I makes me giggle uncontrollably.

So today is just a fun post about the World of Warcraft and how different it used to be. Its funny when you think about it because in all reality, the things that I am going to mention today, I didn't mind during the time.

However, now that Blizzard has made the change....

I would probably shit a brick and be ranting and raving all day about how much it sucks.

So without any further ramblings, lets get this thing started off.


WTFspaghetii's 15 man Choir:




The Lag Monsters that were Orgrimmar and Ironforge...

Oh yes, young ones...gather around. Today I am going to tell you about a time where the biggest lag monsters were not highly populated areas like AV.

No, no. They were worst then Shattarah and they made Dalaran look like an open ground in Deadwind before Karazhan was was even thought of...


Yes, its true. See back in Vanilla WoW, if you wanted to use the Auction House, you only had one choice to go. If you were horde, then you would have to go to Orgrimmar. If you were the alliance, then you would have to go to Ironforge.

It was a cluster-fuc...I mean it was THE mecca of the WoW community. On a high populated server during the busy times, sometimes even the best internet connection couldn't with stand the all mighty power of those lag monsters. There were times when I start walking up the hill to Ironforge on my trusted Ram and I could feel the lag creeping on me like a hungry, black spider seeking his next move for its meal...


Yeah...a was that creepy

When I could finally see the front doors of IF, the lag was decent due to all the people dueling each other. However, this didn't phase you because you were harden. You knew it was going to be there and you got used to it.

Once you walk in the doors and moved around the corner to where the main AH was, not even the most harden veterans of WoW couldn't help but to feel its wrath.


Seriously sucked ass. It wasn't so bad during off times or even when it was semi busy if you had a decent computer. However, during the high times of the server, everyone was lagging. No one complained because that is the way it always was.

That wasn't even the worst part about having one AH for the faction. It was the fact that there wasn't linked trade chat.

Oh linked trade chat, no LFG channel that you can jump in and sell your items / services that way. If you wanted to make money in WoW, you had to go to IF or Org because that is where everybody hung out. It would be pointless to sell items in the other cities trade chat because, again, they weren't linked.

There was no way around it. If you didn't want to use the AH and just sell your items via the trade chat, you still had to go there.

Keep in mind there was no dailies, battlegrounds didn't drop any money, and there wasn't a ton of quests you can do for cash. If you wanted money, you knew what you had to do.

Into the lag monster you go....


Fish said...


I am not that old school. However, I used to get horrible lag because until about a year and a half ago, I didn't realize that playing wow with 512mb ram was less than ideal, then I didn't realize playing with onboard graphics was an issue.

Ruhtra said...


Whoops, wrong type of blog. Hey anyway old school rememberance.

Remember when you had to search for a quest item? It didn't have the shiny sparkles glowing on it. I spent hours looking for some things because of that. The good old days.

RatherNotSay said...

I think the thing I miss the most is the warlike atmosphere that use to exist on PVP servers.

I remember back when we didn't have battlegrounds, trying to level in the zones like Hillsbrad and Stranglethorn Vale were nothing but death camps (you like the play on words there?).

Granted I use to pitch my pup tent quite often, but I am sure it was aggrevating for new people.

WTF said...

Leveling in hillsbrad and STV was def no joke before BGs

I'm glad for that change because it really was redonkeyous

River said...

God IF was unbearable sometimes back in the day.

Oh I remember STV, but I liked it. Hiding out my little mage behind a bush hoping big mean hordies wouldn't see me.