Friday, April 8, 2016

Heroes of the Storm - Full Roster Available this Weekend!

It is kinda weird that a MOBA game that I have been playing on again / off again since it's alpha phase has not been mentioned once on my blog...but that ends TODAY.

I have a few ideas for future posts about this game, but I needed to let ALL OF THE GLORIOUS,  MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WTFSPAGHETTI FANS KNOW...


Blizzard has announced that every single hero in the game, Heroes of the Storm, will be completely available to play for FREE starting now through the weekend.

That's right....FULL ROSTER at everyone's fingertips. I absolutely love that Blizzard is doing this type of thing. I don't care that it is a promotion for their finals of the "Heroes of the Dorm" series. I hope it works like charm and attracts metric tons of new players to the game.

New to the game? NO WORRIES BROS. I got you

New player yourself? Good news! The game is FREE. You can follow this recruit link if you like to download, and start playing. Its kinda worth it as well as you get two free heroes and some other bonus if you join using the "Recruit a Friend" program.

Here are a few VERY useful guides for new players. Especially if you are transiting from League of Legends or another MOBA game.

- Welcome to the Nexus! A Basic Guide to Heroes of the Storm
- Transition to the Nexus! Adjusting to Heroes of the Storm from other MOBAs

So if there is ever a time to try the game out or come back, why not have it during a time where every single Hero is available to play?


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