Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's been long enough....update your Desktop Wallpaper!

Let's be honest here. It's been way too long since you updated your desktop wallpaper. We all know it and as your friend, we are concerned about you. 

Keep it fresh man! 

Change is a good thing and updating my desktop wallpaper is something that I find a lot of joy doing. I can't really explain why either...it just feels right you know? I enjoy finding new wallpapers, its sorta a hobby of mine.

A few years ago I found the holy grail of Desktop Wallpaper sites. The site was called wallbase.cc and it was a beautiful thing. Here is a link to my blog post if you are interested In fact here is a custom link that will show all of my Desktop Wallpaper posts. Pretty nifty shit right there.

Anyway...MOVING ON

Long story short...wallbase.cc is no longer there. Like, its gone. RIP and all that noise. Such a waste of great community, seriously sad stuff. However, after awhile a new site popped up trying to reclaim some of the awesomeness that was wallbase.cc! 

Is it amazing like wallbase? No, but it is getting there. The more people that know about the site and attribute to it, the better. Check it out if you are interested and find you one of those new fancy wallpapers to update your desktop with ya hear?!

Here are some of my most recent favorites. Until next time....


Peach is all grown up
Feels Good
Please Hold
South Park

Standard Pinup

...this is just a tribute

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