Friday, May 22, 2009

25 Man Woe's, UFC talk

What is so difficult about 25 mans?

This is not a rhetorical question. What REALLY is harder about 25 mans?

Personal responsibility is less. That should make it easier though, Right? I mean 1 person dieing is proportionally less dps or healing than losing someone in a 10 man instance. If a tank goes down you are more likely to have a back up tank available to pick the boss up in a 25 man.

I guess the gear requirement or dps threshold is a bit higher, But I have found that most of the increased dps needed on the 25 man raids comes from having so many more buffs(not to mention access to 25 man gear if you are running 25 man raids). Its not as if the dps gap needed for a 10 man and a 25 man is so great that you need to have a whole new rotation or be ultra precise with your current one. You just have a few more buffs, possibly a bit better gear, and pound out your rotation as usual.

Is it the strategies? Doubtful. With a few minor differences that all come down to gimmick, the fights are the same in 25 man.
Is it the caliber of player we take? In the 10 mans, everyone seems motivated on their own. They rebuff, they run back, they don't afk.
It really comes down to the fact that it is much harder to get 25 qualified people online and ready to go than it is to get 10.

Guild Woe's

As you may have gathered from my rant, our guild has been very FAIL with the 25 man raids these days. It honestly saps my desire to play. As officers collectivity we are tired of having to pug people into our runs. Its a burden and ALWAYS leads to the raid starting late. It prevents us from getting loot into the hands of those that need it. Pugs are also not welcome in progression raiding. They either won't know the fight/Can't preform said fight, OR they will leave early and frustrated that we couldn't down it. We have come to the conclusion that if there is not 25 guildies on to run the raid, we will break down into two 10 man groups.

Holy S%#7

I have been working on my priest a bit lately. You really start to notice the lack of re-playability on the quests. I am not one for leveling in the first place, but when you have to do the exact same quests it makes it even worse. Once again, I don't think I could have done it(can do it?) without Jame.

As the header sort of implys, I plan on taking my priest down the healer path(although I will likely go the disc route). I did a lot of arenas as disc at level 70 so I am familar with the bag of tricks I will have. At this point I can't wait to get rid of my shadow spec and start healing peoples faces off (or back on I guess).

UFC Undisputed 2009

This game is the mad notes. I was a bit skeptical at first considering how bad the old ufc games were, but this game hit it right on. I am not going to say the game is perfect. There are some minor things that could be done here and there to tighten up the single player. The AI is ridiculously hard to submit. I was really upset that submissions were not an realistic way to win. Turns out though, in multiplayer they seem pretty balanced. As a ufc fan I give this game a 9.5. As a general video game fan I would give it a solid 8 or 8.5. The controlls are pretty much spot on and it really captures the feel of the ufc.

...Speaking of UFC. UFC 98 tommarow night. Evans v. Machida! Battle of the unbeatens. THE GREATEST FIGHT IN UFC HISTORY! (arn't they all? I'm pretty sure that claim is made before every single ppv.)

My breakdown goes like this. Machida will win if the fight goes to decision. He will also win if Evans falls into the trap of chasing him around the ring. He could also finish the fight via submission or ground and pound. I see Evans winning the fight if he sucssesfully imposes his will against Machida. If Evans is able to utilize his explosiveness and power, he could get the KO. I don't really see evans winning the fight via GnP, but I guess its possible.

All in all I'm giving the fight to Machida. His elusiveness will be to much for Evans. Unless Evans manages the KO shot I don't see him winning the fight in any other way.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why I love patch 3.1.2

No, its not the nefts to Ulduar's bosses or that that Blessing of Wisdom now stacks with our Mana Spring totem.

Not at all...

It's not that I can now fish ANYWHERE in the sewers while doing one of the daily fishing quests or the new changes to Wintergrasp.

Try again...

It is the new item changes! As most of you know, I have been bent over and royally f'ed by RNG in regards to replacing my shield since TBC. I have ran Naxx 10 every week for the past 3-4 months and I have cleared H Naxx atleast 5 or 6 times. Not to mention killing the first boss in the spider wing 15+ times.

Let it be known that Naxx was the only place to upgrade my shitty shield and there are a total of three that drop in there. (Including 10 and 25 man). I have yet to get my hands on them and I curse the RNG gods every f'ing time!!! a little emotional there. It is ok though because the new raid came out, there has to be a shield I can use in there right????


Mother fucker. The only upgradable shield that drops in Ulduar is in the 25 man version off later bosses. However, there is a shield that drops off of X002 in 10 man Ulduar. Too bad it has HORRIBLE stats. Well, really just one horrible stat, it only has 37 spell power!

I forget what the shield is called, but back in Mount Hyjal a spell shield drops. It item level is probably around 150ish and it has 37 spell power.

Alot of people thought it was a mis-print, a mistake by the all mighty Blizzard. To all of our surprises, it made it to the live servers and I was still forced to run Naxx 10 and 25 in hopes to upgrade my shield.

Then it happened.....

That is right boys and girls, the planets must have aligned perfectly and Blizzard finally realized that they made a mistake. In patch 3.1.2, they change the shield to have 73 spell power instead of the 37.


Now, I just got to get that MUG to drop lol. RNG has already denied me the drop the 5 times we have killed him, but this time its different. I actually want it now lol

Anyone have any RNG stories they would like to share? Feel free to comment so we can all chuckle and giggle at you. Don't worry, here at WTFspaghetti we serve cookies to our commentors...mmm...cookies...
true story d-(^_^)z

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ulduar Index - Healing as a Shaman

Morning blog lovers!

I am going to keep this short and sweet.....but as always boring informational. I am introducing a new series of posts / guides about healing in Ulduar, through a Shaman's eyes. I haven't killed all of the bosses in Ulduar yet, but our guild should be able to do so by the time I get this series get to the later bosses.

So hopefully you will enjoy them and feel free to comment. If you didn't already know, I am the raid leader for my guild. Even though this series is going to be based around Resto Shamans, that doesn't mean that there won't be helpful tips for all healers and raiders.

What stats should I have before I start Ulduar?

Well, if you haven't used sites like by now, you should really start. Its an excellent site to gauge where your character is and where they should be performing at. Now, I don't agree with everything that this site has to say, however, its still a great site.

One of the things I don't agree with is that it states that you only need a gear score of 410 to start Ulduar. I think that number should be a little higher if you want to kill more then just a few bosses. A score of 450 with the right enchants and gems should be more then enough to take out more then just the first few bosses.

For my detailed oriented people, I would say to have atleast have...

350 mp5 unbuffed
2k spell power
20-25% to crit
16-17k hp
and as much intellect as possible. I recommend atleast 19k mana

Can you have less? Of course! This is just what I recommend, especially if you are planning on rocking two healers for most of the bosses.

Nom nom nom nom

I could be wrong, however, I found that the 40mp5 food + the flask of the pure mojo (mp5 flask) works out fantastic for me. The spirit nerf didn't really effect us Shaman, but that doesn't mean that we aren't having mana issues. I have found that having a good solid number of mp5 really goes along way, especially since chain heal isn't as effective in Ulduar compared to Riptide + LHW and even HW.

If you don't have atleast 2.1k healing self-buffed, I would still go with the Spell power flask + the mp5 food. If you have 2.2k healing or higher self-buffed, go with the full on will make your life alot easier and less stressful.

Helpful Tips

  • First off, make sure you are talking with your raid group to figure out what is the best way to make your totems efficient. Example would be a holy paladin using Imp BoW and you dropping your healing totem. Lets say you only have 1 paladin in your 10 man....have him kings everyone and you can drop your Imp mana spring. Same thing goes with a few other classes, just pay attention.

  • Bring Mana Pots! This is one of the aspects that we forgot about we when were face rolling the loot piƱata known as Naxxramas. I don't use one every boss fight, but it can definitely come in handy and be the reason why you downed a progression boss and why you wiped.

  • Collect multiple sets of healing gear. Another bad habit that alot of people forgot about because of how easy Naxxramas was.....At a minimum, you should have a balance set, a mp5 set, and a crit / healing tank set. For some excellent gear guides on these sets, go check out the resto guru, Drug.

  • Bring enough money for repair bills......because you are going to wipe. Also, don't get upset and pissed about it as long as you guys are working as a team and are learning from your mistakes. The best part about taking down a progression boss is all the time you spent learning on it. Enjoy it while you a few months you guys are going to have all this on farm more then likely and it won't be as fun as it was when you were first learning it.
More to come - Stay tuned

On a off note, UFC 09 Unleashed comes out today. For the first time in awhile I am glad that we have some maintenance lol.

Until next time, I'm WTFout people!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Food For Thought

Morning blog lovers and TGIF!

Any big plans for this weekend? I sure the hell don't. Well...I have plans....just not any big plans. One of my good friend's girlfriend decided that it would be an awesome idea to throw a theme party.

Oh yes....a theme party.

Most of the time I am against theme parties. I don't like having to go out to the store and buy shit that I will only wear once to play dress up for one night. To each its own, but its not my thing.

One of the pros of going to one of these themed parties is to see all the hoochie mamas dressed like hoes. Lets be honest, from my experience, themed parties and events like Halloween are just an excuse for females to dress up like....well...hoes. Not saying its EVERY female....just saying from my experience.

Either way though...I'm going lol. The theme of this party is "Ghetto Fabulous". Yeah...I don't know either. Only thing I know is that I don't have to go out to the store and buy stuff, I can look Ghetto Fab with the stuff in my closet. I just have to bust out my plastic Gold Grills from a few Halloween's back.


This is a lets talk about some things...

WTFspaghetti's 15 man choir:


A bet??...

Not sure if you know it or not, but Arthak and myself have a bet going on to see who is going to clear all of the normal bosses in Ulduar. The loser has to redo their blog in all pink and purple colors. We had a bet going when Naxx was first released and we figured out that our guilds were very similar. I am pretty sure that I won that one, but in all honesty, we didn't really keep track of it and unlike the current one we have, there was nothing riding on whoever lost.

We made this agreement and then a week later, I read a blog post of his saying that his guild and him have parted ways.

Well...I am sad for my friend, but at the same time, I was pretty excited lol. I knew that I was going to have some extra time with my guild to clear all of the 13 normal mode bosses and I really, really don't want to redo my blog in purple and pink lol.

You did what? Oh noes....

So l read another post from Arthak about a week or so ago. It had Ulduar in the topic, so I was even more intrigued. This German sob got himself an organized pug that is going to meet up weekly for Ulduar! Not only that, but this organized pug he got into is with some pretty good people because they are 9 out of 13 bosses in their first week together.

Well, looks like we got ourselves a competition again. My guild has also taken down 9 of the 13 normal mode bosses in Ulduar 10. Should be interesting to see who kill Yogg first...either way, I love this kind of bet between bloggers and it is turning out to be really fun. That is unless I have to redo my page LOL....that won't be fun.

So just to put it on paper Arthak. We have both cleared the first four bosses and the antechamber. Of the Keepers, I have downed Freya and Hodir and you have downed Thorim and Hodir. Keep it up Arthak, just don't clear it before me =P lol

Never Doubt Skill

We recently got a mage recruit that was a friend of someones in the guild. He applied, had raiding experience in Vanilla and TBC, and overall filled out a good application. Only down fall was his gear. He was in mostly blues with 10 man Naxx epics, not exactly what we want from an applicant, but like I said, he was a friend of a guildie so he got an invite.

This mage is also frost spec, not to mention a very unusal frost spec. He was invited as a social player, so for the two weeks he was in our guild, I never got a chance to raid with him. On Monday, we needed 1 more dps for our 10 man Ulduar run. This was going to be a progression run, so I really didn't want to take him, but my hands were tied, we needed a replenishment class and his AI would really help us we invited him.

This dude was doing 3k dps! On the Hodir fight, a fight which gives buffs if you know how to get them, he was doing 6k dps....yes....6k dps. His frostbolt was critting for 44,000 with all of the buffs lol.

As a raid leader, this was an eye opener. This mage is under-geared and is outdpsing some of our most geared players. It was big reminder to never doubt a person's skill, no matter what you think of his gear.

I respec my mage to his exact spec / gylph and headed over the the heroic dummy in Org. I went through my whole mana pool and only managed 2300 dps. Pissed me off a little bit to know that someone is more skilled at his class them I am, but oh well....I am glad that we invited him and I can't wait to gear his goofy troll ass.

Bloggers AFK

It all started when Resto 4 Life decided to close her doors. Then another huge blogger decided to close up shop, Big Red Kitty. A few weeks ago, another long time blogger ( Out of Mana) decided to call it quits. I have noticed that overall the blogmosphere has been less and less in terms of updates and what not.

Then, a good blogger that I have been following for quite sometime has closed her doors. One Among Many has decided to quit WoW and therefore quit blogging. Out of all of the bloggers that have called the quits, this one was the most sad to me. Its understandable though, it is unimaginable for us bloggers to think that we are ALWAYS going to do this. Once your passion is gone, its time to call quits.

All of this bloggers quiting got me searching the blogmosphere for other quality blogs that will replace these AFK bloggers. So for the last few days I been searching and I have found a few that I think are quality. Here are some new additions to my blog roll...

Forbearance - Jong is hands down the funniest dude in the blogmosphere. He used to write for Out of Mana and that is where I first noticed him. He is back to blogging on his own blog and I suggest you check it won't be disappointed.

Fel Fire - Excellent blog about being a raider leader and everything else you can imagine.

I am Paladin - I don't know why I enjoy Paladin blogs so much. This blog isn't just a pally blog though, the blogger talks about raids and other general wow stuff. Good reads.

clearcasting - A mage blog / general blog. Good reads.

Personal stuff that I only care about but I am going to pretend you do

For the past month and a half I have been leveling an alt. I got him to 80 within two days and he has been hard at work ever since. The class you ask? Well he is a House Hunter. LOL...that was super geeky and corny...only reason why I am not deleting it is because I want you to laugh at my rtardness.

So yeah, I been house hunting like a fool. My lease with my apartment is up very soon and I don't want to resign with them or any other apartment that is. Here in the states, the government has issued a 8,000 dollar tax credit for first time home owners if you buy the house in 2009. Seem pretty silly if I don't jump on that.

Today, my realtor and myself went looking at some houses I picked out and man....I think I found the house I want to get. Its on the higher end of my price range, but it is within my price range. Nice neighborhood and the best thing doesn't look like crackheads have been living in it for the past 3 years.

I'm serious....out of the 20 or so houses that I have looked at so far, I would easily say that 12-15 houses look like crackheads and wild African safari have been living in there. Windows busted, walls scratch and ripped apart. Also a strange, nasty smell coming from every room in the house. One house, I shit you not had every single one of there windows screens torn and in every room the floorboard has some sort of hole in it. Yet they still want 75,000 dollars...pfft

F that

Anyway, if everything goes to plan and I get the house. I do not know how much time I can invest to running a raiding guild. It is going to be interesting to see how things pan out.

Well, that is it. Like always, I appreciate you guys stopping by and reading my post. I hope you have a safe and fun weekend.

Let your loot be epic and your repair bills low....until next time, I'm WTFout

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blood Break Up, Progression

Dear Blood,
I hate to see our days together come to an end. To repeat an over used cliche "It's not you, It's me." I will miss that thing you did with my stamina (6%). Your ability to take the big hits and keep on ticking still brings back fond memories. I still think of the times we went into Ulduar and took our shots from Razorscale and Ignis. You are, and probably will be forever the best at taking on two at a time. You haven't changed. I just want different things from a spec these days. Things are not hitting as hard as they used to.

Sometimes I enjoy tanking a big pack of adds. Sometimes I want an easy rotation that doesn't take so much maintenance to get the threat I so desperately need. You (well, your rotation) don't leave much room for anything else. I crave the freedom that only a spare global cooldown can provide. I may be rambling on here, but extra healing doesn't always make up for the fact that you take more damage. I don't want you to change a bit. Maybe one day things will change and my needs and your abilities will once again mesh in a beautiful chorus of the angels of tanking.
Stay Classy,

I am in an interesting situation with raiding ulduar in that all I do is progression. I have been on our guilds first kill on 7 of the 9 bosses we have killed. I have been on 0 second kills.
my raid days consist of learning new bosses. I have been spending upwards of 300g on raid days. You don't realize how much you miss the gold from the farm content! (to say nothing of the purple shinnies) I would be lying if said it didn't bother me a bit. I am putting in the hard hours with out getting to go through the easy ones.
I have been going into the raids every week getting one or 2 badges for 4 hours of work and crazy high repair bills.

I try to not let it affect me but the other day tier legs dropped and I got them without even checking if they were an upgrade (of course they were not) Luckily a gm was able to later transfer the tier token to a mage who could make far more use of it than myself. I think the weeks of wipes, consumables and repair bills made me want to get at least something for my effort and I jumped at the first thing that dropped.

I feel shame.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - A Story of EPIC Proportions...

Morning blog lovers!

I have been saving this post for quite sometime and after talking with a few guidies, I have decided it is FINALLY time to spread this story around the blogmosphere.

Before I get into the story however, I want to give some background information on the two main people that were involved.

The Players

The Mount Machine

One is an officer of our guild and he goes by the name of Doc. He is our dps warrior and his main goals in WoW is to collect mounts, make gold, and hit raid bosses in the face with a blunt object. I put collecting mounts first because this dude is heavy addicted to obtaining the 100 mount achievement. Last I checked, he has over 65 mounts and this man will not stop until he reaches his goal.

It is always funny when someone gets / has a rare mount that he doesn't have...ZG Tiger Mount, TK flying mount, Green Proto-Drake. He usually jokes around saying that he hates them and that they can die in a fire. I always make a point to mount up on my green proto-drake and prance around him before raids just so I can see him /threatening me. Good times I tell ya.

The Master Mind

The other main character in this story is actually one of my real life friends and he goes by the name of Tubbs. He is a resto druid and he is one of the many jokers that we have in our guild. Whether it is on the guild forums or in game, Tubbs has a unique way to make me giggle like a little school girl. It is actually quite sad....but that story is for another day....


The Story Starts...

So a few weeks ago patch 3.1 came out and there were so many things to do! New raid was out, people were messing around with duel specs, the argent tourney and all of the new daily quests. It was a new and exciting time for everyone that played WoW.

Well our friend Doc was on the mission to get the new rideable turtle mount. He was spending ALOT of time fishing for the sole purpose of fishing this sucker up. He would make silly comments about how his life is revolving around fishing now and we would make fun of him was funny lol.

So our comedian Tubbs decides that it would be hilarious to take matters to the gods of the world, that's right.....he made a GM ticket. This is how it looked....

He posted this on our guild website and we all had a good laugh. I personally didn't even think he actually went through it and send it, but come to find out that I was very wrong.

What happened next can only be described as epic. I tried to think of a better word that would describe this situation, it didn't even have to be a wow related word or "leet speak". It is the only word that could describe such a feature.

Now I must warn you that the next picture was put together soley by the master mind himself, Tubbs. He posted it on our guild website again and it was a bunch of screenshots that he cut and pasted. It does have some curse words and a picture of Tubbs and myself at a Halloween party this pasted year FYI

EPIC. Here at WTFspaghetti, we do not lie or try not let our viewers down. This is pure win and had me laughing the whole damn time.


Our friend Tubbs came clean with the GM and told him the truth, as you can see from the screenshot. This whole event took place a couple weeks ago and I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this public and get my friends in trouble, but after talking with some people, we do not see any violation that they would get in trouble. Tubbs didn't lie, Doc was clocking MAJOR hours and his friend was concerned. Hell, some guildies still think that it was a coincidence....I on the other hand don't think it was a coincidence or because of Tubb's actions. I just look at the situation and laugh, how awesome lol. Just to make sure we are on the same level...

WTFspaghetti does NOT condone lying or cheating Blizzard in anyway. This article was for entertainment purposes only and not to be reacted.

Blizzard is doing some hardware upgrades on our server during today's maintenance.....not a good sign that I will be able to play today at all. My server has some pretty horrible luck when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Until next time people. I'm WTFout!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

100th Post - Past and Future

Morning blog lovers!

So yeah...this is WTFspaghetti's 100th blog post. I think that causes for some sort of blogger achievement don't you? For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about...

Way back in the day, November 2008 lol, our favorite female gnome Larisa wrote an article about blogger achievements. Needless to say I have been trying to keep the blogmosphere updated and aware of such achievements. However, I don't get that many LOL.

/whoosh sound
/ding sound

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir - "GEET HYPHEEEEE"

I wanted to make this post, epic....something cleaver and at the same time will attract more listeners. However, after a few days of thinking what the hell to write about, I was still clueless. So I thought to myself...what the hell, just start writing and see what comes to you.

So this is what you get....I'm sorry for the fail lol

A Look Back

I have been blogging about wow and random shit since October 2008. I was clueless and felt a little weird / nerdy making a blog about WoW, but I went with it to see what would happen. To my surprise, people started reading it. Like most sites, I have a tracker that gives me all sorts of stats about my blog and the people that view it.

Most of my readers are from North America, but I was pretty shock of all of the over-seas readers I got. People from countries all over the world are interested in what I have to say? Find me sad, troubled, depressing funny or interesting enough to read on a weekly / daily basis? F'n A brother, that blows my mind. For the past 6 or 7 months someone from Romania has been a loyal reader of this blog.

Romania? WTF!?! That is awesome and it has been the driving factor for me to keep on publishing posts. If I didn't have the readers and the comments that people leave me, I do not think I would have stopped blogging, but I wouldn't post as frequently as I do now. My readers keep me going and this blog wouldn't be the same with out them.


For the first 3 or so months of this blog, I probably averaged around 20 to 50 hits a day. Then I started getting added to alot more blogrolls and got lucky enough to get linked on various forums and other sites. The number of hits I get now is nothing compared to the big boys (or girls /wink @ Larisa), but to me, 250-500 unique hits a day is a perfect amount and I couldn't be happier with it. I am glad I have my little piece of the ever growing blogmosphere.

Favorite posts

Well, I have to link my first was so special to

First post - What is funny about it now is that we are just finally hearing new information on that subject. Go figure, it is Blizzard.

Funny post - I titled this one, "If you are a nerd, this will make you laugh". It makes me laugh everytime I read it.....Nerds FTW.

Evil Tricks - Nothing wrong with being a little evil....

The Good Ol' Days - Pre-TBC, all the good stuff that Vanilla WoW had to offer.

Crowd Control? F that - Do you remember CC?

Recruitment fun - Yeah...I got called a terroist....good times lol

There are plenty other posts, but those are some of my favorites.

Future of the WTFspaghetti?

Who really knows. We are planning on making a podcast....which I think will be hilarious. We are only planning on our podcast being somewhere around 30 minutes. Nothing crazy, just some random topics and good times.

You can always look forward to the most update information about Resto / Elemental Shamans, Death Knights, and Mages here at WTF. I can only speak for myself, but I plan on making alot more guides for our viewers. Plenty of guides are in works, such as Ulduar, Resto Shaman gear itemization, others one as well but I don't want to give my idea away! lol

Hopefully our site will keep going strong and I can get another achievement at 200 posts. Only time will tell! I want to thank all of my readers, past and present. We appreciate you taking time out of your day and checking us out.

Quote of the Day
Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

-Stephen Leacock

Until next time, I'm WTFout!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nugg's Confessions - Fuzzy Little Man-Peach, Covered in Teets

Nugg's Confessions is a guest post written by a good friend of WTFspaghetti. Nuggs has an unique sense of humor that I think we can all enjoy. Enjoy and remember to keep all sharp objects out of reach of can turn dangerous.

So, after running though Naxx like a pack school girls trying to grab at the Jonas Brothers junk I have realized something. My guild has become lazy.

Sadly I have not become as lethargic. I have been filled with rage.

This is spilling over into my job where I advise morons, who advise other morons, on how to fix their internet. I seem to be yelling obscenities in my little corner more than normal. I just to reach though my chat program, grab them by the face and scream "Why didn't you learn this in training"! I hate these people so damn much.

On my off days I like to raid until I forget I work where I do. Without progression I can't seem to do that. The rage builds until I have to find a different outlet. Normally I would go to the shooting range and that would do. However I can't find ammo. So now I just have really expensive clubs.

So now I must motivate my guild to do better. I will spread my rage like the Pig Flu and they will feel my spirit inside.

I will become Old Greg and they will be my fuzzy little man-peaches.

Monday Morning Warcraft - With Good Comes the Bad

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect... mlange0385 at yahoo dot com

Hola blog lovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was....ehh. It was filled with WoW, epidsodes of LOST, and alcohol.

I took off on Friday and got a 3 day long weekend and it still went by just as fast. /wrist

Lets get into this shall we?



We planned for some 10 man action. Start off with some VoA and if we didn't have WG, then we would move on to 10 man Ulduar. So I logged in and we didn't have WG, so we rolled into Ulduar.

I wasn't expecting too much. I would say that our off tank wasn't properly geared to be an OT in 10 man Naxx. He is usually DPS and his tank set is rather sad. That isn't his fault and I was pretty happy that he agreed to OT. I definitely didn't want to pug a tank....

Man did they neft the hell out of Ulduar! We one shotted everything besides Ignis in the first chamber. Razorscale and X-002 was the biggest surprise to me. On Razorscale, he didn't see to do his fireball as much as he used to and his blue flame he puts on the ground was ticking for less damage and also wasn't happening as much as it use to.

X-002 is a complete joke now for us. When we killed him before any nerfs our whole raid agreed that he was well tuned. As long as you have good dps and good coordination, you would kill him within the enrage timer. Now, your coordination and DPS could be below average and you would still beat his enrage timer. Also, the tantrum now does 10% damage for 8 seconds, instead of 12 seconds. Kinda sad...

Only reason why I say this is because it made me feel proud that my guild killed him and without the nerfs and any guild that is worth it will be able to take him out. Oh only made me kinda sad...not really sad =P

We killed 5 bosses and had some good attempts on The Iron Council before we called it due to time.


25 man Naxx time! Woooooo!

Not really....the day just started off bad. About 7 of our normal raiders were unable to make this raid for one reason or another. That is fine, but it was upsetting that I had to pug some people in order to make this run go. Not to mention that I got called a douchebag and placed on someone's ignore list because I wouldn't invite him to the raid. He was ex-member of our guild on his alt Shaman. I never really had any issues with him besides how unreliable he was, but we were full on his class. No reason to bring up drama and call me names without manning up and atleast hear what I have to say....

So yeah...we had like 9 blew ass. However, we head shot everything besides Thad, which was a 2 shot. Cleared the place in a little over 4 hours.....not bad imo.

On a side note I am now convinced I am cursed by RNG. I am still rocking a vendor shield, just like I was in Kara, SSC, TK, and ZG. I can't even get the f'n 10 man shield that drop off of big spider in Naxx 10.

It has to end sometime right? I mean the Red Sox's did win a World Series.


Logged in and had WG. Woot! Did 10 man and then 25 man. This is the issues started to happen. A social player of the guild was upset that he didn't get an invite to H VoA and left the guild.

Kinda took me by surprised because this guy never like to raid. He played wow for his own reasons and raiding was never one of them. Before we invited any pugs, I asked in guild chat a few times "LFM H VOA"

About 10 people asked for an invite in gchat. Waited a few minutes....dueled and got pwned by a protection warrior. (Spell Reflect for 9.5k FTL lol) Then I asked 2 more replies in gchat. Started filling up the available spots with pugs, needed around 5-6 to complete the 25 man.

I invited the last spot and we all zone in. Over vent I hear from another guild member that this social player wants to come. Well....he didn't pst me or say anything in gchat for the past 10 minutes I was inviting people. I am not going to kick a pug....everyone is already here and zoned in.

After we kill the new boss, we link the loot and he immed /gquits. F'N A....that made me feel like an asshole. I should of kicked a pug for him...didn't think it would be that serious since he didn't even send me a tell or say anything in guild chat.

When its rains, it pours

It then took like 20 minutes to figure out in officer chat what we should do...H EoE or continue 10 man Ulduar from Friday. We had 5 officers on and a stalemate, 2 for H EoE and 2 for Ulduar. Finally it was decided that we were going to continue the 10 man Ulduar group from Friday.

Here comes the tough part, picking the right people to take down a progression boss. I picked 2 wrong people and again....I felt like an ass lol.

One was a healer that is ALWAYS the top healer on the charts, but runs out of mana all the time and is usually around 50% over heal . He is also a holy priest that uses mp5 food and gear is a little unusual. Not to mention he has character issues.

The other one was a recruit that thinks he is gods gift to our guild. I will admit it...this guy is a very good player. He is very skilled and his output shows it. He is usually around 3.5 dps in a 10 man and 4k+ in a 25 man. However, I can not stand his punk ass. He is always talking chat, guild chat...he just wont stfu. I found out today threw his ramblings that he is one of the captains of his college football team.

AHHH...kinda makes sense that he is an ass to people and thinks he is better then everyone else, it is all coming together now. I am not saying that all football players or all jocks are like this, but this dude sure does justice to that preconception.

Long story short we had 2 hours to take down one boss and we only had 3 attempts because the priest I told you about said "brb 10 mins - getting drink". After 17 minutes of listening to this football dude stoke his epeen and the priest still not back.....we couldn't take it anymore, I called it, immediately logged off, and tried to forget about the whole damn thing.

I also think I pissed off an officer that I am becoming real good friends with because he was not invited to the 10 man. He is currently stationed in Iraq and has a very iffy connection, so I went with a better choice. He says he isn't...but I don't believe em...I would be a little urked if I was him.


Being the GM and the normal raid leader kinda blows....I am still having fun overall, but I do not need all this unnecessary drama bullshit. Hopefully I can fix it before other peole that I actually like start leaving the guild and not talking to me anymore lol.

F'n a....I think it is going to be in the best interest of the guild to get rid of the epenn dps, even though I know he has high attendance and is skilled. As for the think he just lost progression spot if any other healers are available.

I am pretty torn with the epeen stroker.....what do you guys think? Any thoughts???