Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When Recrutiment goes bad...

Morning blog lovers!

I must warn you, this is more of a rant post unfortunately.

If you follow my blog you know that I am one of my guild founding fathers and guild leaders. A raiding guild isn't going to go far without people and due to this fact we have been non stop recruiting.

We believe in quality players over quantity, because of this we force everyone besides people who are just social / casual to fill out an application. Our application isn't very long and from start to finish it shouldn't take over 10 minutes. No big deal right?


I am super amazed of all of the people that refuse to fill out an application on the website. I think that 99% of them think they are too good and should be able to join ANY guild. Look, I don't care if you have cleared Naxxramas and Maylgos. I don't care if you can do 3k dps and have (insert redonkeyous number here) spell power / attack power / crit.

That is not why we have the application process. If you refuse to follow one of the MOST basic rules of the guild, then why in the hell would we want you?

Raid Signups

Another problem that some people seem to have is how we sign up for raids. We have a guild website and we have ALOT of good and useful information there, so we have decided to use it as a place to sign up for raids.

It will force people that want to raid to go to the website. This greatly helps with member interaction in our forums and it also gives them a chance to read all the useful information.

Again, some people are just too lazy or think that they are too cool to sign up for raids.....its unbelievable. Now I would understand if we werent a good guild or just starting off...but we ARE a good guild and we raid frequently. Two 10 man groups clear Naxxramas and Malygos weekly and we are working on 25 mans. (need more skilled raiders)

Typical conversation with "I think I am too good" type of recruit:

Potential Recruit: I can make your times, I can do 3.5k dps and I have 4k attack power

Myself: Do you have any raiding experience?

Potential Recruit: Duh! I have cleared all content. I am not a noob, I know how to raid ok?

Myself: ok...well, do you mind filling out an application or signing up for raids on a website?

(bare minimum 2 minutes pass)

Potential Recruit: yeah...I don't sign up for raids on websites. About the application, that probably isn't going to work for me. Believe me, I am not someone you want to pass up!

Myself: Sorry this isn't going to work out, we are looking for a certain type of raider. Good luck in your search.

Potential Recruit: luck wiping on VoA

It seriously dumbfounds me. Moving on...

I got called a Terrorist...

Yes, I got called a terrorist. I didn't even know what to say...the worst part about it is that the person that called me this, was a US solider.

WTFspaghetti's 15 man choir: "WHHHHAT THEEE EFFFF EF EF EF?!?!"

This gentlemen informed me he can make our raid times and he is interested in joining our guild. I shift+click his name and he is guildless...ok...lets investigate shall we?

Myself: Do you have any raiding experience?

Solider: Sure do, cleared most of Naxx, I have not cleared Malygos.

Myself: Have you been in a raiding guild before?

Solider: O ya, a really good one too..Represent. It fell apart because the guild leader stopped raiding and kicked a few people.

Myself: Eww...Represent uh? I never liked the guild leader, he was a pretty big douche bag

Solider: You say eww, but we had FULL 25 man guild runs. The guild leader is an awesome tank.

(aggravated now because my recruitment macro said looking to "fill our 25 mans")

Myself: Well, I have talked to him before and he raided with us once. He was a douche bag to us and he didn't perform like a good tank in my opinion. He probably treated his guild mates alot

Solider: Well I have played with this guy for awhile. He has become my friend and as a US solider myself, I have the most up most respect for him. Anyone that would say those things is as bad as the terrorists that we are fighting in this war. Please don't talk to me anymore, I am no longer interested in your guild.

Myself: /ignore Solider

First off, screw that guy. I love and respect our troops and for him to say something like that to me over a conversation in a video game is a huge douche move. Secondly, WTF? A TERRORIST?


It really pissed me off and discouraged me from playing for the night. I logged off and did some reading with my girlfriend. I also got a few hours of naptime before I had to go to work.

Sorry for the rant....F'n terrorist.....who would have I atleast get a title?

/end rant


Darraxus said...

Some people just have an over high opinion of themselves. You dont just get job without filling out an app. They need to check background and references.

Barrista said...

Did you HAVE to tell him that his former guildie was a douchebag though? Seriously? If that gets around on the server, it could make your guild look bad and not them.

I talk to the leader of a top raiding guild on our server. I never mention the time one of their resto shammy's was a bossy, incompetent b*tch and basically ruined our heroic HoL run. I almost let my opinion of their guild be affected by this tard, until I played with one of their tanks who was just a great guy.

HP said...

that guy is a dumbass...

Syrana said...

Some people get very weird about guild apps. I couldn't even tell you the number of times I've gotten trollish comments about that when doing in-game recruitment messages. Really for us though, it's more of our first line of defense to weed out people that certainly would not be a good fit for us.

Although I don't really like telling people outside my comfort zone that I thought someone was a dbag, he did over react, imo.

Totintotems said...

I started my guild on a brand new server a few months ago, and have had some recruiting issues as well. Back in "classic" days, I remember filling out apps to every guild I was a part of, and it was a normal part of looking for a raid guild.

These days, it seems the typical mindset is that all current content is "easymode" and if you need people to apply, or take things seriously then you suck at WoW. Apparently these people don't realise that as soon as harder content comes out, I don't want to have to sift through countless "raiders" who can't be bothered to learn boss fights ahead of time, or bring reagents/poisons to raids.

People used to take pride in the quality of their character, and their dedication to a guild, instead of having this "im better than your guild so you should let me in no questions asked" attitude.

Anonymous said...

I love this country and I love the military. What I don't like is everyone in the military wanting an effing parade. Especially the guys who sign up and don't really see any action. Sure it's a dangerous job but it's still a job. These guys get paid very well to do what they do.

The guy risking his life everyday to help provide us with fuel isn't getting a parade and he's not calling anyone a terrorist for thinking his buddy is a douche.

Fish said...

Duh, I have l33t skillz cuz I said so, I don't fill out apps foo!

You have probs with people filling out apps, we have probs with people registering on the web site. . .

Bob said...

The thing with a lot of us military people is that we sometimes expect it to be the same way as when we got recruited to our first RL raiding "guild". We walk in, say hi, and the recruiter spends the next hour begging us to join. As soon as we say yes, we get a free haircut and uniform.
Maybe if you offered him a free tabard and went with him to the goblin barber he would have felt more at home? You could make him "/pushup" and "/mop squadbay".
Or maybe that's just why he's a guildless douchebag from a collapsed guild. One day, he'll be at the bar telling stories to anyone who will listen about "the time I was in Afghanistan and I caught Sartharion, I mean Osama. Yeah, Osama. We cleared the spider wing of his cave. And them we downed him with his three drakes, I mean terrorists, still up. Yeah. It was bad ass. But you weren't there. We had a FULL 25 man squad."
If nothing else, at least you got an entertaining post out of dealing with them. But I'll stop now. I don't want to be on an FBI watchlist for posting on your terror website. I'm flying home to visit family next month. If I get arrested at the airport...

drug said...

Sir, you still have to collect your Honest Scrap Award.

Mallehoney said...

It really bugs me when people hide behind the guise of being "Americans" or "patriots" so that they can be Grade A quality asshats. And then if you disagree with them or challenge their opinion, you are some kinda of anti-American "terrorist". Honesty and the sharing of differing opinions is what makes this country great and worth fighting for.