Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3.1 - Argent Tournament and First Impressions

Morning blog lovers!

Well, well, well, here we all are. Overall, Blizzard had most of the realms down all day. My particular realm did not come up until around 8pm, 6 hours later then normal.

Was I upset? Did I feel like the world was ending? Was I tempted to bang my head against the wall multiple times? Unfortunately, all of the answers to those questions are no. I was excited the whole day and I was a little bummed that they were down as long as they were down....

blah blah blah right? Lets get into real reason why you are here, WoW Talk with a little bit of WTF sprinkled on top.....

.....right lol

First Impressions

I upgraded my PC a few weeks after WotLK came out. Everything works perfectly and I run my video settings pretty high. I usually get around 40 frames per second while I was in Dalaran. Today when I logged on my server, Dalaran was as packed as I have ever seen it. You couldn't even see that damn ground there were so many people.

So I bounced out of there with the quickness and headed to the place I thought would have the least amount of people, Thunder Bluff. Ahh yes, it was much better here.....but it was still pretty packed. Usually that place is a ghost town, completely opposite on this night lol.


I spent the 1k gold and got my duel spec. Put my talents where I wanted them and then setup my bars the way I wanted it for both of my chosen specs, elemental and resto.

Speaking of mods, I was super excited that my bar mod, domino's, was unfazed from the new patch. In fact all of the mods that I use actually worked with the new patch. I totally thought I was going to have to spend some time and mess with it. Pleasant surprise it was indeed.

New interfaces

I am not sure if you realized it our not, but the "LFG" (Looking for Group) interface has changed dramatically. It now shows what roles you can do, such as healer, dps, or meat head(tank =P). While this is kinda nice, I do not like it at all. I was a big fan of the old interface and I am not liking this change. Hopefully my opinion will change once I get used to the new interface. Yeah, keyword being "hopefully"....I am going with the positive outlook with this one lol.

Talent interface

I like it. It is very simply and user friendly. I also like how it saves your bar setup. It saved the way I had my resto bar setup when I switched to elemental and vice a versa. Pretty neat.

Argent Tournament

This place is wild! Nothing funnier then a cow rolling around on top of a over-sized chicken lol. I know I was confused when it came to this so I am going to shead a little light and try to answer the questions I had. Hopefully it will help you out.

First, where is this place and how do I get there?

Take a look at this map. The tournament is at the NE corner of Icecrown, an area in Northrend. Right when you first roll into the camp, you will see two quest givers. These are daily quests that that send you to different places around Northrend to collect stones and lumber. I will get into these later.

If you are entering the camp from the main path, go to the left (west) and follow it around and you will see a big tent. It is here that you will get a quest. That quest is the first in the chain to unlocking the new dailies. It wants you to go to your factions tent, located on the eastern side of the place.

It is here where you get 3 additional quests for the mounted combat. Once you get those quests, go outside and you should see a bunch of mounts. You need to equip your pole and jump on one of these mounts.

From there, go to the location I pointed on the map using my awesome paint skills. It is there where you will find Jeran Lockwood, Rugan Steelbelly, and Valis Windchaser. You will use your new skills on the target dummies. After you complete those 3, you unlock a daily and also unlock a new quest chain.

And then??

I wasn't able to do anymore because I had to come into work....weaksauce right? I know! There is so much more I could talk about but sadly, I am too busy at work to continue. I guess I will just wrap it up and save it for another post....


Before I finish, I want to leave you with something to chuckle at...(that is what she said lol)

Anyway...I bring to you...

WTFspahgetti's Weekly Dumb!

I think everyone knows someone like this guy....poor bastard is just way to stupid for his own good. Enjoy and as always, it is work safe.

Have fun trying to fish up the turtle mount and enjoy the rest of what the new patch has to offer. I am WTFout of here.


Darraxus said...

I are sad panda. Still havent been able to try out my new shinies :(

Syrana said...

Our realm came back up fairly late too, but I have yet to go in... I updated my addons, so hopefully there won't be any huge broken issues.

I'm looking forward to checking out the Argent Tournament though!