Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning Morning Warcraft - Argent Tournament Dailies and Ulduar...

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Morning blog lovers!

What a weekend! I got zero playing time on Saturday and Sunday due to a friends wedding and my recovery from that wedding (cleansing . So I missed our guilds 25 man raid, however, I did play an outrageous amount of WoW on Friday.


Oh that is right, we went in there with an under-geared tank, druid healer, and sub-par dps. Of course we are going to melt faces right?!?

haha...anyway =P

The first vehicle fight was pretty cool. I was decided that I was going to be the motobike and skeet tar everywhere. We cleared all of the towers and attempted the boss. First shot we got em to 50%. Second shot we ran into some bad luck and wiped. Third shot we downed him. Took the screenshot and we were on our way.

Woot! It was a good feeling. Too bad it didn't last long lol....

Ignis the furnace master does not F around. His trash mobs are harder then any of the bosses in the four wings of Naxx...maybe even all of Naxxramas. Either way, they suck and we were not prepared for that.

Once we got use to what was going on and the trash's abilities, it wasn't horrible. Ignis is a bad dude and after many attempts and different strats, it just wasn't going to happen.

We head over to Razorscale...pretty fun fight. Pretty healing intensive and we were rocking 3 healers. What really killed us was the our DPS. The under-geared tank and druid healer were doing fine, but the overall dps was just lacking.

After a bunch of attempts, we decided to call it.

Overall thoughts...

Ulduar is a huge step up, which it should be. The only thing I was surprised about was the amount of damage that was pouring out and the trash mobs. Ulduar really makes Naxxramas look like child's play, I mean seriously....they do not even compare lol.

Going back in there today when I get home, should be fun.

Argent Tournament Dailies

If you haven't already, you should check out my earlier post about it and how to get started. Once you have already completed the opening chain, you have the ability to complete 7 dailies. Five of those dailies actually give you marks which you will need to rank up and unlock the next set of dailies.


I was too, but after I unlocked the 7 dailys and got my path down. It was only a matter of taking 30 minutes out of my WoW day and actually do them. Due note that the unlocking phase has to due with the mounting combat. Right off the bat you should be able to do 2 of the dailies, A Chip off the old Ulduar Block and Jack Me Some Lumber.


When you first unlock the dailies and complete them, you are given a quest to turn in 15 of the marks. When you turn these in you gain a rank. I am only on the second rank, but they do give you extra stuff to do. Such as, upping the ante on two of the quests and adding an additional quest.

Due note - You can only earn a maximum of 5 marks a day. Unless I am missing something, which I do not think I am. So just because you have an get an addition quest, Enemy at the Gates, does not mean that you are getting more marks. Weaksauce, I know...

Daily Route

This is my route that I take. I really need to get a better picture editing program other then paint....looks like a kindergartner made

Anyway, number 4 is actually random and can be anyone of three quests. Blade Fit for a Champion, Worthy Weapon, and Edge of Winter. All very easy and require very little time involvement.

Overall Thought about Ulduar

Like I was saying before on the topic, we had a tank and a healer that was under-geared. Being so, they still did fine and was able to fill that role for the first four bosses. I think that you can not be under-geared when it comes to the DPS role.

DPS always plays a big role, but I think Naxxramas did not prepare your dpsers skill wise. You really need a minimum of 2.5k-2.8k dps. You dps should be putting out more along the lines of 3k-3.5k in order to be successful in this raid. That also means single target dps, not just aoe'n stuff down.

How did your guild fare in Ulduar? Looking forward to hearing about your situation and your exp in there. Until then though, I'm WTFout!


*vlad* said...

You certainly need higher dps than in Naxx.
healing at 25 man certainly seems more intense, too.

I don't think the bosses we have encountered so far are that hard, but enrage timers are making then that much more difficult.

Trash in Naxx was a joke. I'm glad there is a bit more to it than spamming aoe on every pull.

All told, I'm happy. We don't turn up and one-shot all the bosses, but progress is being made.

thedoctor said...

"Trash in Naxx was a joke. I'm glad there is a bit more to it than spamming aoe on every pull."I couldn't agree more. I just wish I didn't get used to it lol =P

Darraxus said...

Such a great morning you had to say it twice "Morning Morning Warcraft". :p

Havent hit up Ulduar yet, but may try to get in next weekend.

kyrilean said...

All this talk of Ulduar is making me jealous! Hoping we get in there this week. Guess I really need to work on my shadow priest dps if I want to get in there.

Syrana said...

I started the tournament dailies, but haven't ranked up yet. (I was a little slack on consistency of playing over the weekend :P). It was sort of confusing at first how it worked... especially in regards to choosing who to champion for and how to utilize the seals that give rep. But, now it is starting to make more sense as people rank up and are moving through the stages.

I felt bad though, I just couldn't answer some of the questions coming up in guild chat and couldn't seem to find the info I needed at the time.

Anonymous said...

Look up / Google GIMP, it is a good free image editor.

thedoctor said...

@ Syrana

Well, hopefully my post helped you out a little bit =D

Anonymous said...

The greatest surprise in Ulduar was for me the hard different between 10 and 25. We have 2 10 grps in our guild, both killed Flame, Razor, the X-Bot and Kalogar, but yesterday we wiped with 25 more than 2,5 h on X-Bot and don´t really know what to do.