Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought - Naxx Haikus , Ideal Raider

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This may seem a little stream-of-thought. No prose written out and meticulosly edited. (only half -assed editing goes on here at wtf!) I want to discuss a lot of different subjects today. I'll start with WoW as that is why most everyone who comes here, comes here. (you like that??!?!)

Naxx Fights in Haiku form:

Anub' Rekhan: Kill the adds quickly
Tank kite, Heals avoid silence
kill more adds, loot boss

Grand Widow: Stop enrage,kill adds
What makes this Widow so grand?
take pity on her spouse

Maexxna: Big spider scares me
kill spiders, web wrap, web spray
I always die here

Noth: Tank adds, D P S
decurse, decurse, decurse, NOW!
why have we wiped here?

Heigan: Dance if we want to
You died? Feel shame. We finish
Leave your friends behind

Loatheb: Timing your heals here
wait for it! wait for it! NOW!
get spore, d p s

I will try to do the rest of them some time next week. That is assuming that 3.1 is not out, because we all know that our blogging is often related inversely to the amount we play. If 3.1 comes out I expect to be off dpsing somewhere or trying out new tanking specs. But hey, maybe then you will get actual information out of my ramblings (wishful thinking).

On the Raiding/Guild front: I finally got a chance to try Maly! It was a fun fight. We spent a few hours in there wiping and never actually cleared him, But it was good to experience a new fight (Naxx is getting WAY boring). Our troubles, as with most groups, came about in phase 3. We got pretty close one time but people started dieing and letting stacks drop. I am confident that I will be able to kill him within the next week. I sure hope we do because I would really like to get Champion of the Frozen wastes before 3.1.

I am very happy with the progress of our guild. It seems to me that 80% (number pulled directly from my ass) of running a raiding guild is in finding the right people. When you get a solid core of people everything seems to go smooth. The most important thing you can do is have a vision for what you want the guild to become, and recruit those who fit the mold.

Fish over at Gnome Warrior is an Oxymoron had a post that says there are two types of raiders, that while flawed did hold a lot of truth. He basically said that one type of player is constantly looking to improve there toon through any means possible and the second type of player is basically a social player who goes to raids because they enjoy the people they raid with. He calls the first type of player a gear whore and claims he wouldn't want to be in a guild with them.

The main issue I take here is the connection he draws between improvement and gear. While obviously an important factor when talking about character progression or improvement, gear is not the end all be all of improvement. Take for example a hunter in our guild. Over the course of a month, with minimal gear upgrades, went from doing sub-par dps to topping the charts. Huge improvement. very little of it gear related.

I think the issue I take with people not in his group is that if their performance is bad or even average, they will often blame it on gear.
"If only I had more epics I would do more dps" Instead of trying to improve their rotation, cooldown usage, or even spec.

Fish has since updated his thoughts to a two variables of raiders (which I like much more)
The ideal raider has high motivation to improve, AND enjoys the company of their fellow raiders.

Real Life

With the economy in the toilet, I have been of the mind that it is a great time to be broke. If you do not own any stocks, or have a 401k. Then a lot of this mess doesn't directly affect you (me). Now though I am feeling a bit of the heat. My job is cutting hours. Voluntarily at first, and then possibly involuntarily. While this might give me more time for WoW, This is NOT a good thing. The writing is on the wall and I really don't want to have to find a new job during this economic downturn.

It is OK though. For I have the answer! Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense
Would give a whole new meaning to the term "green jobs"

Well at least the economy isn't as messed up as our judicial system! Sexting
teenagers with naked pictures of classmates possibly charged with child porn. The girls who took the pictures of themselves getting charged with distributing child porn.

My only question, Where were these girls when I was a teen?


Anonymous said...

So this is terrible that it's all I took out of this but I want to know where those girls were when I was a teen also. I want to know where all the horny teachers were too.

thedoctor said...



Fish said...

I dunno about you, but when I was a teen, people didnt really have camera phones, I didn't get a cellphone till I was in college. Oh to be young again.

I would agree a lot of people don't do the most with the gear they have, but by and large, improving gear is easier than becoming better as a player.