Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - 3.1 DK Spec, Glyphs, Rotation

3.1 is upon us!

I'm having an identity crisis! I am feeling the need to put up big numbers and try and top damage meters. Maybe I am growing gun shy from to many hits to the face while tanking. (You try it without a shield!) Whatever the reason is I have been dieing to try out dps.

Unholy Dps Spec

With dual spec and a new raid instance on the way, I figure maybe some of you aspiring death knights would like to know a decent talent specialization for PvE Dps. Well look no further, after much research and a bit of personal insight I give you my dps spec of choice. Pretty standard really. I do forgo improved unholy presence in favor of filling out necrosis.


Rotation for this spec is pretty simple really. You apply your diseases and use Blood Strike x2 and Scourge Strike.
Your next rotation you can fire off Scourge Strike x3. Then you hope that your glyph of Scourge strike procs your diseases. Ideally you end up coming up with a rotation that looks a lot like Scourge Strike, Blood Strike x2, Scourge Strike. The next time your runes come off cooldown we are back to Scourge Strike x3. Whenever your scourge strike glyph does not keep diseases refreshed you have to reapply your diseases. This whole time you are dumping runic power so that it does not cap.

A priority list for the rotation would look something like this:

1. Keep Diseases up.
2. Do Not cap runic power. (If unholy blight is up, deathcoil)
3. Scourge Strike
4. Bloodstrike

Another important bit of knowledge to have is that you will want to use your gargoyle cooldown as often as possible for max dps. At the same time, It is best to pop Gargoyle when you have as many buffs as possible. (pro tip: Use it AFTER bloodlust, while you still have the actuall buff)


As you can see I went with Glyph of the Ghoul, Dark Death, and Scourge Strike.
If you do not have 4 piece t7 then you may want to use the Unholy Blight glyph instead of Dark Death.

Well, Blizzard said they would provide an update 15 minutes ago. Time to check that out!

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