Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Random Thoughts

Morning blog lovers!

One of the main reason why I have a blog is so I can put down my random thoughts and try to make sense out of them. Sometimes it is completely useless, other times it actually helps me.

So WTF, here we go =D
  • Patch 3.1.1 is suppose to come today and that is supposedly why we have extended maintenance. So many bugs to fix. Makes you wonder how many bugs / exploits they already fixed. Man....I would hate to look at that coding..../wrist. I guess the 6 figure salary would be worth it though =P

  • Went back into Ulduar with a solid group of guildies. We took down Razorscale and that Big Whinny Robot. Only had 1 attempt on the Iron Council before people had to leave, which pissed me off because we were only in there for a little over an hour, but what can you do?

  • The Big Whinny Robot was a pretty fun fight, it just takes coordination and alot of dps. We had 4 of our dps doing over 3k and the other two were doing about 2.7ish. We made beat the enrage timer by about 25 seconds and got an achievement for not letting any repair bots get to the boss. Win, Win =D

  • I still haven't done the new boss in VoA. I would love to get a tier 8 just so I can say I have one lol. In fact, I would even like to have some of the new pvp gear. Have you seen the stamina on those things? Like 150 stam....redonkeyous

  • I am in love with Ulduar trash mobs. Face rolling through trash mobs in Naxx for the past 4 months has made me forget that trash mobs used to be difficult. I absolutely love it. Nothing like rolling into a new "quarter" in Ulduar and seeing three normal sized dwarfs and thinking to myself....I bet these dudes are going to F around lol. I have heard horror stories about Mimiron trash...so that should be fun when we get there.

  • It seems like my guild doesn't raid the same when I am not leading the raid, its crazy. I dont yell at people and I am not always talking on vent. So I have no idea why it is such a major difference, but there is. Loot drama, people dicking around, wiping, arguing about wiping in raid chat. Kinda sucks, but what can you do? Only thing I can think of is to find someone ASAP that can lead a 25 man raid and do it successfully. Any suggestions?

  • I am now eligible to compete in the Argent Tournament. Thats right, Champion SON! lol. You get this vanity pet and I cant help but to feel bad. It calls you master and follows you around where ever you go. You can make it carry a flag lol....plus its this ugly orc / E.T. little bugger. Weirds me out lol

  • Not sure why I was so excited about the tournament, there really isn't anything I want. I guess I could get another mount...that would be cool. One good thing is that this "event" is currently Blizzards little toy and I am sure that they will add cooler things to it. Plus you do make a good amount of gold doing the dailies.
Work is almost over, which means I have to stop writing and actually finish up my work. Weaksauce I know! Have fun on this WONDERFUL maintenance day, hopefully it wont turn out like last week.

Until then, I'm WTFout!

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kyrilean said...

"It seems like my guild doesn't raid the same when I am not leading the raid, its crazy."

Some people just command a certain amount of respect, even if they say nothing at all.