Monday, March 30, 2009

This Time was Different...

Morning blog lovers!

I wrote an article last week about our guilds encounter with Malygos. Overall it was a wipe fest, but I felt that we gave it a good shot and learned from it. Seven days passed and we are attempting her again.

All of the previous attempts we had on the dragon, the dps was just lacking. Most of our dps was around 2.2 and we only had 2 people that was doing over 2.5k dps. This week we came out the gate pouring on the DPS.

I made a decision to go into EoE as my off spec, elemental. I didn't re-gyph, so I was rocking my normal restoration gyphs. On my worst attempt I was doing 2.5k dps, on my best attempt I was rocking 3.2 dps. I really can not wait for 3.1 patch to come out...but that conversation is for another time.

I would say the average dps was around 3k dps during these attempts and that made getting to phase three 100 times easier. Out of the eight attempts we had on him, we got to phase 3 every single time with plenty of time left on the enrage timer. However, we just couldn't get that damn phase down.

We tried the four point strategy, we tried the consistently moving...I would say out of the eight attempts, 6 of those we didn't make it 10 seconds into phase 3 lol.

Then something magical happen. Everything clicked and everyone seemed to see the light. I don't know why we didn't try this strategy earlier, but once the static field happened...we moved just enough and continued our rotation. I ended up getting my debuff stack up into the 20s and did over 6k dps was pretty fun.

I am really excited that our guild has taken out Malygos, now we can at least say that on our website and use it to our advantage when we recruit people. Plus, how cool is it to have that title? I really never thought I would be able to get that title going into WoTLK. I thought I would have to put too much time and effort into achieving it. Which brings me to...

The QueQue

There are plenty of articles around the internet saying that alot of people are burned out on the current content. They are also stating that the casual players are now getting burned out and that all the raid content is too easy...blah blah blah...

On one hand, I agree with some of the stuff in the article. I do agree that the content is rather easy and I do agree that their are people, including casual players, getting burned out. On the other hand, I think it is completely crazy that people expect one game obtain their entertainment level at all times. Most video games have a 25 hour of game play before you completely beat the game.

Next time you think that you are getting burned out and pissed that there isn't anything to do in the world (of warcraft). Do me a favor and type /played on every single one of your toons you have every played and add the time up. Now go play another game for that long and tell me which one was more fun and kept your attention longer. Nough said.

I myself, am enjoying my "casual" play style. I am looking forward to the upcoming changes in 3.1 and how much they are going to change the world (of warcraft) we know. I am also pretty excited about the new raid instance, Uldaur. I will still enjoy it even if it isn't ZOMG HARD MODE. For me, I don't raid for the super hard challenge it brings me. I raid for "a challenge" and to see the actual content. Should be fun going through and learning the fights with my guild.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Anything eventful happen to you?

Until next time, I'm WTFout


krizzlybear said...

I got one game that probably matches, if not beats my WoW time. Pokemon. Across all my "toons" (ie, RBY, GSC, RSE, FRLG, DPP), I probably have over a thousand hours currently logged. That probably doesn't include times I deleted save files and re-played.

*vlad* said...

Grats on finally getting Malygos down!

Darraxus said...

Agree with the /played thing. I used to think spending 80-100 hours in Final Fantasy was a lot.

Sibyll said...

Congratz on getting him down!

I gave up myself to get the titel and already stopped to raid him because i were SO mad about it ... when we got him down, finally. Nice feeling :-D

Fish said...

I normally look at it as $1 per hour. If I get a dollar an hour out of a game, its worthwhile. I know I play wow more than 15 hrs a month.