Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Week 2, Day 8: Dear blog lovers...

Afternoon blog lovers,

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I have been stuck in hell. The weather is horrible but to my surprise, the food is fantastic.

I tried a couple times to get away and make a post, but that has been highly difficult due to the strick rules and policies here.

Another interesting thing I found here in hell is that it is rather cold. I have been wearing my jacket and long sleeves the whole time, who would have thought right?

Anyway...Lets get down to business

WTFspaghetti style!

The Calm before the Storm
Things have been pretty quite around the world of warcraft. Patch 3.1 is coming out soon and alot of things are going to change.

Just to name a few of the changes that I am looking forward to...

All paladins will now have the spell Kings: Huge buff to all of us, 10% more on all stats is game changing. Also, in my situation at least, I have been missing the Kings buff on the majority of my 10 man raids.

Spirit would be made "a more useful and interesting stat for all Mages": Urm...well...not much information on this one. We know overall, spirit and mana regen are getting nerfed heavily. However, Blizzard is buffing Mage Armor, Pyromaniac, and Arcane Meditation in hopes to balance the Mage class out.

Should be interesting on how all thing pan out. Frost Mages are now going to be a full blown replenishment class and Blizzard is "working" to make the Ice Lance shatter combos useful in pve. Only time will tell if my frosty friends will be able to raid efficient again.

On a side note, go over and check out some of the Ulduar videos. They have a couple from a Mage's point of view...pretty neat.

Ground Mounts are now able to swim: Well in all honesty, its about time. Something to ponder about is this, why is Blizzard implementing this now?

Do you think that they are just getting around to it?
Do you think they are planning something that involves swimming mounts?

Maybe some sort of water instance or raid in the future? Who knows...but its fun to think about =P

New raid instance, Ulduar: It has begun, tier 8 is now available. It is the first step of Naxxramas turning into what Karazhan become, kinda sad but at the same time, needed.

It is time for people and guilds to separate and go their own ways. When 3.1 hits and the months following, the whole world of warcraft atmosphere is going to change dramatically.

What or where do you see your guild 2 months after the patch hits? Progressing through Ulduar or stuck farming Naxxramas/OS/Maylgos?

Whatever happens, whichever way the wind blows your guild, it is very important to remember that the main goal is FUN - not just progression.

The last thing that I am excited about in the new patch is of course Duel Specs: Currently, the one time cost is 1000g. Once you paid this you will be switch specs at any time as long as you are not in combat. All bars and gyphs will be saved and will show up once you switch over to that spec.

I know I am going to do it with my Shaman. My main spec will always be resto, but I have a pretty decent elemental set that I am going to try out. I mean, why not, its only gold.


Naxxramas 10 man is now cleared in 1 day. We didn't even wipe until Saph and that was just one wipe before we downed him, pretty neat in my opinion.

I definitely feel what everyone was talking about when they said that Naxxramas is so easy. Once your raid understands the fights, the instance is pretty much just a big loot pinata. Maybe that is just the "elitist" in me, I am not sure. All I know is now that I have cleared 10 man Naxxramas twice, I feel like I was over-complicating things.

In regards to raids, it was my first time being in a leadership role. I am sure that played into the whole over-complicating things. It could of also been the last guild that I was in. I just never had alot of confidence in them for some reason. I am not sure why though, half of them were very confident and skilled.

It is just my luck that the half that was confident and skilled decided to join me and making my new guild.

One of the main things that makes a good raid leader is the ability to make the members of your raid better. Now, I am no way saying that I am a great raid leader, but I am going to say that I am trying to become a great one. What happen over the weekend told me that I was heading in the right direction in regards to that.

We have a hunter, which will be unnamed =P, that was with my old guild. The hunter was an older gamer and in my opinion was never really a great player. This hunter did make all the raids and did learn from her mistakes, even though her learning curve was greater then some of our other players. Nonetheless, the hunter was an asset in my opinion.

She joined up with our guild and from having some talks with her, her progress has flown through the roof. The hunter's dps is still rather low for her gear, but the dps has jumped easily by 600-800.

I couldn't be more happy and I am glad that I had something to do with this hunter's progression.

So that is my story on why, in the world of warcraft, I like being a raider leader.

O noes...

You hear that??

I think they are looking for me now....SOB!

/sigh, hopefully I will be able to write later this week, until next time, I'm WTFout!


Darraxus said...

Welcome back. Dining in hell is very least by Leonidas.

Esdras said...

Bring on the patch is what i say as there is some amazing changes.

Syrana said...

Not sure how I missed commenting ... but anywho, hurray for the Kings change. I was surprised being in a 5 man the other day with 2 pallies - no kings. Wisdom doesn't do much for me. :(