Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Champion of the Frozen close!

Morning blog lovers!

I could blame my lack of updates on numerous things. Such as, there hasn't been much to talk about or running a guild and the guild website takes up alot more of my blogging time. However, it is really just pure laziness on my part.

I know, I know, I fail. I went from 4 or 5 posts a week down to 2-3 and the only excuse I have is laziness. Oh well, I am still glad to see that my readers reader is checking in everyday. Mucho appreciation for that.

Nough with the boring stuff, lets dive into some WoWtalk mmk?

Shameless Guild Plug

As most of you already know, I am one of the GMs of my guild. We formed about a month ago and we have been recruiting ever since. We have cleared 10 man Naxxramas with two separate groups and have been running 25 mans.

For some reason or another, we can not seem to have a FULL 25 man guild run. We always end up pugging 5-6 people and due to this fact it is mostly a fail. We can clear spider, plague, military, but ALWAYS run into issues with Thaddius. Anyway, we raid Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. 10am to 2pm CST. Come check us out if you are interested.

I bored you with that so I can tell you about this....


Our guild has been working on him and it hasn't been too bad...but we still don't have a kill under our belts. We usually always make it to the 3rd phase, but cant beat the enrage timer. We are going to go back in there on Friday with a better strategy and I have a good feeling that we are going to pwn his ass.

There are all sorts of strategies and videos floating around the Internet. The best one that I found comes from our favorite dwarf priest blogger, Matticus. His post has a diagram and a simple strategy that seems like a winner. I recommend checking out his blog, there is always interesting posts. Check out that Eye of Eternity strategy here.

The fight through my eyes

The first phase is simple enough. The only thing I don't like about this phase is that it almost forces you to take a death knight with you to stack the orbs. If your dps is high, then you can do it without one, but DKs make it so much easier.

Once phase 2 begins, you have to kill all of the adds and run around to different magic shells that spawn. Easy enough, but can be annoying for a healer and I hate that there is some sort of random factor to this fight.

Once phase 3 begins, Malygos will destroy the platform you are on and you will fall onto the drakes! You will use these drakes to kill Malygo and once you are use to it, its not a big deal at all.

I definitely freaked out hardcore the first time we made it to phase 3 lol. I knew all I had to do was to do the sequence of 1-1-2, wait for 60 energy and repeat. Simple! I got this! Well, due to the fact that I was freaking out, that sequence changed to 1-1-1-1-2.

Followed by me cursing. Then I finally got it together and pressed 1-1-2.

Then 1-2-1-1-1-2....then more cursing lol

Good times. Hopefully we will finally get our first kill under our belts on Friday. I know with our people it wasn't a matter of skill, but a poor strategy. With a new strategy, I can't help but feel confident.

Champion of the Frozen Waste

When Wotlk came out, I never thought that I would clear Naxxramas and I never thought I would step foot into The Eye of Eternity. So I never gave thought to getting the title, "Champion of the Frozen Waste". Now that my guild is on the edge of killing Malygos, I took a look what I need to complete that achievement and get my title.

I need to kill Loken from halls of lighting and kill the last boss in the oculus. I remember a few months ago I went into heroic halls of lighting as a under-geared healer. My group was filled with top end guilds and we had no problems until Loken. He destroyed us over and over again. We tried to run away but we always died from the 14-15k aoe blast.

I swore I would never go back into that place. So I stepped back into HoL and it was super easy. I know that I am epic'd out but was super easy. I think that I could have even healed through Loken's aoe blast....Blizzard must have nerfed it.

Same thing with Oculus, it wasn't that bad either. Now both of these groups were with guildies, but still. It was easy mode once we figured out what we had to do for drake fight.

Now only Malygos stands in my way. That SOB will go down and I will get my title. ITS ON!!!

If you are reading this that means more then likely you read my entire article. I salute you and thank you for reading.

Until next time blog lovers...I'm WTFout of here


*vlad* said...

1-1-2 is a must for Malygos. You have to get those dots stacked on him, because the real damage doesn't start until you are pushing high stacks.

Chances are he will have around 2 million hp left by the time phase 3 starts; having stacks of 3 or 4 dots is simply not going to get him down.

Also remember, you don't have to face him to hit him; once you have targeted him, just keep your eyes on the main group of drakes, and keep together as much as you can, so you can be healed.
If you still have problems you can slave yourself to the healing drake, so that you are always in range of them.

Now go kick his butt!

P said...

I really want to get a shot at maly.

I'm in the same boat with a maly kill being the only thing I need for champion of the frozen wastes

Potts said...

Well I will tell you that I check the blog almost everyday and I check in the guild forums daily. I am kind of an addict. I say if you don't do anything we need Monday morning Warcraft. I miss that the most.

Lokken has become ridiculously easy. I remember getting killed on my priest every time I was a half second late running from the lightning nova.

It was probably just that easy because our group pwned. Especially the tank!

Darraxus said...

Good luck with Maly. We had 10 man on farm for a while, but just got 25 man down last week for the first time.

~One Among Many~ said...

Since I completely phail at memes and have gotten swept up in work (RL booooo!) I'll post mine here! Though I did do that RL version when I was sick...

On the road of Affliction, there are mana drained imps and forgotten voidwalkers.

Warlock Wrecking-balls Wanted

I.O.U. a shout out :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone in your group should type

/follow "insert name of your most raid-aware member here"

When they move, you automatically move with them. This allows 9 people the freedom to basically do everything.

Make sure your close to the raid member before typing the /follow or it wont work.