Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Food for Thought - Off spec fun!

Morning blog lovers,


Best part about this weekend is that I have nothing planned in real life. My girlfriend is having a "girls night" on Saturday, so I guess I will just have a night out with the fellas. Or play wow and pwn noobs all night while they are watching chick flick movies and drinking flavored vodka in the next room.

Ahh the possibilities!

Lets get this WoW blog going shall we? Can I get a hallelujah ??

WTFspaghetti's 15 man Choir: HAAALLEELUJAH!

damn right

I say, we can dance, we can dance

I am happy to say that it finally happened. Our whole 10 man raid actually knew how to dance! That is right, I got the 10 man raid achievement,

I was really starting to worry that I wouldn't get it. I have already done Naxxramas probably 15-20+ times and no matter what someone always dies. So, now I am going after the 25 man version of this achievement. Although, getting that achievement is going to be highly unlikely if you ask me, but we shall see.

Elemental Shaman project

Ever since I first found out about this duel spec aspect that Blizzard has been working on, I have been actively collecting off spec gear. The off spec I choose for my resto shaman is elemental. I mostly choose this because I absolutely hate playing a melee shaman. It is not fun for me for some weird reason. I know that enhance shaman kick ass and bring good DPS and debuffs to raids, but I can't stand it.

Only thing that sucks about elemental spec shamans, is that they required a SILLY amount of hit gear. Ribeye, over at toomanyalts, has an excellent post about the gear you need to reach the hit cap for elemental shamans. Many shamans think that Blizzard just got done taking bong rips when they developed elemental shaman gear. There are only 8 mail pieces in the game that have some sort of spell hit rating! So yeah, don't be afraid to wear cloth ok?

But Doctor, what exactly is the hit cap for elemental shamans?
5 man heroic bosses - 79 spell hit to be capped
10 man raid bosses - 368 spell hit to be capped
25 man raid bosses - 368 spell hit to be capped

If you are in a group with a boomkin or a shadow priest, that number drops from 368 down to 289. 289 is still pretty nuts, but it is definitely not that hard to reach with out sacrificing your main stats, spell power and crit.

So with all my elemental gear on, I am rocking 350 spell hit, 1900 spell power, and 23% to crit self-buffed. I can switch out a belt and rock 285 spell hit, 2100 spell power, and 25% to crit. With those stats I went into heroic 5 man and ended up doing around 2100 dps. I went in there with our top dps hunter and he ended up doing 2400 dps and was SUPER PISSED that I was even that close in my off spec gear. Kinda comical lol

I wanted to really test out my dps output so I did a pug 25 man OS raid. For the first few trash pull and the first two drakes, I was rocking 2900-3000 DPS and I was loving it. However, after the main boss died, my overall dps looked like this..

Not bad, certainly could work on a few things. It has made me pretty excited overall about the duel spec though. I hit 1 button and change from healing one boss, to dpsing the other. Pretty neat.

I planned on talking about elemental spell rotation, but I have run out of time. So until next time blog lovers, I'm WTFout!


Ribeye / Manchego said...

Thanks for the love :)

Seriously, the secret to that hit cap madness - Tier 7.x Legs, Shoulders, Gloves. It's so much easier after that!

thedoctor said...

I agree. The 15 WG badges for the boots is super easy to get as well.