Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Look, Same Old Spaghetti

Morning blog lovers!

God it feels good to say that again. I am happy to say that I have survived my 2 weeks in hell and I am back on my normal working shift, HOORAY!

WTFspaghetti 15 man choir: "HaaalllleluJAH!!"

Damn right! As you can probably tell, I decided to change a few things around and try out a new look. I kinda like it, only time will tell if it starts growing on me or not. When I was thinking, what picture can I put with the title of my post? So I googled "new look" and up popped poor old Britney Spears lol. Can you say "Winner"? lol

Pew Pew Lazer Bolts!!

On Monday, we ran our second 10 man Naxxramas group. I wasn't sure how well it was going to work out because it was our first time running our second 10 man group. To my surprise, we had 6 guildies that were not saved to our first one. I actually got the chance to DPS using my arcane spec mage and I got to say, he is a pwner!

On the average boss, I did about 2,300 dps and overall I finished second place to our hunter with 2,600 dps. It was fun. It was definitely a big change from playing whack a mole with the healer bars and I liked it. Loatheb was by far the most fun I had dps'ing a fight. With the spore buff I was rocking 80% to crit. I was hitting that SOB with 9k pulses from my arcane missiles, which is just awesome to see those big yellow numbers.

We started that place out with a bang too. We completed the achievement, Arachnophobia, which is a clearing of the spider wing in 20 minutes or less. It wasn't even that hard really, we even did it with 3 healers. The trick is not to loot any of the bosses until you kill the last boss. Then you go back and pick up your loot, pretty fun.

Overall, it was just fun to change roles and dps instead of healing the raid. Things I normally do on my shaman, such as kitting gluth's zombie chows, running around like a crazy man cleansing and healing on Sapphiron, and never having really worry about mana. I was managing my mana hardcore, blowing shit up, and trying to make the healers job easier by not standing in the poison / fire / blizzard / void zone / WTF 50 DKP MINUS!!!

Good times indeed. Here is a few more things that been going on with my little world of warcraft.
  1. Made a Death Knight out of boredom. The main goal was to actually try and learn how a DK works and I got myself addicted to the SOB. I am pretty much in love with unholy spec and the overall, overpower-ness of the Death Knight. I know they are just going to be nerfed and nerfed till the new expansion comes, but that does not bother me currently. I am having too much fun with it.

  2. When having too much fun goes bad. Ya, I had 260 heroic badges on my Shaman and absolutely nothing to buy with them. I already have everything I need for my main spec, restoration, and everything I could use for my off spec, elemental. So I spend 100 heroic badges on the "Bind on Account" plate gear for my new Death Knight. Perfect case of when having too much fun with an alt goes bad. Now I have to play this DK so those badges aren't a complete waste.

  3. I have a pretty decent elemental set, but I have never played or been spec'd elemental. I know it looks fun and I want to try it...I just haven't yet. Pretty weird now that I think about it...Maybe the reason why I haven't tried it is my lack of balls, who knows.

  4. I want Maylgos DEAD before 3.1 goes live. I watch a video on tankspot, but it was from the tanks perspective. Trying to find a good article to read about it that wouldn't be blocked by my job, know any good ones? Please share!

  5. I have been slacking on my lack of knowledge about 3.1 patch changes. I really need to get on that so I can relay that information to you guys...I'm a failing you guys.../sadpanda

I guess I will go look some of that stuff up now. Glad to be back on my normal shift and hopefully you are too! haha, atleast you have something to read while you are bored at school or work.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

Unholy is def the way to go, when they nerfed blood's self healing big time, unholy gives big AoE damage.

If the DK doesn't work out you can always roll a paladin ;) Put that BoA gear to use! I'm going the other way, looking at the leather for feral druid/enh shammy (going ele at 60)

I think mage is the one DPS class that I could really see a dual spec for, Frost for grinding, Arcane for instances. However, I have seen a deep arcane spec solo lower level instances (yay for AE spam!)

And grats on surviving hell schedule. Work is the sacrifice we make to allow us our hobbies (/addictions) lol

*vlad* said...

If you can clear Naxx in 10 man without trouble, you can also do Malygos the same, he isn't that hard.
Just do it!

Darraxus said...

Also, you can make some extra cash turning those badges into gems or frozen orbs to put on the AH. There is not likely going to be more use for the Heroism badges next patch.

Syrana said...

I'm kinda likin' the new look, I think...

The site's look, I mean!

And good to see you were able to escape hell. ;)

thedoctor said...

@Fish - I enjoyed leveling frost. However, I was always AoE grinding. I wont do the duel specs on my mage, I don't think it would be worth the money.

@vlad - Your comment has inspried me. We are rolling in there this Saturday.

@Darraxus - Your comment made me cry a little on the inside. I didn't think about that...SOB@!#%^!

@Syrana - lol, thanks!

Esdras said...

Site looks great, could do with a new banner myself though.

Stabs said...

http://www.stratfu.com/strats/Main_Page is an excellent strat website from US guild Fusion