Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things can change with the quickness...

Afternoon blog lovers!

I mentioned in my last post that I was currently in hell (working 1st shift). Unfortunately I am still located there and I must say...

I'm alot more sleepy, however I am actually sleeping more then what I would on my normal shift! Definitely sounds weird that I am sleeping more on a "normal" persons shift then my graveyard shift.

eh...I'm not going to argue. More sleep is ok in my book and I can actually sleep next to my girl during the week...which is a good thing as well =P

I choose you WTFspaghetti!!

O yes, thats right! I busted out some old school memories from one of my favorite cartoons during my childhood days, Pokemon. I have no idea why I choose Venusaur...(thats right, I remember their names!)

Actually, I only remember just a few of their names. I used the power of google
to find this list lol

Anyway, back to WoWtalk

See, what happen was...

Last article I wrote about how guild recruiting was going great and how we actually cleared 10 man Naxxramas. Things couldn't of started off better and I was looking forward to keep the progression up.

Then things changed. It wasn't a huge change, but it was definitely a blow. Our main tank/co-gm and co-author of this blog, Mannyfresh or P, has had his days off at work changed. Instead of being off during our raid times, he is now only going to be able to make 50% of our raids.

Is it a huge blow? No, its not huge....but its damn close. The main tank of the raid is, in my opinion, the most important individual in a raid. The MT role is even more important when you are talking about 10 man raids. Take into effect that he is also in a leadership role and it is going to be tough without him on half of the raids.

What now?

We got to tai chi the situation! Take that negative energy and use it for a positive gain, feel me!?!

We are coming up with a couple different solutions to our very first bump on the road. The one that is probably going to happen is that he is going to start leading our second 10 man raid group.

Currently, we are not too far away from starting a second group, but our recruitment has slowed down.

It could have to do with the fact that I am working the first shift this week and there is noone online to actively recruit during the morning time, we shall see in the following weeks.

Weekly ID10T

I haven't posted my weekly ID10T in a few weeks, so here it is, back by popular demand. I must say that this guy is the definition of the phase "Epic Fail" - Read the story here

Until next time gals and gents (where did that come from? weird)

I'm WTFout


Esdras said...

I still have all the pokemon movies and im 31 hahaha.

I was 18 when they started showing it in UK and i still love it, i sit and watch it with my 7 year old daughter.

Esdras said...

Oh and charmander FTW