Friday, February 20, 2009

Screenshot, New Guild, Pandora

After reading about these challenges and seeing everyone's nice screen shots, I decided I would go ahead and see what my 6th screen shot is.

There you have it! I couldn't for the life of me remember why I took this screen shot. In fact most of the stuff in my screen shots folder is pure junk. I have a lot of old BG scoreboards (what can I say I like to stroke the e-peen once and a while). I can only assume I took this screen shot to blackmail Priestkush. Whatever the reason, I got a good chuckle out of it.

And, Yes. That is a Troll Priest. ( I miss good ole Hydropawnics sometimes)

New Guild

As I am sure you read, The good doctor and I have started a "casual raiding guild". This is a new experience for us and let me tell you. It is a lot of work. If we didn't already know that, we would have been in for a rude awakening. So far things are going well. Explicit's first guild raid is this weekend. I am cautiously optimistic that we will not have to pug anyone. I am also aiming for a first raid clear of the first four wings of naxx 10. Am I setting my sights to high? The Elitist in me says "no way, if I can join a random pug and clear to KT then we should be roflstomping this place." We seem to be getting a good core of people, Our unique raid times (8am server time, on the weekends no less!) have allowed us to gather a group of people that seem to all be seeking the same thing, progression in a relaxed atmosphere of players that strive to improve. I want our raids to start on time and our raid group to be a smooth, well oiled machine. It can only come from organization, and that starts at the top. This first raid will give us the opportunity to set the tone for all the guild raids to come.

Its interesting to see how the officers do things differently. Some times I think I am a bit to on the elitist side but the doctor balances that out pretty well with his personality. Other times though, Its the exact opposite. I am really looking forward to how the raids come together. I am sure you will get an update from the doctor on how things went.


In parting I leave you with Pandora. Its internet radio that only plays songs you like! I have tried some of the other things out there that have a "if you like this, try this" function and was never very impressed. With this though, It was almost like listening to my music collection on my computer but with some new twists thrown in, definitely worth a look. Also has an app for Iphone and can be used with Windows mobile.


Occeleta said...

Looks to me there's two reasons you may have taken that SS. One could have been to save your guildie being slapped for kissing a girl comment. Or maybe even because the Hordies captured all 4 bases. Both are perfectly reasonable reasons to me

thedoctor said...

Pandora has changed my life. Its amazing.

T-Sonn said...

Thanks for the heads up on Pandora! I'll definitely be checking that out.