Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why everyone should do "Love is in the Air" event...

Morning blog lovers!

Friday is almost here already? I feel like I have been in a zombie state this week, its going by so fast! I'll take that as a good thing and try to make it through another day till freedom, the weekend.

Go go gadget WoWtalk!

WoW's current world event, "Love is in the Air", is by far the most annoying event I have done. I have done all of them since the achievement system came out last October, so Hallow's End till the present.

The reason why is because you have to rely on others in order to get everything done in the short amount of time you have. PLUS, if your main playing time is during the peak time for your server, good luck finding a NPC with a heart about its head consistently. THEN, you have a chance to get "heart broken".

Heart broken - a debuff that last an hour unless another person uses an item that is in limited supply.

Non-peak hours issues

So I did the event for a couple hours in the morning after work, during non-peak hours and it went smooth, sorta. The only thing I had issues with is that once you got a broken heart, it was hard to get another person to mend it. There just wasn't enough people on and doing the event.

On the flip side

Before I came in to work, I logged in and started on the event. This is during the peak playing time for my server and I must say it was quite a different experience. The cities were PACKED with people running around looking for the NPC love slaves. The local, trade, and LFG channel was also slammed with people wanting to trade conjured items and everywhere you turned you heard pleas from people about un-breaking their hearts.

Unlike during the non-peak hours, I did not have any problem getting my heart unbroken. The major issue was that there wasn't enough NPCs available! I ran around Thunder Bluff trying to collect the items from the NPC love slaves for a little over an hour and still didn't get all the items I needed. Pretty depressing and annoying.

Why everyone should do this event?

Why you ask, because their is ALOT of money to be made. In every major city you have to collect 3 major items from love slave NPCS. Each one of these major items take 5 minor items to make into one of your 3 major items. (Hope that made sense) Also, for the title you need a few items like rose petals and love rockets.

All of these items can not be put on the Auction House, HOWEVER, they can be traded. I traded 5 cooked pies (one of the minor items) for 60g. I also sold 3 bouquet of flowers (again one of the minor items) for 150 gold. The love rockets and the rose petals were going at 30 gold a piece as well.

Lots of money to be made I tell ya.

Pro Tips
  1. You can do the beginning quest line with any level character. You don't even have to go out of the Major City for the majority of it and its a lock that you will get atleast a couple of rose petals and a love rocket. Log onto your alts, do the few simple quests and then sell em.

  2. Hell, I am not positive on this one, but you could even make a brand new character. Just run him to the major city and you should be able to complete the few quests and profit.

  3. There is one minor item in each major city that seems to have a very low drop rate. For the horde its pies in Org, flowers in TB, and cards in UC. These items are what sell the best.

  4. This world event is very very short, it ends this coming up Monday. You might want to save all your conjured items till then to get the most bang for your buck. Its a risk, but if you ask me, its a pretty low risk.

There you have it, a breakdown of the current world event, "Love is in the Air", through the eyes of WTFspaghetti.

Searching for more information on the event? Go check out our friends at /hug, he always has a great article on world events.

Until next time, I'm WTFout!


Fish said...

Yeah, the seasonal events just bother me. I generally try to pretend they're not there. I do LOOOOVE the darkmoon faire, thats not really seasonal, more it travels around.

Darraxus said...

I am doing this one, which is the first event I have really given a shot. I was doing a few in IF this morning and got my heart broken twice. I just ran to the bank and shouted, Unbreak my heart and it was almost instant.

kyrilean said...

The halloween event was annoying because I couldn't get half the random crap to drop. This even is worse because there's less time. Can't wait until I finish it and it's over...

Green Armadillo said...

Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck on the bag of candies achievement, and the bag is BOP, so cash won't buy my way out of that one. So far I've obtained 2 candy bags and 7 of the 8 hearts.

Also, FYI, I haven't done this on the Horde side, but I'm guessing that the minor items that you think of as "rare" are the ones from non-guards. On the Alliance side, each town has two items that come from guards and one that comes from non-guards. The guards are much easier to find, as they're not hiding in shops, and run around in larger numbers, so that's probably what's making you think of them as rare.

thedoctor said...

@Green Armadillo

Yes, I was just about to update my blog with that after I went home and spend another couple hours on it.

lol...thanks for pointing that out! =D