Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - Elitism, Upgrades, and Patch changes...

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect... mlange0385 at yahoo dot com

Morning blog lovers!

Ahh Monday...

God I hate you, out of all of the days in the week I have always despised you. I know its not your fault and someone had to take the first day of the week...but I don't care /threat

Now that I am done personifying a day of the week, how was your weekend? I had alot of stuff going on in real life but I also got my fair share of WoW time in. I got a decent amount of upgrades and I didn't spend too much money on repair bills, can't complain right?

Back to real life for a second, (just one paragraph, I promise) I found out this weekend that I am moving! BLAH, I hate moving. Like really.....I hate it and come to think about it, who doesn't? So within the next 30 days or wow time will be completely shut down due to the fact of everything getting setup and transferring my internet, tv, utilities...


Onward with the WoWtalk!

Ya, you know it, WTFspaghetti style!


I can't help to be disappointed, but I really shouldn't be. My guild did a pretty good job in Naxx this week. We one shotted everything except the Instructor (one tank not knowing how to use taunt while bone shield is up) however, for the first week since we stepped foot in Naxx, no progress was made.

We are still 11/15 in regrads to Naxx bosses. Gluth is doing a great job in being our road block right now and I will blows. At first the problem seemed to be the kiting, so I logged onto my mage and respec'd him to pretty much ALL frost. Then the problem was PURE dps, with the all of the zombies being kited and crowd controled, we couldn't beat the enrage timer. We gave it three or four good shots before calling it. Kinda left people, including myself, feeling blah...

Let me upgrade ya!

PRECIOUS! O how we do love our preicous'ess. First off, if you don't know what I am referring to when I said "precious", shame on you. I don't think you can be a World of Warcraft fan and not a Lord of the Rings fan...

Anyway, I like I said above, I got alot of decent upgrades this weekend. First off I got into a 25 man Naxx run with one of the top guilds in our server. God I forgot how entertaining "elitist" are on vent. For the record, I have no problem with "elitist". That doesn't mean I can't poke fun at them though right?

Of course everything was one shotted and I actually picked up one of my "best in slot" items for my main hand, [Wrathstrike]. I was the only one that rolled on it and won it with a 20 lol. Hooray for elite guild.

During our Naxx guild run, I finally replaced my blue bracers with some well needed epic ones. (I forget what they are called and I can't look them up due to being at work ><.) I also picked up my T7 chest piece which means I now have enough for my set bonus, woot for me. RNG wins again!

I mention a couple of times about my T7 shoulders dropping in previous post and what do you know...this weekend they actually dropped! I only had to beat one person with rolls and I rolled a 85.

SOLID! Thats what I am talking about!

WTFspaghetti's 15 man chior: "HAAALLLEUJAAAH!"

Did the hunter just roll a 93!?!

WTFspaghetti's 15 man chior: "DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN!"

Pwned by RNG again. I sure hope they drop again because my current shoulders are so damn ugly looking.

~Monday Morning Madness~
  1. There are some exciting class changes coming up in the new patch, 3.1. One of the ones I am most happy about is Blessing of Kings becoming a base spell.

  2. Another wild change is the fact that consumable ammunition is being removed from the game. Woah...that is wild and I know that just made alot of hunters happy. What about the bags that gives hunters a buff to their range attack? When I find out, you know you can find it here.

  3. Another upcoming change with patch 3.1 is the introduction of duel specs. This makes alot of people happy, including myself...but I don't know how much I will use it personally. You are still going to have to pay gold to respec. You just don't have to go to a trainer and all of your bars and gyphs are setup.

  4. Who would have thought that my first piece of Valorous gear wouldn't be on my main, my shaman. Not I, but it happend on a heroic Vault run. Somehow I was the only Mage in the raid, so the raid leader didn't ninja them (!shock!) and gave me the loot. So I am now the proud owner of some [Valorous Frostfire Gloves].

  5. After multiple runs of heroic Violet Hold, I finally picked up [Mark of the War Prisoner]. That means I can completely hit capped for raids and I will be able start focusing of my dps stats.

How did your weekend go? Until next time, I'm WTFout


Fish said...

You know what they say, "friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies" lol hopefully that last part doesn't apply. Grats on the upgrades!

Darraxus said...

Had a good weekend, though I didnt get any loot. I know it wont make you feel better, but I one night cleared Naxx with a pug earlier in the week. Wish I could do it on 25 man version instead.

Ribeye / Manchego said...

10-man Gluth, I swear you can almost solo kite if you're Elemental. Earthbind Totem down, run in circles (W+Q or W+E) and Frost Shock every new one that comes out (untalented CD ~= to time between spawns)Whenever your Earthbind Totem is about to expire, Thunderstorm to shoot em to the back of the room (plus collect bonus aggroes!) and start over with a new Totem; when decimate hits, new EB Totem + Magma Totem, run between the Chow and Gluth, and blast 'em back yet again with Thunderstorm to buy more time. Profit.

If a Mage is available, have 'em run to the rear and Frost Nova your homies every cooldown if they can.

Takes practice, sucks to be the kiter, but totally doable. Good practice mob for this: Runed Giant dudes in Howling Fjord, learn to EB and circle w/ Frost Shock til they drop.

Arthak said...

We used a mage on our first try on Gluth, didn´t work. I mean HE did allright but at some point took too much damage.

Now we let a deathknight tank all the adds. Easy as cake. All you need is one good healer for the dk and the other one for the Gluth tanks. If you have three healers... even better ;).

The elemental shaman idea sounds good too. Will pitch that to our raidleader next time our dk can´t raid.