Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Maintenance Boredom - Delimmas, Advice, and Randomness!

Morning blog lovers!

Ahh yes, its Tuesday and you guess it, maintenance day. Nothing to look forward to when I get off of work in 4 hours. I guess I could go to the grocery store or something, but its a winter wonderland where I live. So I will probably go home and screw around for an hour, then go to bed.

God, isn't that exciting stuff! I have been told many times that my life is so interesting and fun....makes you wonder what the hell ever happen to those times lol.

Ahhh...yes, the good old times.

/end daydream

Dilemma for the week

  • I dinged level 79 on my mage right before the servers went down last night.

  • Lunar Festival is in full swing and I have not collected one coin on my shaman.

Doesn't seem like a dilemma to you? Its a pretty big one for me actually. I am super excited to grind my mage one more level to get 80 so I can start pimping him out. However, I am all about world events since I found out if you complete them all you get a proto-drake! Also, I have completed the past two (Hallow's End and Winter's Veil) so I might as well right?

So now you see why I am struggling with this...

My heart tells me to level my mage, but my brain is telling it to STFU and do the Lunar event because its timed. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and take a break from leveling my mage and start collecting coins with my shaman. I am a little upset about it, but it will be worth it...

...I think.

What do you guys think I should do?

In Other News...

  • I have decided that my Shaman's T7 shoulders are dropping this weekend in Naxxramas.

  • Yup, its going down and I will be DAMNED if I get out rolled by a hunter or a warrior. I haven't gotten anything out of Naxx in 3 weeks and our hunters have gotten a few upgrades....So I am going to have to but the voodoo curse on them

WTFspaghetti's Resident Troll Voodoo Witch Doctor creates [Elixir of Horrible /Roll]x2

  • O yes, these will come in handy..../evil laugh

WTFspaghetti's ID10T of the week (work friendly)

Tip of the week

  • Alot of people are doing the current world event, Lunar Festival. Some of the quests want you to go into your opposing factions major cities and find an NPC.

  • This means that you have about a 98% chance that you are going to die. Yes, from other players, but also from npc guards.

  • Make your repair bill cheaper by getting pretty much naked and pick yourself up some invisible pots. You will thank me later and yes, I accept payment in gold. =P

Quote of the day

The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract.

-Oliver Wendell Houston Homles Jr

Song of the day

Ignition Remix
R. Kelly
Chocolate Factory

That's right, I went there...R. Kelly baby! You know he was found Not Guilty right? Guess the jury decided that wasn't him on the video...


Thanks for reading guys and gals. I hope your loot is phat and your repair bills are low, I'm WTFout of here.


Darraxus said...

Yeah, certainly do the Elders thing since you already did the other two. I pick up coins here and there, but it is not a priority. I would rather raid, quest, or farm personally.

P said...

I'm not one for going out of my way to get achievements, but you have already done the others. It would be a shame to delay your achievement for a year just to get an alf to level 80 a few hours faster.

Occeleta said...

The nice thing about the Lunar Festival is that it is fairly lengthy as it lasts till mid February. So if u can promise yourself to work on it in the next week you can get that Mage to 80. That's my plan with my Death Knight. Its the short events like valentines that you can't put off.

Captain The First said...

I'd say go for the elder title. There's plenty of room to get that last level on the mage and if you just strap him to an area that is ripe with dailies you can get him a few bubbles every day without too much effort.

You can have your cake and eat it too... just takes a little longer :P