Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Food for Thought - Do you have WoW'dar?

Morning blog lovers!

The weekend is again upon us my friends! Time for some well deserved relaxation. Nothing like just kicking back and enjoying the company your friends or family.(Some alcohol never hurt either =P) I have absolutely nothing planned and I must say, DAMN that feels good...

Can I get an Hallelujah!?!

Wtfspaghetti's 15 man gospel choir - Haaalleluuuujah!

That is what I'm talking about.

It might be just me, but I enjoy those rare weekends were I have absolutely nothing on the agenda. Anything is possible! I could decide to host a "Rock Band" party, rock out and get drunk until the wee hours in the morning. Or I could get a wild hair up my and decide to go to VEGAS and party like a REAL rockstar....

Yes, yes, these kind of weekends make you feel like the world is your playground. Lets be serious though, I'll probably do what I do every weekend. Hang out with my girl, my friends, and support my addiction to WoW.

Before we get into the main topic of this post, I would like to talk about some random stuff that has been going on in my wow career...

  • First off, I dinged 77 today on my mage and I must say that I am super excited about it.
    It is nice playing a dps class when you are used to being the healer, it is much less stressful.

  • The ugly hand of playing a dps over a healer is that you no longer have that edge to pick and choose your pick up groups. When I am on my healer, if I want to run a 5 man, I can get invited to one within five minutes usually. Totally different with a DPS class, completely different...

  • Leveling tailoring sucks. I have been putting questing on the back burner and solely AoE grinding using Frost is the New Black's guide. I figured that way I would get more frostweave and its not like the xp that I am getting is bad either...

  • Speaking of tailoring, if you are a shadoweave tailor, you can make two ebonweave cloths with one cool down. Same goes for those spellfire tailors and spellweave. Remember you can change which "specialization" you are by talking to the tailoring guys in Shattrath City. Of course its going to cost you though, 150g from the reports I'm reading.

  • Going to start up the good ol Naxx runs this weekend again. I am going in with a brand new attitude. Would I like to progress? Of course. However, if we continue to farm the current bosses we have down, I have no problem with that currently.

  • The goal is still to progress somewhat though, even if its just one boss. We shall see /crossesfingers

On to the sole purpose for this post...

WoW'dar, do you have it?

You might be thinking, what the hell are you talking about with this WoW'dar talk here buddy? What does that even mean? Well I am here to tell you that I completely made the word up about 30 minutes ago. I put the word together by taking the word radar and WoW and I am asking you this in regards to other people you come in contact with...

Can you tell if someone plays World of Warcraft?

Good question uh? Ever hear people or movies using the term "Gay'dar"? Meaning that a fellow gay person can tell if someone is just like them, gay. Usually they can tell by holding a normal conversation with them.

Same deal, but in relation to WoW.

I work in the Information Technology field at a company and I would say there are about 500 or so of us that work under one building. Is it quite funny to walk through the break room or the cafeteria and hear words like motes, arcane dust, druids, Ironforge ect, coming out of people in suits and ties.

Personally, I try to keep my addiction on the down low at work because of articles like this one. Due to working nights, I don't have to hide it from that many people 6 out of my 8 hour shift. Its when the first shift people come in is when I have to watch myself.

Yesterday day I was having a conversation with an employee I deal with on a day to day basis over a instant messenger chat based system. The conversation was work related (again, I really don't try to become buddies with anyone at this job) and he said something that I agreed with.

So I replied back to him "/agree"

Immediately he paused and typed "/nod".

Thinking on how I should reply....I decided to type "/golfclap".

He started laughing and we talked briefly about WoW, it was pretty funny in a nerdy kind of way.

Do I have it?...

I think that I have some sort of WoW'dar. However, I can only tell if I catch certain words or phrases. Such as epic, weaksauce, any form of "pwn", elite or 1337, melting faces, ect...

How about you guys? Do you have a WoW'dar? Have a story that relates? Is your WoW'dar so good you can tell if someone plays WoW without even talking to them? Any suggestions on how to hone in on your skills to make your personal WoW'dar better lol?

Don't be shy, please share!

Thats it for me. If you got this far, I want to thank you for reading my post. Its the viewers like you that keep me posting.

Until next time, let your loot be phat and your repair bills low, I'm WTFout of here!


*vlad* said...

"pwn", elite or 1337.

Of course, those terms apply to any online game, not just WOW.

People think I'm sad or a no-lifer if I mention that my hobby is playing computer games (though my girlfriend is only to pleased to tell all and sundry that I'm a gaming addict), so I tend to keep it quiet.

Still, it's not as bad as admitting that I used to play D&D.

Lee's RL alt said...

Hey man, Great post. I really enjoy reading your Blog keep it up!

Darraxus said...

Being a WoW player today is almost like being gay in the 50s. It is OK around others of your kinds, but other people will look at you funny. I cant really tell most of the time if someone plays WoW as they dont fit the look of a stereotypical gamer. Hell, I dont even fit that description to be honest. I do find myself actually saying "LOL".

Anonymous said...

I actually tried to find other WoW players at work when I first started here in October. There are a TON of console gamers at this place. Right down to the Halo helm sitting on a few desks, the random printouts on walls, etc.

So they're open to gamers. But, I have yet to find a wow-er. There is one guy that reads that tech-talk type stuff, but wont play the game (he tried it many years ago and disliked it). Hey, it's not for everyone.

I'm an open-geek though. They introduced me on their newsletter. I added for hobbies "PC gaming". That did open up a few conversations, but no one here plays WoW!

I'm a lone adict...


Fish said...

I don't have any kind of dar at all (yes, not even the guy from beastmaster). I probably wouldn't even be engaged if a friend from work wouldn't have told me my now fiance was checking me out at our old job.

I try to keep my Wow addiction on the DL. Its ok to come in practically limping from too much hockey, but a game that does nothing but amuse me is taboo, oh well.

You know my favorite thing about rock band? You can tell you've had too many when you're playing a song, fail and think to yourself "I don't get it, I can do this 90% on expert no problem" No enter sandman when drinking lol

Arthak said...

I used to have an EQ´dar. Well... sort off. Back when I played EverQuest there was one simple way to find out if anyone else in the same room with you played that game.
You´d just say: "Camp check.". All the people who´d go head->table played EQ *g*

But on a serious note: It´s kind of sad that, with over 11 million people in WoW, you´re still an outcast and people raise an eybrow if you just admit to even know World of Warcraft.
And then it´s mostly "that Mr. T game" or something like that.

Syrana said...

First off - I love Rockband. :)

Onto the WoW'dar. I don't think I really have it. It is sooo hard to tell without more obvious clues. Where Sideshow works (IT dept) many of them play and openly talk about it... but many have quit too which has changed the dynamic and made it sorta outcastish to still play. (A geek among geeks? /ponder)

Now, where I work... a few people play console games.. but even I'm looked at odd for playing Rockband, let alone WoW. But, they are also surprised that a *gasp* girl (xomg, they don't exist on the interwebz!) plays anything at all.

Now (sorry, wall o text) there used to be another woman in my office that played WoW (and her boyfriend too!). It was odd how we even found out about each other.. we both had mentioned "playing some online games." Then there was something she said and I was like.. "Do you play WoW?" and she just sorta looked at me like she was afraid to admit it... but then we bonded quickly! ;)