Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning Warcraft - Tales of Randomness...

Monday Morning Warcraft is a weekly post that illustrates random thoughts and events that occurred over the weekend in the life of a wowhead. Feel free to e-mail me with questions, suggestions, hate mail, ect... mlange0385 at yahoo dot com

Morning blog lovers!

Your eyes are not fooling you, it is Monday morning. I hope everyone had a loot filled and safe weekend.

NFL Rambling

If you are a NFL fan, you love this time of year, I know I am. Who in their right mind would have thought that the Arizona Cardinals would go to Carolina and completely destroy them. If Carolina is your team, I feel sorry for you guys and I am a freaking Rams fan!

San Diego lost at the Pitt and Philly won out against the Giants. I guess that teams finally figured out that if you blitz the hell out of Eli Manning, he doesn't have a go to receiver since Plax has been suspended. Losing 4 out of the last 5 games speaks volume. It is safe to say that Plax was the straw that broke the back of the Giants.

NFC championship - Cardinals vs Eagles? - What the hell is wrong with the world!

Ok, ok, I know this is a wowblog. That just blows my mind though lol.

Onward with the WoW talk - WTFspaghetti style

The weekend started out pretty good. We went into Naxxaramas on Friday and cleared the Spider Wing despite only having about 9k dps as a group(Rogues were slacking). No loot for me, but we did get some gear for one of the tanks and our 2k dps warlock and hunter got some nice upgrades.

Seems we are pugging less and less and how sweet it is! I am not against pugging, but because alot of people in my guild are still learing the fights, we wipe. During the spider wing, we wiped a total of 9 times. Alot of this was due to the fact that our MT has never stepped into Naxx and that we had some lackluster dps.

I know in regards to myself, I hate wiping. Pisses me off ALOT, especially when the fight is so easy. However, if it is a guild run, it is ok with me as long as people realize their mistakes and try to fix them. When I am in a pug, I do not accept wiping more then a couple of times total.

So I always warn people before I invited them to the run that we are probably going to die and that we are still learning the fights. So far I have been extremely lucky and have only come across so really nice people. Woot for nice people

Saturday was pretty fun. We ran OS as a guild and had an attempt on killing him with 1 drake up. In all honesty, I thought that we had no chance whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised that we had a solid attempt. We decided just to kill the drake and take out the boss with no drakes up due to the lack of dps we had.

Not a problem with me, its free loot! Speaking of which, my only upgrade of the whole weekend of raiding dropped off the main boss in OS, Sartharion the Onyx Guardian. No it wasn't my teir 7 gloves or a sexy spell dmg necklace.

It was the UBER OVERPOWERED 22 slot bag, Dragon Hide Bag! I was pretty excited about the whole thing actually. I been playing since vanilla wow and I remember farming Onyixia every single week. Ony always dropped a bag and of course, I never won it. I seriously must have killed that ugly dragon 40 plus times. I guess I could go in there now and smack her around with a couple others.....I'll probably pass....Im not one for old school achievements.

Sunday, progression day for our guild in Naxx. I say that because its our A group. DPS was around 11.5k, (amazing for us) Healers are geared, and our tanks are pretty much geared. So we had everything going for us to prevail!

We one shotted the first boss in the plague quarter and after a few wipes we finally mastered "The Dance" and took out Heigan. This is where progression slowed down greatly...

The hallway leading up to the last boss, Loatheb, is a bitch for multiple reasons. Mostly because if you wipe on the boss and do not have a rezzer, you need to keep on doing it. It was also very easy to die if anyone took dmg besides the tanks. If everyone is on the same page (something we were not) its easy, not even an issue.

Loatheb, the last boss is tricky. You have a 3 second window to heal everyone every 20 seconds and the whole raids gets a buff to increase their crit chance by 50%. Really wasn't too hard we just couldn't execute properly. I don't think the DPS was the issue, but if the MT's gear was a little better and the pally healer would have the buff more then just once....we would have probably made it.

Out of 5 times, the best that we got him ws close! So we decided to skip him and go right for our favorite rambunctious, smelly abomination, Patchwerk. We one shotted him even though our ret pally pulled aggro at the very beginning and died lol. We called it after that due to time.

Not terrible, better then last week and really....isn't that all you can ask for?

Monday Morning Madness

  • Alot of stuff will be changing once the new patch, 3.0.8, comes out. One of the new changes might be the fact that druids will be allowed to equip polearms. Pretty neat I think - I know the stats on the majority of the polearms are very nice for a feral druid. Why not, its a welcome change in my book

  • Really enjoying my new leadership role in my guild. For some reason I started to lead the raids and now it has become somewhat of the norm. I hope some of the other vets in the guild don't feel like I am stepping on their toes or anything. I doubt it but you never know.

  • Staying on the subject of guild leadership. Our guild leader has finally dinged 80 on his paladin. When Wrath was first released, he mostly played on his ally server. However, he always kept in touch with us through vent and logging on every now and then. I wonder what is going to happen to my new leadership role now that he is 80. It could quite possibly stay the same or change dramatically. I hope it stays the same though - like I said, I enjoy it.

  • Its Official - Our resident DK, Mannyfresh, is now one of our few tanks in the guild. It was definitely fun raiding with him and my other real life friend, a shadow priest. This is the first time we have all been in the same guild since The Burning Crusade came out 2 years ago lol. I am glad that we are, it was the main reason why I rerolled in the first place.

Things that probably only I care about

  • I was pretty sad last week in regards to blogging. You see, I have installed a tracker to see how many hits / unique views my blog gets. Its been steadily climbing over the past month to about 45-50 unique views a day. I know that is pretty low in terms of wowbloggers but that is HUGE for me and I love it. Then all of a sudden I am getting zero views a day. Very weird I thought...Then, it showed three days in a row with zero views.

  • I knew something had to be up because after that. Found out that some how my tracker code was no longer there. Weird uh? I glad it was a tracker problem and not the fact that people think my blog sucks lol.

  • I got my cooking from 325 to 375 on Sunday. I can now do the cooking daily and make a pretty nice profit on the auction house. I am pretty surprised how easy it is to make money selling the buff food and why everyone wouldn't want to get in on the action. Hey, more money for me I guess =P

  • I'm slowly but surely making my way to revered with the Sons of the Hodir. The dailies aren't horrible, but they aren't really fun either! I really want a mammoth mount though and I don't do wintergrasp as much as I should to get the stones.

  • I think this picture is full of win. As a cat owner, I must say this picture made me crack up.

That is all for now. Have a good Monday - Don't forget to check out my Blog shout out of the week and the weekly poll. I'm WTFout


Ryomou said...

Grats on the kills in Naxx. That hallway before Loatheb is a pain some weeks, others its so simple that you wonder why you died the other times. Hope to hear ya doing more soon. ;)

Darraxus said...

Yeah, cooking is easy money. I made close to 1k gold off of cooking alone over the weekend. Always put it up on normal raid nights.

Fish said...

I tell you what, as a fellow cat owner, trying to do anything at all with a cat in your lap raises difficulty.

I looked at druids equipping poloearms as a big WTF? Yes, stats are good, but why? they don't even use them to hit things, just as a buff.

And if I were a Rams fan, I would be happy to be getting possibly the 2nd coming of Orlando Pace. That LT from Bama looks like a BEAST!

Fish said...

oh, and your blog definately does not suck lol

Potts said...

Well I am kind of excited today. I always look forward to Monday because that is the guaranteed day you are going to write a blog. This week to my surprise I am mentioned in it!

"It is definitely fun running with him (Mannyfresh) and my other real life friend, a shadow priest".

As much as I was excited you left 2 major things out.

1. How I pwned the dps again!

2. How you almost got stabbed

As far as druids with polearms I am not really all that excited. Just someone else to roll against when I actually level one of my other toons. As if druids really need more stuff available to them.

thedoctor said...

@Ryomou - thanks

@Daxx - What food do you normally sell?

@Fish - hell ya the second coming of Pace. I think the dudes name is Smith. Thanks for the kind words there, glad someone enjoys it =P

@Potts - ya, that would have been bad if you had to stab me. I have no defense gear...=P lol